4 Fashion Pop-Up Shops to Appear at Laforet Harajuku—Including Brands Attached to E-girls, AKB48 and More!

20.August.2017 | FASHION / SPOT

Four new shops are opening up in Laforet Harajuku for a limited period. UNEEDNOW, EG, Juemi, and Darich will be open from August 24th to September 21st.


UNEEDNOW is an officially recognised fashion brand of Japan’s most famous idol group AKB48 while EG is responsible for the rehearsal outfits of girl group E-girls. As well as these two fashion brands, which are close to two huge artists in Japan, “Juemi” will be making an appearance, a brand designed by the popular and influential Juri Takiguchi, and “Darich” which is run by creative director and designer Saki Saito. There will also be a special event held on September 9th titled VOGUE FASHION’S NIGHT OUT 2017.


UNEEDNOW (ユーニードナウ)


August 24, 2017 – September 6, 2017 @ 1F entrance space

Members of AKB48 work as models for this officially recognised AKB48 fashion brand.


EG Limited POP UP STORE (イージー リミテッドポップアップストア)


August 24, 2017 – September 7, 2017 @ 2F CONTAINER

This will mark the appearance of EG’s first real store as the brand is only available online. EG offer a range of items for both sexes, from t-shirts that you can easily co-ordinate with your outfits to fashion accessories.

*Shop will close at 7pm on September 7th.


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  • FRUITS ZIPPER Valentine Pop-Up Shop to Open at Laforet Harajuku

    28.January.2023 | FASHION / SPOT

    Laforet Harajuku will host a pop-up shop inspired by the up-and-coming idol group FRUITS ZIPPER from February 1 until February 14! The FRUITS ZIPPER Valentine Pop-Up Shop will be found on the 5th floor MAKE THE STAGE area.


    FRUITS ZIPPER debuted in April 2022 and embodies a simple concept: “From Harajuku to the World.” The group’s second single Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro exploded in popularity on TikTok, pulling in over 600 million views. In February, the girls will embark on their first solo concert tour in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. This is the first FRUITS ZIPPER-inspired limited-time shop, and during the event, visuals of the group’s members will be displayed in the show windows found on the first floor of Laforet Harajuku.


    ◆About the FRUITS ZIPPER Valentine Pop-Up Shop

    When entering the venue, fans will be greeted by a 5-meter-wide board where visitors can write and attach their messages to the FRUITS ZIPPER members on heart-shaped cards. Costumes that the members have worn on stage will also be on display, allowing fans to see each stitch up close.


    Exclusive items featuring new photos of the members will be on sale at the pop-up shop. Fans can enjoy seeing the girls in their own personal style, and these items will only be available during the event! Starting February 4, tour merch for the group’s upcoming solo concert series will also be available for purchase.

    ◆Collaboration with Fruit Sandwich Specialty Store ‘Fruits Box Daikanyama’

    Last year’s popular collaboration with Fruit Box Daikanyama, a well-known fruit sandwich shop, is happening again in 2023! Fans can find the Collaboration Gift Box for sale, including seven baked meringue goods each featuring one of the member’s colors. The box also comes with snapshots of the members, and for a few lucky fans, these snaps might be signed! The idol group and sandwich shop have also teamed up to create the Collaborative Lucky Grab Bag Lottery, including popular FRUITS ZIPPER goods and original items from Fruits Box Daikanyama. The lucky first-prize winner will receive a special set of all available February tour merchandise in all sizes.

    ◆Member Appearance Planned on Valentine’s Day

    On February 14, the final day of the pop-up shop, the members of FRUITS ZIPPER will make an appearance! Guests will be able to participate in the first-ever hands-on event with the members, so keep an eye out for more details!


    Stay up to date with the latest FRUITS ZIPPER news at the official Twitter page (@FRUITS_ZIPPER).


    FRUITS ZIPPER Pop-Up Shop Exclusive Goods

    Random Photo – Valentine pop-up ver. (21 varieties): ¥330 (Tax Included)

    Random Pin – Valentine pop-up ver. (7 varieties): ¥500 (Tax Included)

    Random Purikura Stickers – Valentine pop-up ver. (14 varieties): ¥600 (Tax Included)

  • Laforet Harajuku to Celebrate 40th Anniversary & Open and Renovate 15 Shops

    15.August.2018 | FASHION / SPOT

    Laforet Harajuku hit its 40th anniversary on October 28 this year. In line with this milestone, 15 shops in Laforet will either newly open or undergo renovation throughout this month.

    VINTAGE QOO TOKYO will open on August 24 as the world’s first store specialising in vintage watches. They will sell a huge range of vintage watch designs as well as vintage bags, accessories and other rare items.

