Paris Fashion Week: Tanya Heath Paris and Yumi Katsura Collaborate to Redefine Heels

20.June.2020 | FASHION

Yumi Katsura and Tanya Heath Paris have announced a special collaboration together.

The collaborative collection is set to run from June 15 to 28 this year over on Yumi Katsura’s official website where they will stock shoes, heels, and other special items that are normally only available at their Paris branch.


Traditional Japanese Beauty x Paris Spirit For Women Who Want Style and Originality

Whether at weddings, parties, or during a special occasion in their life, shoes are a fundamental part of an outfit for many women. Despite that, high heels often lead to pain for the wearer.

Tanya Heath Paris is a brand that was launched by French designer Tanya Heath in 2009 which creates a unique line of shoes that have adjustable height and removable heels. This allows easy adaptability for the wearer, allowing them to change from a walking heel to a high heel with the simple click of a button. The initial design took a total of 3 years of research and development, 14 engineers, 3 shoe designers and technicians. The result was a product that has redefined the possibility of shoes.

Tanya Heath Paris has taken its concept of supporting women being free to choose when they can be cute, sexy, powerful, and elegant to collaborated with Yumi Katsura to create a heel inspired by Hokusai’s famous painting The Great Wave off Kanagawa. The design comes from Yumi Katsura’s dress which features a design from the same painting and is sold at Paris Fashion Week every year.


Yumi Katsura is also now selling a special ready-to-wear “Paris Coutour” collection on their website, with prices ranging from ¥50,000~¥200,000.


Order Accessories by Yumi Katsura’s Creative Team

Yumi Katsura’s made-to-order accessory range for wedding dresses is a popular service. They are now offering made-to-order accessories for people to enjoy at home and not just for weddings for a limited time only.


Check out Yumi Katsura’s official Instagram page to see their ready-to-wear collection and shoes made in collaboration with Tanya Heath Paris.


  • Vegeta & Majin Buu adidas Originals by Dragon Ball Z to be Released on November 24

    14.November.2018 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    The third kick of sneakers in the adidas Originals by Dragonball Z brand has been announced for a November 24 release. This ongoing sneaker line will see 8 different models appear throughout the rest of 2018 all based on three of the main hero x villain fights from the internationally beloved anime series.


    The first two releases in this collection were the Goku-inspired ZX 500 RM DB’s and the Frieza-themed YUNG-1 DB’s. The second two releases were the Gohan design DEERUPT RUNNER DB’s and the Cell-coloured PROPHERE DB’s.

    The next two pairs fans can look forward to are the OREGON ULTRA TECH DB’s and KAMANDA 01 DB’s inspired by Vegeta and Majin Buu respectively.

    Vegeta (OREGON ULTRA TECH DB D97054): ¥20,000

    Based on one of Dragon Ball‘s most memorable characters, the uppers on the OREGON ULTRA TECH DB’s make use of blue and gold, a colour-combo reminiscent of Vegeta’s battle suit. Embroidery is also used on the toe box to recreate his armour. His white gloves, boots and chest piece are portrayed through the white used on the outside of each shoe. Fans will also instantly recognise the iconic quote on the heel tab which reads “Over 9000!”


    Majin Buu (KAMANDA 01 DB D97055): ¥18,000 (Pre-Tax)

    The KAMANDA 01 DB’s are inspired by Majin Buu, the most powerful villain in Dragon Ball. The pink nubuck uppers feature the adidas Three Stripes but made in the image of the holes dotted around Buu’s head and body. The heel patch includes the letter “M” written on it like on Buu’s belt, and the outer-sole is wrapped in transparent rubber to recreate his pants. There are many little details and references to Buu, and there’s also the golden KAMANDA logo.


    Have you been following this sneaker series? It’s a must-have for fans of Dragon Ball. Which pair do you want the most?

  • New store selling “NIPPON MADE” shoes from Onitsuka Tiger opening in Omotesando!

