Indulge in the harmonious flavour of sushi with the award-winning asatsuyu white wine at Kagurazaka Sushi Rin!

27.August.2017 | FOOD / SPOT

Treat your tastebuds to the flavour of real, authentic Edo-style sushi with wine and champagne at Kagurazaka Sushi Rin; home of US no.1 sauvignon blanc white wine “asatsuyu”. You can experience the delicious pairing of asatsuyu white wine and the true flavour of Edo-style sushi with the “Kagurazaka course”, which will be part of the menu until 30th September 2017.


Kagurazaka Sushi Rin is filled with a calm and relaxed atmosphere. A six-metre long, beautiful counter is the focal point of the room. The L-shaped counter is made of Hinoki cypress wood. A lot of care is taken to preserve the beautiful counter. Complete private rooms can also be reserved for the perfect date with that special someone.img_135186_1

The Kagurazaka course harmonises with KENZO ESTATE asatsuyu wine. The sushi chef, who holds the concept of traditional Edo-style close to heart, ensures that the flavours of the dishes are carefully prepared with precision and skill in order to compliment the beautiful flavour of the wine. Enjoy this carefully made course of harmonious flavours.


Asatsuyu won the hearts of 13,000 wine enthusiasts worldwide, as it was crowned king at the Vivino’s 2016 Wine Style Awards in the California Sauvignon Blanc division. The fresh, tropical citrus taste of peach or pears, even the flavour of lychee, which harmonises with the flavour, will leave you feeling refreshed. All this can be enjoyed at Kagurazaka Sushi Rin.


The star of the show is the crab shell packed with delicious crab meat. Enjoy the different layers of textures that are obtained by using crab meat from the claws and from the abdomen. Take your tastebuds to a whole new level wih the two sauces – the crab miso and the crab vinegar. As crab is often enjoyed with champagne in foreign countries, the crab meat is a perfect match with asatsuyu wine, and the aroma is to die for!img_135186_4

Many have praised the Kagurazaka asatsuyu course.


“You can tell just by the wonderful aroma that there are no other sweet dishes out there quite like this one. The combination with asatsuyu wine is refreshing with a mellow aftertaste. This is the best matched food and drink combination and the taste lingers so you can indulge for longer. The chef has carefully prepared the food to harmonise with the beverages – you can taste the effort and precision and the flavours don’t clash in any way.”


This is your chance to enjoy the balance of carefully made Japanese-style food made by an expert chef, along with highly praised wine!




Kagurazaka Sushi Rin

Address: 2nd floor, Kagurazaka

3-chome Terrace, 3-6, Kagurazaka, Shinjuku, Tokyo

TEL : 03-5228-4200

Opening hours: Lunchtime (Weds & Sat only) 11:30~14:00 (Last orders: 13:30)

      Evening: 17:30~22:30 (Last orders: 22:00)

Closed: Sundays, national holidays that fall on a Monday

Seating:12 counter seats/6 seats per private room

Budget: Lunchtime – ¥4,000/Evening – ¥15,000~

Kagurazaka Sushi Rin homepage:

Access: 405m from Iidabashi station

※ Neighborhood car park available


≪ Kagurazaka Course≫

◇ 2~3 appetizers

◇ Mackerel Pike

◇ Crab

◇ 10 pieces of sushi

◇ Makimono hand-rolled sushi roll

◇ Half a bottle of asatsuyu

This course will be available until 30th September 2017

Price:¥16,000 per person (+ tax)

※ If more than two guests are attending, it is possible to reserve a table for an even number of guests.



  • Roppongi Hills Renovates Food Court Revealing Mouthwatering Michelin Guide Restaurants

    26.August.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

    Looking for a delicious Michelin-approved food experience? You surely cannot go wrong with heading to Roppongi Hills; a large-scale development project located in Tokyo, which is known for its nightlife and and shopping. Roppongi Hills is also home to the shopping mall Metro Hat, which is currently renovating its food court on basement floor 2. The foodcourt will have its grand opening on October 29th. 


    The renovation will introduce seven new restaurants to the food court. Some of these include ramen shops and Yakitori restaurants which are bringing brand new rare dishes and flavours to the table.


    Let’s look at our recommendations:


    Ginza Kagari (銀座 篝)

    Chicken Soba: ¥900 (before tax)

    Ginza Kagari is known for their notorious never-ending queues. In 2016 and 2017, it earned a place in the Michelin Guide Tokyo and even became popular overseas. One of their specilaties is their chicken soba. The broth is packed with the goodness and flavour of the entire chicken and even the bones. The flavour of the broth is exquisite and rich. The salt kaeshi sauce which is made from a mix of soy sauce, mirin and sugar goes perfectly with the soup. The salt mixture in the sauce consists of a range of natural salts which contain the natural goodness of the sea and perfectly enhance the flavours of the soup.