    A new brand titled Manon Tokyo will also be introduced on August 24. It will be run by stylists who work on outfits for idol projects across the whole of Japan and promises to change any girl into an idol.

    ellesse HERITAGE will also opens its only shop in Laforet on August 31 called ellesse HERITAGE TOKYO. The shop is opening as a new collection from Italian sports brand ellesse. They will be serving up hit designs from the 80s and 90s and adding their own twist to offer a “classic pop style.”

    A whole range of other shops are also opening including the newly produced unconventional select shop NUDE N’ RUDE, visual key brand ALTER VENOMV, South Korean brand wiggle wiggle, smartphone case brand COLLABORN TOKYOACCESSORIES BLOSSOM, and SNIDEL THE FACTORY STORE*.

    Tapioca tea shop Nonara Pearl opened in July on the second floor Good Meal Market. Laforet Harajuku is always gaining much attention, and with the 40 year anniversary on the horizon and the introduction of new shops, its popularity is set to rise.



    Laforet Harajuku New Shops & Renewals

    Opening Days:

    August 11, 2018 – KLON (2F)

    August 17, 2018 – KOBINAI renewal (B0.5F)

    August 24, 2018 – Manon Tokyo (2F), VINTAGE QOO TOKYO (B0.5F), NUDE N RUDE (B1F)

    August 31 ,2018 – E hyphen world gallery (5F), ellesse HERITAGE TOKYO (2F), ALTER VENOMV (B1F)

    September 8, 2018 – wiggle wiggle (1.5F), COLLABORN TOKYO (B1F)



    Laforet Harajuku Official Website: https://www.laforet.ne.jp


  • Laforet Harajuku’s Yukata Event to Begin on July 1

    22.June.2018 | FASHION

    Yukata IN LAFORET is a huge-scale yukata event coming to Laforet Harajuku’s second floor Container area from July 1 to 20.

    This marks the fourth run of the event which will see nine stores come together to show off their yukata designs, including Roccoya Summer Shop, a popular kimono brand that fuses traditional and modern designs, and iroca times C.H.O.K.O which continue to push new kimono trends.

    In charge of the exhibition displays will be creative group HARMONIZE who constantly put out new visuals. Their work will be centered around yukata and can be found at the outdoor window displays on the first floor and indoors at the central stairs on the second floor.


    A welcome party will take place at each participating store on July 14 which anybody can attend. Tsukikageya will make their annual return too this year at the first floor entrance space. They’re trying something new this year by bringing in a range of original t-shirts to sell.

    Pick from a selection of unique yukata and accessories you can only get in Harajuku and find the right one for you!

  • MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2018 in SHIBUYA was held across the weekend of March 24 and 25 and promoted Japanese culture to the world from Shibuya. The event ended with huge success.

    One of the many things attendees enjoyed were the ‘experienced-based booths.’ From traditional Japan to the country’s culture of kawaii, let’s take a look at the line-up of booths that were packed with Japanese charm.



    Harajuku Kawaii Market presented by Mynavi baito: Kawaii Culture at Laforet Museum

    Japan’s culture of kawaii gathered together at Laforet Museum for MMN Festival 2018. Many of the booths were popular including the accessory booths, DIY booths, and photo spots where people could go for a simple image change by putting on a wig.



    Mynavi Baito

    Mynavi Baito held a questionnaire for attendees regarding part time jobs. They asked questions like “Do you think your part-time work outfit is cute?” and other kinds of questions you’d only hear at MMN Festival. Those who answered were gifted an original memo pad. Mynavi also presented their Challenge Award onstage in relation to the questionnaire where fashion students were made to develop their own cute part-time work outfits. The students who made the outfits as well as the popular models put on an exciting performance.


    もしフェス DIY:ハーバリウム&スワッグもしフェス DIY:ハーバリウム&スワッグ2

    DIY: Herbarium & Swag

    Asami “Char” Tnabe was invited to host a workshop on how to make “herbariums” with colourful dried flowers and a bottle, and “swags” which are wall decorations made from plants and flowers. It cost just ¥1,500.


    DIY CHACOあじさいアクセもしフェス あじさい

    DIY: CHACO Hydrangea Accessories

    Popular flower accessory shop CHACO held their own workshop. For ¥1,000 people made their own earrings and piercings from hydrangeas, perfect for spring and summer.


    もしフェス DIY マグカップワークショップ 瀬戸あゆみワークショップ_preview

    DIY: Mug Workshop

    Apparel brand “Aymmy in the batty girls” led a ¥1,500 workshop where people got involved in making a kawaii mug with the brand logo and designs with spring and summer items. Aymmy designer Ayumi Seto also joined in the workshop where she showed how to make a cute mug while talking with fans.