    17.September.2017 | FASHION

    ASICS Japan are opening the “world’s first” shop specialising in Onitsuka Tiger’s “NIPPON MADE” brand. “Onitsuka Tiger Omotesando NIPPON MADE” will open its doors on September 29th.


    “NIPPON MADE” is a Japanese shoe line created by Onitsuka Tiger in 2008. The collection specialises in Japanese-made shoes with everything, down to the stitching and dyeing, being made in Japan. Each and every shoe is made with excellent Japanese craftsmanship. While pursuing to create the highest quality made-in-Japan shoe, the NIPPON MADE collection is also retro and stylish. The brand uses traditional Japanese craftsmanship as the model when producing the shoes. NIPPON MADE maintains its originality and is popular both in Japan and overseas. The brand has even collaborated with top designers.

    “Onitsuka Tiger Omotesando NIPPON MADE” will open in next to the flagship store “Onitsuka Tiger” situated behind “Omotesando Hills,” a landmark shopping complex in Harajuku. The shop will sell “NIPPON MADE” products from shoes to apparel and accessories.

    d20433-29-821141-0 d20433-29-481470-1

    To celebrate the opening of the shop, 250 pairs of “MEXICO 66 DELUXE” limited edition shoes will be sold with various models printed on the uppers. MEXICO 66 DELUXE is one of the many representative shoes of the brand and is also “NIPPON MADE.”

    The shop has also taken in the key colours from their “NIPPON MADE” collection for their “JapanxMode” design concept. The interor of the shop is white and the carpet is red making it look like a gallery. The ceiling and facade also have louvers to help complete that traditional-modern Japanese look.

    Get your hands on your own pair of high quality NIPPON MADE shoes at the new store in Harajuku!


    Onitsuka Tiger Omotesando NIPPON MADE

    Address: 4-24-14 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo

    Open: 11:00-21:00

    Closed: Irregular holidays

    Grand Opening: September 29, 2017

    Official Website:


  • Converse ALL STAR 100 Japan-limited models release includes new waterproof GORE-TEX model and much more!

    16.September.2017 | FASHION

    The release of the Converse ALL STAR 100 model commemorates the 100th anniversary of Converse ALL STAR. Now, Japan will be releasing its own limited edition model themed “the world of Japan”. This new edition commemoration brand includes two new models that will be released this month!

    The ALL STAR 100 commemorates the 100th anniversary of the ALL STAR model. This model is tougher, more comfortable to wear, and includes the high performance REACT technology of Converse Original to enhance comfort. For better skid resistance, a traction sole has been fixed onto the bottom of the shoe. The grip of the shoe tongue has been improved and water resistant shoelace eyelets have been added.

    With a similar texture to konbu, the unique konbu nylon converse has ben upgraded to Konbu Nylon Z HI. A black and green model have been created using only the best quality materials sourced from within Japan. This model is easy to put on and take off and come with a fashionable zip design.

    The Gore-Tex HI usees Gore-Tex® fabric lining and has the same enhanced water resistant finish as the other models of the ALL STAR series.  The breathable materials have been specially selected and come in a black, olive green and white finish.


    Join in the ALL STAR Converse craze and get your hands on these new models that are only available in Japan.





    ALL STAR 100


    Release: September 2017


    ALL STAR 100KONBU NYLON Z HI ¥10,000 (price without tax)



    ALL STAR 100 GORE-TEX HI ¥15,000 (price without tax)


    Official website:


  • Aniware Teams Up With “Dragon Ball” to Release Collaborative Wristwatch & Sneakers!

    19.August.2017 | FASHION

    Aniware have announced a collaboration with the hugely popular “Dragon Ball” series to release two new items!


    The line-up includes a high-quality chronograph wristwatch and some funky sneakers.



    The watch’s overall design is reminiscent of the series, with the face featuring scales of the Dragon God while and its dial echoing the design of the Dragon Radar and Four-Star Dragon Ball.



    The sneakers are dotted with lots of Dragon Ball references, including the 7 Dragon Balls, the Dragon Radar, the Capsule Corporation logo, and the Hoi Poi capsule design.


