Passion as a singer and as a fashionista. Interview with Natsume Mito before her new album “Natsumero”

25.April.2017 | FEATURES / MUSIC

It has been 2 years after Natsume Mito’s astonishing release of “maegami Kiri Sugita”. We interviewed her before the release of her first album “Natsumero”. From her passion towards singing and her unique sense of fashion. There are energetic songs as well as nice songs. Don’t forget to listen to it!!


-This is the first album “Natsumero”. I was very amazed with your facial expression on the CD cover! Are there any stories behind it?

Yes, it might be a new face for me!

After several serious discussions with the art directer, we decided the design of the CD cover. We talked about what we wanted. We were thinking of something fashionable yet bizarre. From the start, we wanted to express that kind of worldview.


-Are there any reasons for choosing this design?

The CD cover has “Natsume Mito listens to “Natsumero”decades later” as a hidden theme. In the CD, there is a grandmother featuring as future me. I like this photo because it creates a story within the album.


-Your songs are very catchy and easy to listen to. Are there any songs that you particularly like?

Am… that’s very difficult, but i enjoy singing to “Puzzle” at the concert. Listening wise, I like “Fusen to Hari”. The lyrics are what I have felt and thought over the past 2 years as an artist. The first verse “you don’t need to be careful and worry as much as you think” has touched my heart.


−There was a part where it connects to your struggles.

Yes. There was part of me that cowers while being an artist. I question whether I am expressing myself correctly. That’s why a almost cried after listening to the lyrics Mr. Yasutaka wrote. I thought “it’s okay to make the best of it”. But there is also the difficulties

I faced during the actual recordings.


-I see! What kind of struggle did you have exactly?

From “Odekake Summer”, i slightly changes the style of the songs. Before i would sing in a energetic way but after getting an advice from Mr.Yasutaka, I tried to sing in a softer way.


-It seems like you have encountered a new part of you as an artist.

“Fusen and Hari” especially uses soft voice. It is as soft as if I am voiceless. Mr.Yasutaka taught me the way to sing and voice each words so in that way it has been an album with lots of change.


-When you first heard about producing songs with Mr.Yasutaka, what did you think? Actually there are many questions from your fans around the world and this is from a fan in Philippines.

I didn’t know if I was worth it at first. I had a strong image of Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu which is opposite of my features. So I was worried if I can sing the song Mr.Yasutaka has created.

However, an interviewer told me in a session not long ago that “Mr.Yasutaka’s futuristic sound and your old fashion yet childish sound creates a new style and is great!” This made me so happy. It was an incident that made me realize I am creating a new thing with Mr.Yasutaka. It’s pretty recent but…



-I didn’t know you had so many struggles and worries. It is very supportive to have fans around the world after two years. We have recurve love calls from Latin America and nicolagua. Do you have any artist that you wanted to collaborate with?

Wow from there too! That is surprising and exciting! Interesting questions too. Well, I love “Chibimaruko-chan” so I want to collaborate with B.B queens and dance to “Odori Pon Poko rin”. It is my dream to collaborate with Chibimarukochan.


-Are there any memorable or unforgettable incident when looking back this past two years?

The most memorable one is when I first released “Maegami Kiri Sugita”. Actually I recorded”Nemunemu Go” and “Colony” before, so I thought “Colony” would be my debut song.


-But, you released the unique “Maegami Kiri Sugita”!

I know! I was pretty shocked when the producer told me my debut song is “Maegami Kiri Sugita”. I thought “Oh! We are going to do this! That’s crazy!”. But because of the song, it gave me the opportunity to appear on TV and people to remember my face and voice, so overall it went great. Looking back, I think it was a great song choice.


-Speaking of Maegami, it often associate with you now! Natsume, you also have definite fans as a model. Are there any change in fashion recently?

Recently, I wear girly and adult like clothing. I used to wear sneakers but now I change it to heels. Although I may look young from other people, I try to look older.


-Today’s out fit is very spring like and it is cute.

Today’s lace top is from dearie dada and skinny jeans. I used to only wear rough clothing but I decided to wear tighter clothes. So for example, if the top is pretty loose, and i would wear tighter bottoms. Depending on the day, I decide the color but recently i usually have red or blue as a key fashion.


-Is your style different from your private life?

i don’t think it’s that different but if I needed to point out then my hairstyle changes a little. I need to keep my bangs for work but when i go out with friends, I wear a hat or arrange my bangs.


-Are there people or culture which has influenced your taste in fashion?

I sometimes look up JUDY AND MARY’s YUKI’s past costume on the internet. I also search for past magazine of YOPPY’s clothing. Although the style is from years before, I like how they incorporate colors and unique printing. That’s why I like used clothing. I go to thrift shop a lot such as Gaijin in Koenji or asagi in Osaka.


-I have an image that you are very creative in a way you present your clothing as well as your drawings! Are there any future prospects that you desire to do as an artist?

hmm… personally, i want to be accompanied by animals. When i first came out, I had a bear with me. I want to do more of that. In other words, I want to get on the stage with lots of animals. Last year, I saw Ami, a singer from Dream, was singing the theme song from Zootopia on Msute. I was so jealous because I also want to have animals’ orchestra in the back and sing with big fluffy bears!


-Having many animals around you suits you! I am excited for you next stage direction. I have heard that you have experienced a concert in Taiwan, but are there any other countries that you want to perform?

I am curious of how audiences in other countries will act. People in Taiwan expresses themselves with their bodies such as shouting, dancing and they are very easy going. Thinking about it, it may differ for each country so I think performing will be fun!


-There is a one man live upcoming on May 21st. Are there any plans?

Because there will be a microphone stand, I don’t think I can move that much… but I want include others and create a lively atmosphere. I mean I want everyone to enjoy the performance. I don’t know if it is possible but I hope to collaborate with Awa dancers and CHANCHIKITORNADE. I aspire to create more lively performance since it is my first album.



Natume Mito

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