    もしフェス 占い 

    Fortune Telling

    Six fortune-tellers active in the media took shifts in fours. Just ¥500 got people an expert 10-minute reading. Lots of people turned up to this booth.


     もしフェス 原宿デビュー大作戦もしフェス 原宿デビュー大作戦2

    Big Harajuku Debut

    Popular hair dye brand FRESHLIGHT hosted their popular campaign for people to make their big Harajuku debut (#原宿デビュー大作戦). They changed up their image with colourful wigs and took photos in the kawaii pink photo booth. Prizes will be sent at a later date to those who joined in the hashtag campaign by posting on social media. The models who performed on stage also stopped by this booth where they were posting plenty of ‘kawaii’ online.


    もしフェス kawaii Darts

    Kawaii Darts

    This game challenged people to throw darts onto a map of Japan. Local specialties unique to specific regions were given out depending on which parts of Japan were hit, such as kakeru miso from Nagano and cabbage cider from Gunma.


    もしフェス Kawaii Basket

     Kawaii Basket

    To win, people had to shoot a ball into a kawaii goal that looked just like a floral headband. Kawaii products from around Japan like accessories and cosmetics were given out depending on how many goals were scored.



    OH!江戸ポップ -oh,EDO POP!!-(DODYCO)

    People handmade marshmallow fondants, a photogenic dessert that originates from the US. They decorated it with flowers they cut themselves and other bits and bobs to make a castle and street, giving the Edo Period a taste of contemporary Harajuku. Timeless pop Edo desserts were brought to life at the festival.


    もしフェス クラレンスリーデザイン

    Clarence Lee Design ~111-HAWAII PROJECT~

    Japan’s first collaborative project between a Hawaiian design company that combines Japanese ukiyo-e with Hawaiian motifs and a Japanese enterprise. Thanks to the success of crowdfunding, this project will bring about an array of apparel items fusing Japan and Hawaii, such as aloha shirts with traditional ukiyo-e prints.


    もしフェス Hawaiianjewelry Aquabelle

    Hawaiianjewelry -Aquabelle-

    Hawaiian jewellery brand Aquabelle prepared a photobooth inspired by Hawaii’s sandy beaches where people could feel like they were in Hawaii from Harajuku, with white sand and hibiscus in the frame!


    もしフェス ひかりカエサル

    Hikari TV Dream

    At the promotional booth for crowdfunding service Hikari TV Dream, people enjoyed making their own wooden keyholder with the same wood used in the creation of Okawa Kumiko, a brand of furniture from Okawa in Fukuoka that has been designated as ‘an art form to leave behind for the future.’ Hikari TV’s main character Hikari Kaesaru also made an appearance to excite everyone.


    もしフェス NOTO HI BAKARA ジェンガゲーム


    Those who rolled up to this booth enjoyed a game of jenga made up of hinoki building blocks. Hinoki building blocks don’t generate bacteria even if a child licks them. The wood acts as an antibacterial and pesticide. The prize included NOTO HI BAKARA ‘essential water’ made with hinoki extract.


    もしフェス 可愛いたぬきも楽じゃない

    Cute Tanuki Don’t Have It Easy Either

    Ponkichi is the tanuki who came down from the mountain and just wants to kill, kill, kill humans from the manga series Kawaii Tanuki mo Raku Janai (Hakusensha). The popular foul-mouthed tanuki had his own photo spots where people took photos while hearing abuse from Ponkichi. They also made their own bad-mouth pin badges for free from 12 varieties.




    Yuzawaya held a workshop to make popular herbarium piercings as well as resin piercings and earrings. The herbariums combined flowers and oil. Each class lasted 30 minutes and was a hit with people every time. Many people enjoyed making this original accessory.



    もしフェス Tokyo Flea Market

    Tokyo Flea Market

    A flea market was held which sold personal items of the stage performers including Natsume Mito, Ayumi Seto, Rinko Murata, Yuru Suganuma, and more. The line-up included items the performers had worn in magazines and on their social media.


    もしフェス ドンキホーテ

    Don Quijote Perfume Cosmetics

    The Don Quijote booth sold around 30 different brands of perfume. The staff working there were scent experts and offered advice on recommended perfumes like it was a perfume bar. Normally when you buy their perfume you have to pay a fee to get your name inscribed on the bottle, but they offered the service for free at the festival. “D Ting Eau de Toilette” by Akemi Darenogare also made its first Japan appearance.



    MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON Market: Experiencing Japan’s Unique Culture for Free

    Various aspects of Japanese culture were presented at SHIBUYA CAST. From food to art, sightseeing and moe, everything was enjoyed by Japanese people and foreigners alike.