    While fans of the series will love these geeky items, they are also extremely stylish and will look great when co-ordinating your outfits.





    “Dragon Ball” Collaboration Wristwatch & Sneakers

    Reservation Dates: August 17, 2017 to September 3, 2017

    Delivery Date: Wristwatch – beginning of February 2018 / Sneakers – beginning of December 2017

    Price: Wristwatch – ¥23,000 (tax not incl.) / Sneakers – ¥13,800 (tax not incl.)


    Dispatched by SuperGroupies.



    Wristwatch – Mens Free Size / Sneakers – 23cm/24cm/25cm/26cm/27cm/28cm (Japanese shoe size)




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  • ASICS Tiger release a brand new pastel-coloured sneaker! A commemorative event will also be held at ASICS Tiger Osaka Shinsaibashi

    15.June.2017 | FASHION

    ASICS Tiger have announced their brand new pastel-coloured sneaker “GEL-LYTE V.” The new “Pastels Pack” project will go on sale from June 16th, 2017.


    The GEL-LYTE V uses a certain lightweight running shoe released in 1993 as a base to create an entirely new super elastic and well-fitting sneaker.


    The uppers of the GEL-LYTE V are soft and adapt well to your feet, using a completely natural material made of pig skin. The shoes come in 3 different colours: green and blue, pink and grey, and beige and orange. They are calm and subtle colours, but are brought to life by the additional shine from the gorgeous pastel colouring.


    In line with the new release, ASICS Tiger are collaborating with the sneaker care product makers Marquee Player. If you purchase the GEL-LYTE V from either ASICS Tiger Osaka Shinsaibashi or the ASICS Tiger Daikanyama Pop-up Store, you will receive a deodorant for your sneakers absolutely free.


    Moreover, ASICS Tiger Osaka Shinsaibashi are holding a special event to commemorate the release of the GEL-LYTE V called “Happy Rainy Day!” where they will be selling the “Pastels Pack.” The concept behind the event promotes enjoying pastel colours every day even if it’s raining. There will be a photo spot for you with cute puddles where you can take photos. A DJ will also be performing from the evening time. People who attend will be able to receive a special “pastel colour” drink.


    The rainy season is imminent in Japan. Make your rainy days happier by picking up the Pastels Pack from ASICS Tiger.




    Stock Number: HL7KO

    Price: ¥14,000 (tax excluded)

    Colours: Apricot Nectar×Mid-Grey, Reef Waters×Birch, Mauvewood×Aluminium

    Sizes: 4.0-6.5″, 7.5-10.0″, 11.0-12.5″, 14.0″

    Location: ASICS Tiger Osaka Shinsaibashi, ASICS Tiger Daikanyama Pop-up Store, ASICS Tiger Online Store, and select sneaker stores


    Happy Rainy Day!

    Location: ASICS Tiger Osaka Shinsaibashi

    Date/Time: June 17th, 2017 @ 11:00-20:00

    The pastel colour special drink (limited to 150 people) and DJ performance is at 17:00-20:00.

    ASICS Tiger Official Website:


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  • Futuristic shoes “Orphe” that light up and change with every step released in Japan

    15.December.2016 | FASHION

    Village Vanguard have released a brand new line of smart footwear titled “Orphe” over on their website. Each shoe has around 100 individual LED lights fitted, as well as Bluetooth modules and 9 motion sensors.



    The 100 or so full colour LEDs are fitted into the sole of the shoe, each emitting their own dazzling lights. You can freely customise the lights by using the app on your smartphone which enables you to take control and operate the lights and sound inside the shoes. The lights and sound change with every step you take, so you’re going to have plenty of fun playing around with the settings. Moreover, there are 9 motion sensors in the soles from which you can acquire real-time data of your movements. You can even link the shoes up to music creation software and other applications to put on a show for people! These shoes will undoubtedly be popular in dance performances.約100個のフルカラーLEDをソールに内蔵し、自由度の高い豊かな光の表現ができる靴。



    Village Vanguard Online: 


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