【Tokyo Dinner】Gyoza and champagne is the new standard. “GYOZA BAR Comme a Paris” in Aoyama

25.May.2017 | FEATURES / FOOD

Gyoza is a representative popular food that is loved by many people. Recently, even “gyojo (Gyoza girl)” who call them self gyoza lover has appeared. The bar style gyoza store that you can eat gyoza with champagne or wine is especially popular among ladies.


“GYOZA BAR Comme a Paris” in Aoyama is a new style Gyoza store that you can enjoy gyoza with natural wine or champagne.


It is also known as the restaurant that Masakazu Narukami from restaurant called “Narukami” which received one star in Michelin guide book is being in charge of creating menu, so their side dishes and sauce have his own uniqueness. Chef Narukami said, “I had heard that the gyoza and champagne store is getting really popular in Paris, so I actually visited there. When I saw French people eating gyoza like as a patty, I thought that Japanese is going to like it for sure as well.”


Cilantro, gyoza(680yen include tax) and Onion gratin gyoza(920 yen include tax) are popular other than standard menu such as vegetable gyoza(520yen include tax) or pork gyoza(550yen include tax). Especially, onion gratin gyoza has a great combination of chewy texture of wrap taste like boiled gyoza and rich onion gratin’s flavor. These are good to eat as an appetizer or to eat to finish up the meal. I bet you are going to like this surprisingly good combination of gyoza and wine once you eat it!



GYOZA BAR Comme a paris

Address:2-2-4 Aoyama Alcoop205, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


Hours:5:00PM to 11:45PM(L.O.11:30PM)