    Delivering Satoyama Spring #tamura

    A promoter of local specialities from and sightseeing in Tamura in Fukushima Prefecture. They sell Youchuu Gumi, (¥400) or larva gummies, named after the popular sightseeing spot Kabutomushi Shizen Kansatsu-en. They are shaped like the real thing – the body is Calpis flavoured while the centre is filled with purple blueberry sauce, creating a strange taste. They also sold strawberries, a noted product from Tamura.


    もしフェス ドンキホーテ

    Don Quijote – Souvenir Candy

    Don Quijote is a super souvenir shop, and at the festival they stocked lots and lots of confections that screamed ‘Tokyo,’ including some of the most popular snacks and common snacks, chocolates, as well as the Tokyo strawberry chocolate daifuku, a defining souvenir of the city.




    This booth managed by Keihan Sangyo handled Katsukonmi, a flavourful powdered dashi made bountifully with carefully selected ingredients such as katsuo tuna, mackerel and konbu. People were able to taste test dash stocks that used Katsukonmi. They also have a future line-up planned of new products with plenty of dietary fibres perfect for dieting.


     もしフェス 京ばあむ

    Kyo Baum

    Kyo Baum has stores in Gion, Shimizu and elsewhere and specialises in Uji matcha and soy milk flavoured Baumkuchen. Lotteries were held 3 times each day to win tickets for Kyo Baum, which are the perfect eating-and-walking snack, original masu boxes, and more. There was a huge line for the lottery before it began. The matcha and sugar fondant offers a crunchy texture at room temperature, and a completely different delicious experience when melted.


    もしもし着物サロン_previewもしもし着物サロン もしフェス 

    MOSHI MOSHI Kimono Salon

    People had the opportunity to try on kimono with a Harajuku-style spin – lots of colours, eye-catching designs, studs and more. It was free to put on yourself and take a selfie, or ¥1,000 for the staff to help you put it on and take a picture. It cost ¥4,000 to rent the kimono for as long as the booth was open. There were lots of girls enjoying the MMN Festival experience by strolling around Onden Shrine dressed in kimono!


    もしフェス Airbnb


    Official Harajuku sightseeing tours were held for foreign travellers by Airbnb. “Hidden Fashion Street Tour” enabled people to enjoy Harajuku fashion, “History Tour” detailed the history of Harajuku, “KAWAII×Food Tour” combined kawaii culture with cuisine, and the “Official Tour” took people around the various MMN Festival areas. The tours were mostly aimed at foreign travellers, but lots of fans turned up at the same time as the tours to see Saki Shibata and the other models working as tour guides.


    もしフェス MIOCHIN


    Creator MIOCHIN held a live painting session called Mio’s World where she illustrated from her colourful pop perspective. This was her first ever live painting. She completed the piece across two days using permanent markers and POSCA markers while interacting with fans.


    渋谷キャスト草津ブース_previewもしフェス 足湯

    Maebashi “Kusatsu” Support Booth

    A booth promoting the city of Maebashi in Gunma Prefecture, people had the opportunity to enjoy a footbath experience in the image of Kusatsu Onsen – a famous Japanese hot spring resort in Kusatsu – right in the middle of Shibuya. People lined up one by one to rest their tired feet. It became the resting place of the festival. There was also an introduction to professional football club Thespakusatsu Gunma supported by Maebashi city, as well as fliers handed out for Susono.


    もしフェス ファッション手当もしフェス ファッション手当2


    SHIBUYA FASHION FESTIVAL.13 was held on March 24th. A lottery was held to win special benefits that could be used at participating stores.



    Amato Café

    Amato Danshi, the six-member idol unit centred around sweets, worked at their very own café. One of their recommended chocolates was the DEL’IMMO Bon Bons which came with a kabedon (¥1,800). The kabedon is a popular way of expressing love in Japanese media, such as anime, where one person hits (don) the wall (kabe) with one hand and pins someone against it. After receiving a kabedon from the group’s members, customers were fed chocolate. What a heart-throbbing menu!


    もしフェス めいどりーみん


    The number one maid café group Maidreamin set up shop at the festival. For the special “SAKURA Float” (¥1,100 w/ omajinai), the main maids gave cute instructions to power up the item. It was quintessentially ‘moe’ and ‘kawaii’ made with cherry blossom syrup and cherry blossom ice cream. Customers also dressed up in maid outfits and original merchandise was sold. It was a sight to behold seeing customers experiencing maid culture for the first time and really getting into the fun of it, from girls to entire families.


    もしフェス MUSIO 渋谷キャストMusioブース様子_preview

    MUSIO, Your Curious New Friend

    Musio is your robot friend who came from the future. Equipped with state-of-the-art AI, Musio is able to do things like have natural conversations and express emotions. Everyone chatted with him and had their fortunes told.



