Checking Out Jaejoong’s Cafe ‘cafe de KAVE’ in Shin-Okubo

01.May.2019 | FEATURES / FOOD

Hey everyone! This is Midori from Moshi Moshi Nippon’s Editorial Department!


Kim Jae-joong who was one of the original members of famous South Korean pop group TVXQ, is currently working as a solo artist. Did you know that he’s now produced his own cafe?! The cafe is called “Cafe de KAVE”. It opened in Shin-Okubo in November 2018, and even now it’s as popular as ever!

The cafe is full of pastel colours and has a fairytale-like atmosphere…

There’s even a spot where you can take a picture with Kim Jae-joong!

Terrace seating too!

I ordered my food to take away but the interior was just as cute as the exterior ー too cute! ♡

There was also merchandise on display along with his autograph. Fans would just go wild at the sight of this!

I ordered a popular Instagram drink: The brown sugar tapioca milk tea!

What a strange design! It looks like a can…yet it’s see-through!

You open it just like a tin can and poke the straw through to enjoy.

You can’t ask to have the sweetness of this drink adjusted, but it’s pretty balanced and you can really enjoy the taste of the sweet brown sugar!


Whether you’re a Kim Jae-joong fan or not, come enjoy this beautiful atmosphere and delicious, Instagram-worthy drink!