Celebrate the traditional Japanese festival of Tanabata at Tokyo Disney Resort – the annual “Disney Tanabata Days” begins on June 15th!

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“Disney Tanabata Days” starts on June 15th, 2017 at Tokyo Disney Resort. Tanabata, also called the “Star Festival,” celebrates the meeting of Orihime and Hikoboshi, two deities said to be separated by the Milky Way who are only allowed to meet once a year – on the seventh day of the seventh month. “Tanabata Days” is a romantic event held annually at Tokyo Disney Resort. Micky Mouse and Minnie Mouse will be dressed up as the two lovers and will give a special Tanabata greeting parade to pray for everyone’s wishes to come true.


Since ancient times, when Tanabata comes around, people write their wishes on long, narrow strips of card and decorate bamboo branches with them. You’ll be able to do this at Disney Tanabata Days too by choosing from 10 different “Wishing Cards” that have Micky and Minnie illustrations drawn on them.


All the Wishing Cards available at Tokyo Disney Land® and Tokyo DisneySea® have Micky and Minnie Mouse designs on them, and you can get one over at the “Wishing Place” where the cast will be dressed up in yukata handing them out for free. Grab yourself a Wishing Card to write down your dreams and wishes and tie them up at the Wishing Place.


If you spend over ¥3,000 on one or more of the special pieces of Disney Tanabata Days merchandise, you’ll receive a unique Wishing Card. The Wishing Card designs are different at Tokyo Disney Land and Tokyo DisneySea, so don’t forget to check out both. If you’re done having fun shopping, why not write down your dreams and wishes on your own unique Wishing Card?


When you order from one of the special Tanabata themed menus at Tokyo Disneyland’s “Restaurant Hokusai” or Tokyo DisneySea’s “Restaurant Sakura” or “S.S. Columbia Dining Room,” you can also receive an original Wishing Card unique to each park.


The restaurant over at the Disney Hotel is participating too. People who order from the target menu can receive a Wishing Card. Designs include Chip ‘n’ Dale and Clarice wearing special costumes specially for Tanabata.


Disney never fail to light the fun in everyone’s hearts. Before you even enter the park, you are filled with indescribable excitement. The cast will be out and about at each station’s designated “Wishing Place” along the Disney Resort Line handing out Wishing Cards. It makes you want to get on the Resort Line even if you had no plan to, right?!


Tanabata is a once a year celebration, so why not spend it during Tokyo Tanabata Days and write your wonderful wishes on a Wishing Card together with that special someone?



Disney Tanabata Days

Start Date: Thursday June 15th, 2017

Official Website: http://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/special/tanabata2017/



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