    The festival took place in 5 areas, and because there was plenty to be enjoyed for free, we saw many people having fun stopping by each location throughout the day.


    5 areas, 5 themes. That was MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2018 in SHIBUYA. This year was a huge change from last year. How did you find it? Did you have fun?


    MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON will continue to promote Japan’s multilayered culture to the world through our website, at events and elsewhere. We post the latest information about events on our website, so don’t forget to stay up to date!





    MMN Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/msmsnippon/

    MMN Twitter: https://twitter.com/MOSHI2_NIPPON


  • Unique kimonos/furisodes will gather at LAFORET Harajuku, “Kimono IN LAFORET”

    23.December.2017 | FASHION / SPOT

    “LAFORET Harajuku” will hold an event selling kimonos and furisodes from the 5th of January (Fri.) to the 24th(Wed.).



    10 stores in total which sell many kinds of kimonos/furisodes and sundries will participate in the event including “Modern Antenna” which creates and designs kimonos/obis (bands) based in Arashiyama, Kyoto and “MarieeFleurir Taisho Roman-ten,” a store created under the theme of retro and stylish (Japanese style × Western style). The event will introduce how to wear/use Japanese-style items by selling items which can be used on a daily basis, not only at the a coming-of-age-ceremony and at commencement ceremonies.


    Rokkoya Winter Shop


    “Rokkoya” which is gathering much attention for its modern × trad designed items will participate in the event. Furisodes and new kimonos will be sold.


    “heterophony”II iroca・HIGHCALORYOTOME


    A limited “hetrophony” shop which is a combination shop of the two unique, cutting edge brands, “iroca” and “High Calorie Otome.” Let’s check out the latest styles of kimonos.


    Modern Antenna


    A brand which designs and creates kimonos/obis with their base of production in Arashiyama, Kyoto. They consider kimonos to be a “fashion item,” not just a traditional Japanese cloth item. They sell originally designed items and arranged items which are rejuvenation items of thhe Early Showa Period’s patterns. Let’s check out this modern antenna shop which pursuits new designs and styles.


    The image visual was created by Miki Aizawa, a stylist and CONCENT LAN, and art director. The eye-catching items (including new kimonos) gathered from 10 stores are a “must see.” Each store will sell popular items, new items and limited-offered items.



    Moreover, they will hold a welcome party for anyone interested in kimonos (persons who are used to wearing kimonos, persons who want to try wearing kimonos and persons who want wear a kimono at their coming-of-age ceremony). Each store will sell limited novelties created for this party and hold events welcoming special guests.


    Let’s experience the culture of kimono/furisode at LAFORET Harajuku.




    Kimono IN LAFORET

    Date: 01,05 (Fri.) to 01,24 (Wed.) 11:00 to 21:00

    Venue: LAFORET Harajuku

    Address: 1-11-6, Jingumae, Shibuyaku, Tokyo




    Welcome Party

    Date: 01,20 (Sat.) 16:00 to 19:00

    Venue: 2F CONTAINER – each store


  • Join the “GIRL’S PARTY” at Laforet HARAJUKU for VOGUE FASHION’S NIGHT OUT 2017

    19.September.2017 | FASHION / SPOT

    Laforet Harajuku will take part in the VOGUE FASHION’S NIGHT OUT event that will be held on 9th September! Get ready for a night full of styling shows by popular models, DJs and much more!


    The night shopping event “VOGUE FASHION’S NIGHT OUT”, aka FNO, has been running since 2009. This year, FNO will be held on Saturday 9th September in the Omotesando area. Laforet HARAJUKU is taking part with the theme “GIRL’S PARTY”.



    The store will be open longer on the day of FNO! At the Laforet Museum located on the 6th floor, popular stylist Risa Kato has selected brands for the “GIRL’S PARTY” styling show. Alongside the fashion show, there will be a DJ performance, catering, food and drink booths, and photo booths! There will also be a live performance from the powerful girl group BANANALEMON!


    During the event, those who spend more than ¥5,000 (tax included) at the venue will receive a bottle of ZIMA “Majo no Ringo” and a free slice of chocolate chunk pizza from MAX BRENNER CHOCOLATE PIZZA BAR located on the 2nd floor. In addition to this, those who spend more than ¥10,000 (tax included) using the Laforet card on the day of the event will receive a ¥1,000 shopping coupon as a gift! Both these offers are given on a first-come-first-serve basis.


    All shops in Laforet Harajuku will be taking part in FNO. Limited edition goods, advanced sales of goods, novelty items, advanced orders and much more – this special event has it all! So join in the fun at Laforet Harajuku on Saturday 9th September!





    Time & date::9th September 2017(Saturday)17:00~22:00(※Open for one hour longer)

    Location:Laforet Harajuku
    Participating shops:All shops inside Laforet Harajuku

    Styling show start times:Show 1: 18:00~/Show 2: 19:15~Show 3: 20:30~ ※ The show lasts approximately 10 minutes(Free entry)

    Live music start time:20:50〜


    Laforet Harajuku official website:

  • 14 Shops in Laforet Harajuku Undergoing Renewal—and First Ever Official “Sailor Moon” Store to Open

    17.August.2017 | FASHION

    Laforet Harajuku – the hub for all youth trends in Japan – is undergoing a renewal, with 14 shops set for revamp by the end of August. 10 new shops will open and




    Among the list of new shops scheduled to hit the scene, two that you should definitely check out are VENTURER CAPSULE TOKYO, a store selling fashion items linked to club music, and &ellecy, a shop for tomboy girls who like to wear casual men’s clothes and street mix fashion. They also have lots of items for couples too, so it’s a must-visit store to go and spend at when on a date.


    The first ever official Sailor Moon store will also be opening its doors, stocked with items based around the internationally loved and recognised series. There’s a whole range of new shops to look forward to which keep up with the latest trends.


    Jot it down on your calendar so you don’t forget to visit Laforet Harajuku to see this diverse new line-up of shops when they open!




    【New Shops & Renewal Shops List】

    〈New Shops〉

    ・VENTURER CAPSULE TOKYO (ベンチュラー カプセル トウキョウ)

    ・&ellecy (アンドエルシー)

    ・Sailor Moon store (セーラームーンストア)

    ・merry jenny (メリージェニー)

    ・ORiental TRaffic (オリエンタルトラフィック)

    ・KOBINAI (コビナイ)

    ・SAINT SCOTT (セントスコット)

    ・HYPER COUTURE NEW YORK (ハイパー クチュール ニューヨーク)

    ・ Ozz Croce (オッズ クローチェ)


    〈Renewal Shops〉

    ・RID.DLE FROM (リドル フロム)

    ・Dot and Stripes CHILDWOMAN (ドット アンド ストライプス チャイルド ウーマン)

    ・MILKFED. HARAJUKU(ミルクフェド ハラジュク)


    Grand Opening: Saturday August 26th

     ※The Sailor Moon store will open on Saturday September 23rd.

    Laforet Harajuku Official Homepage: http://www.laforet.ne.jp/

    ©Naoko Takeuchi

    ©Naoko Takeuchi / PNP / Toei Animation


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  • Laforet Harajuku to Embark Overseas on World Tour to Deliver Harajuku Culture to the World!

    29.July.2017 | FASHION

    Laforet Harajuku is coming to a location near you. As part of a new project titled “Laforet HARAJUKU World Tour,” the famous department store will be hitting countries around the world. The first place it will appear at is Paris. This year, from September 8th to September 11th, Laforet Harajuku will have its very own booth at Europe’s biggest international fashion trade show “Who’s Next / Premiere Classe.” But it doesn’t stop there. There will also be an official Laforet Harajuku pop-up shop set up at the French select shop “L’Exception” which will be open from September 23rd to October 3rd.


    Laforet Harajuku is located in one of Japan’s most famous fashion districts – Harajuku. It is a giant complex home to countless small boutiques filled profuse with clothes and accessories that have come to develop a creative fashion culture brimming with originality and freedom, one not tied down by age or gender. Laforet Harajuku has actively introduced fashion creations from overseas in recent years; it even opened a pop-up shop at “Who’s Next” back in October last year. It is proactive in attracting up-and-coming overseas brands and new projects. The store continues to stay at the forefront of fashion while seeing with global eyes. October 2017 marks the 39th anniversary since Laforet Harajuku opened, and the time around when it will embark on the first mission of its world tour to passionately spread its culture even more overseas.


    “Who’s Next / Premiere Classe” is a huge first stop for the tour, being Europe’s biggest international fashion trade show, one that ropes in 50,000 fashionistas. The subsequent pop-up shop at “L’Exception” in Paris will see Harajuku Laforet selling autumn and winter season items for 2017 from big name brands and shops that represent Harajuku’s fashion culture. See the full list below.


    As well as being a great chance for the leading-edge store Laforet Harajuku to deliver Japan’s fashion culture overseas, it will be a huge opportunity for the shop and participating brands to expand their businesses outside Japan. There are also plans for tour promotion in collaboration with the Shibuya City Tourism Association with whom they will showcase fashion districts including Harajuku, Shibuya and possibly more.


    Keep your eyes peeled for news about Laforet Harajuku as they may be coming to a place near you!


    ■ Information

    “Who’s Next / Premiere Classe”

    Date: September 8, 2017 to September 11, 2017

    Location: Porte de Versailles, Hall 3

    Participating Brands & Shops: ALICE and the PIRATES / Angelic Pretty / Ank Rouge / BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT / BATTY GARAGE BY AYMMYS / Ciara / E hyphen world gallery BonBon / feast / FURFUR / gelato pique / H>FRACTAL / HARE / Honey Salon / Jane Marple / jouetie / MAJESTIC LEGON / NILE PERCH / RoseMarie seoir / WALL / XLARGE® / kaorinomori


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  • SALE at LAFORET GRAND BAZAR! Up to 90% OFF! Starting July 27th – 5 days of bargains galore!

    10.July.2017 | FASHION


    LAFORET GRAND BAZAR will be held between July 27th (Thurs.) to July 31st (Mon.) at LAFORET HARAJUKU. This year’ bazar theme is “Five days of bargains galore!”




    At LAFORET HARAJUKU’s LAFORET GRAND BAZAR a special campaign will be held where all customers who line up in front of the store before opening time will receive a “morning ticket.” By using this ticket customers can get a 10% discount on all items purchased before 2PM.

    A total of 8 different “time sales” will be held one of them being a special “Red and Yellow Sale” where all items that are “red” and “yellow” will be discounted. Taking up this year’s trend a special embroidery collection will be put on sale. And of course, the annual “FEVER TIME” event will be held after 3PM.




    With the theme of “plunging forward typo” GRAND BAZAR is tying up with the visuals for this bazar and offering a “plunging forward” present campaign.

    By using the (@Laforet_SALE ) Twitter account and posting daily the image from a designated location you will win a GOOD MEAL MARKET ticket which you can use at various food shops. At GOOD MEAL MARKET they are preparing 8 cool food items you can eat to cool yourself down from your bargain sale fever.


    All kinds of special events are in store at LAFORET GRAND BAZAR. We know everyone can’t wait for these “5 days of bargains galore!”



    LAFORET GRAND BAZAR -Suumer 2017

    Bazar dates; July 27th, 2017 ~ July 31st

    Opening times: July 27th 9:00~21:00  July 29th~ 30th 11:00~21:00


    Events during all days of the bargain period:

    *Morning ticket

    *Entranceway special bargain (wagon located at entrance way)

    *Bottom price (price will be unchanged until the end of the bargain period)

    *Only at Laforet (special sale where only Laforet goods are gathered)

    *Special event! Laforet Card discount (Laforet Card holders will get an additional 5% discount)


    Time Sale Events:

    *Set discount – Red & Yellow Discount July 27th (Thurs.) 17:00~

    *Sample release – Embroidery items collection July 28th (Fri.) 17:00~

    *The consistent – recommending MEN’S July 29th (Sat.) 17:00~

    *Time sale returns July 30th (Sun.) 17:00~

    *FEVER TIME July 31st (Mon.) 15:00~



    Event period: 2017, July 27th (Thurs.) ~ August 31st (Thurs.)



    Ice and Friet Double \510


    *Guzman y Gomez

    Churros on ice strawberry / banana & mango / mattcha & black sugar syrup

    Each \550



    Lemmon and tea chiffon cake ~with stick pie~ normal size \1,180

    Drink set \1,450 / Half-size drink set \1,100


    Choco mint ice pizza one slice \520 / whole \2,520


    *onigiri stand Gyu!

    Cool soup with onigiri Asian / Italian each \421

    Cream-filled bun Shinjuku

    Soft cream small \432 / large \540


    Beet bear fruit soda \680

    (all prices are tax-included)


    LAFORET GRAND BAZAR official web site




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  • Laforet Harajuku to Host “Yukata in Laforet”—Pick Out Your Summer Yukata from the Cutest Trends!

    27.June.2017 | FASHION

    Laforet Harajuku will be hosting a special event titled Yukata in Laforet on the second floor from July 1st to July 26th.


    This year marks the 3rd time for the event to be held. 2 new shops will be participating for the first time for a total of 8 stores: “KIMONO YUKATA SOUBIEN,” an online shop with leading shares in selling Yukata, and “CLEMENTINE SANDNER,” whose Yukata are designed by a French designer.


    During the event, you’ll have a chance to see the first floor window display and second floor central staircase display completely redesigned by fashion designer Aguri Sagimori. There will also be a welcome party on Saturday July 15th at each shop ‘container’ that is open to everyone.


    MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON would like to show you a select number of participating stores that we highly recommend you visit!


    KIMONO YAKATA SOUBIEN have lots of limited edition items on sale at their pop-up shop. If you spend over ¥20,000 with them (tax excluded) you’ll receive an original yukata bag as a present completely free. We highly recommend KIMONO YAKATA SOUBIEN for those of you looking for something feminine, retro and modern.


    iroca times C.H.O.K.O is a fusion of two brands – “iroca” and “C.H.O.K.O” – who create new and modern kimono decorated in all kinds of different colours. Their clothes are brought to life by their skillful designs that flow and flutter like music and dance.


    asobiya is a brand that enables you to enjoy a new kind of traditional Japan. They begin their designs with a paper crane, which is symbolically Japanese, and add something playful to it to create an entirely new form. They’ll be showing off their gorgeous ‘orizuru’ series of beautifully striking paper cranes that you can wear in your hair. The paper crane is a symbol that transcends language and something that everybody can understand. You’re sure to find one that complements your yukata perfectly.


    If you’re in need of a yukata or yukata accessories for the summer, then we recommend you head on over to Laforet Harajuku to find your perfect match♪



    Running: Saturday July 1st to Wednesday July 26th

    ■July 1st~July 26th @ 2F Container

    ・Roccoya Summer Shop

    ・iroca times C.H.O.K.O

    ・Modern Kimono UMEYA feat. Tamao Shigemune

    ■July 1st~July 13th @ 2F Container

    ・Salon de Happiness


    ・MIKI SAKURA & Sakura Maison

    ■July 14th~July 26th @ 2F Container



    ■July 1st~July 26th @ 1F Entrance Space



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  • Up to 90% off at the GRAND BAZAR in Laforet Harajuku!

    19.June.2017 | FASHION / SPOT

    Laforet Harajuku are holding their next “LAFORET GRAND BAZAR” this summer. The bargain sale extravaganza will be held across 5 days between July 27th and July 31st.


    The Grand Bazar is held twice a year in January and July in Laforet Harajuku and sees huge discounts in the shopping complex all day across the five day period. As well as this, many shops hold timesales where, as the name suggests, they host bargain sales at their store at certain times of the day.


    With some discounts of up to 90%, you can imagine just how many people the Laforet Harajuku Grand Bazar brings in.

    The main visual for the bazar (pictured above) is a typo of the event name which is meant to capture the frantic excitement in anticipation of the event. It will be displayed during the event, as well as other associated campaigns.


    This year’s bazar will also be holding a special Laforet card discount. If you use your Laforet card you will receive 5% off the sale price. If you enroll into the same-day use plan (where you accumulate the points from the shopping you do on the day) by June 30th then it will be possible to issue your card prior to the start of the bazar. (*please note that there will be advance screening when enrolling).

    If you’ve never experienced Laforet Harajuku’s Grand Bazar then it needs to go on your list of things to do in Japan. Get on down there and buy all the things—all the things!




    Dates: Thursday July 27th, 2017 to Monday July 31st, 2017

    Opening Times: 9:00~21:00 on July 27th / 11:00~21:00 July 28th to July 31st

    Official Website:http://www.laforet.ne.jp/


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  • “Katy Perry Collections” Pop-Up Shoe Shop Now Open In Laforet Harajuku!

    16.June.2017 | FASHION / MUSIC

    A pop-up shop for Katy Perry Collections, the shoe brand designed by the one and only Katy Perry, has opened in the bustling shopping complex Laforet in the center of Harajuku for ケイティ・a limited period. The shop will be open until Friday June 23rd.



    The line-up features a wide range of shoes perfect for summertime designed 100% by Katy Perry herself, including a variety of sandals and items with animal motifs.


    The internationally recognised American singer released her latest album Witness on June 9th, her first album in four years since Prism back in 2013. In line with the new release, Katy streamed a 96-hour live video on YouTube for fans showcasing her doing various activities around the house such as eating, rehearsing for events, and even sleeping. This 4-day event allowed people to see a more real side to Katy that they would normally not be able to see, especially during the one-hour therapy session that has gained worldwide attention. The stream trended on Twitter around the globe under the hashtag #KPWWW. She has been heavily praised for having come up with the idea for the stream.

    Katy Perry official photo 2017 MAIN

    Witness has reached the Top 10 in 46 countries and on iTunes and continues to receive applaud from all over the world.


    Remember—the Katy Perry Collections pop-up shop is only open until June 23rd. If you’re in Tokyo, don’t miss out on a chance to experience the colourful world of Katy Perry—in Harajuku!



    Katy Perry Collections

    Open: Monday June 12th, 2017 to Friday June 23rd, 2017

    Location: Laforet Harajuku 1F Entrance

    Address: 1 Chome-11-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


    New Album “Witness”

    ・Witness Special Price Edition (CD) ¥2,200 (tax-excluded) UICC-90005

    ・Witness Deluxe Edition (CD+DVD) ¥3,100 (tax-excluded) UICC-90006

     ・Digital Release: https://umj.lnk.to/KP_Witness

    Official Japanese Site: http://katyperry.jp

    Official English Site: http://katyperry.com/


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