    Location: Metro Hat Hollywood Plaza Floor B2

    Opening Hours: 11:00 ー 23:00 (L.O: 22:00)
    Website:  (The website is scheduled to open during mid October)


    Yakitori Kokorikoan (焼鳥 ここりこ庵)

    Yakitori (chicken skewer): ¥200 (before tax)

    You must not miss out on Kokorikoan’s Chicken Skin Hotpot ー a dish that is rare even to Tokyo. This dish is the perfect opportunity to discover a new kind of flavour and a new way to enjoy food. This restaurant prepares their dishes using special and rare cuts of chicken and chicken that is freshly ground in the morning. The chicken is flavored using traditional flavorings such as tare sauce and salt as well as flavorings that are not so conventional in Japan such as balsamic vinegar, herb vinegar, madeira wine, brandy and much more. Each cut of meat is prepared with the most careful methods and best seasonings to fully bring out the flavours. 


    Location: Metro Hat/ Hollywood Plaza Floor B2
    Opening Hours: Lunch: 11:00 ー 15:30 (L.O.15:00)  Dinner: 17:00 ー 23:00 (L.O.22:00)

    Website: (The website is scheduled to open during mid October) 


     Pintokona (ぴんとこな)

    As a cheap place to enjoy authentic sushi, Pintokona has become a very popular restaurant. Now, it is having a fresh renewal. This sushi is made by using seasonal ingredients from around Japan. From November 1 to 30, there will be an exciting new menu that includes fresh fish from Miyazaki and authentic shochu (Japanese spirit). There will also be a fair that you also should not miss out on. 


    Location: Metro Hat/ Hollywood Plaza Floor B2
    Opening Hours: Lunch: 11:00 ー 15:30 (L.O: 15:00) Dinner: 17:00 ー 23:00 (L.O: 22:00)

    Website: (The website is scheduled to open during mid October) 



    Yuzu Orange and Salt Ramen: ¥1000 (before tax) 

    Popular ramen shop AFURI sells a ramen with a translucent gold-coloured soup made using the natural spring water that gushes from the foot of Mount Afuri (Mount Oyama) located in the Tanzawa Mountain Range of the Kanto Region. Carefully selected chicken bones, pot herbs, kombu (kelp) and katsuobushi (fermented and smoked fish) is boiled in the water to add to the flavour. The whole wheat flour used to make the noodles creates a wonderfully fresh, chewy texture. The chashu roast pork pieces are freshly barbecued upon each order, creating a fresh and delicious flavour. AFURI also sells vegan ramen which is particularly popular among foreigners.


    We have a full report on our heavenly trip to AFURI so if you are curious to find out more, please check out our this article: Introducing AFURI—Harajuku’s Michelin-Starred Ramen Restaurant


    Location: Metro Hat/ Hollywood Plaza Floor B2
    Opening Hours: 11:00 ー 23:00 (L.O:22:00)


    There are just so many popular shops and restaurants at Metro Hat that you will be spoilt for choice. We hope you enjoy exploring the rich culture of Roppongi. 

  • Mogu Mogu Nippon | Indulging in Oniku no Osushi’s Matsusaka Beef Don in Asakusa

    27.June.2019 | FEATURES / FOOD / SPOT

    Asakusa is located in Tokyo and is home to many famous tourist and sightseeing spots such as Sensō-ji Temple and the Kaminarimon Gate. It’s also a place lined with restaurants serving up an array of gourmet dishes.


    We have covered many popular cafés and local specialties in Asakusa in MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON. Today, we will take a look at a sushi restaurant called Oniku no Osushi which opened recently where customers can eat sushi served with Japanese wagyu beef. It is the first big name restaurant from the Gion district of Kyoto to arrive in the country’s Kanto region. Since opening its doors, it has been much-talked-about and has enjoyed the hustle and bustle of hungry customers.

    The restaurant is about an 8-minute walk from Akasaka Station via the subway and just a 2-minute walk via Tsukuba Express. You’ll know the restaurant when you see it as the outside of it incorporates a wooden design. Inside, too, wooden planks and pillars decorate the interior.


    Matsusaka beef is a brand of beef in Japan made from the meat of Japanese Black cattle that are reared under strict conditions in Matsusaka, Mie. At Oniku no Osushi, customers are able to eat this beef in the form of sushi marbled and with a rare texture.

    I dined together with Chinese model and talent Etsuna. She loves eating out but this was her first time eating rare meat on sushi. We ordered the restaurant’s popular Oniku no Osushi platter and the Gyusen Don (served only at lunchtime).

    Oniku no Osushi Platter (8 Pieces): ¥5,000

    The meat sushi platter comes with eight pieces including two pieces each of lean beef, salted beef, roast beef, and fatty gunkan beef. Excluding the gunkan beef it’s recommended eating each piece from the left as pictured above. Everything is already flavoured so you can eat them as they are.


    The gunkan beef is best enjoyed while it is still frozen so I started with that. The cold beef just melts as it enters you mouth. It tastes sweet and has a fatty texture to it. The egg yolk mixes together with the beef on your tongue and gives it an even smoother taste.


    The meat of the lean beef, salted beef and roast beef sushi is soft and each is layered with refreshing grated lemon and daikon. When you bite into the succulent meat your taste buds are treated to the sweetness of the fat and the meats’ rich flavours. I was able to taste the distinct qualities of each type.

    Gyusen Don (w/ Cold Miso Soup): ¥2,480

    The Gyusen Don is served at lunchtime only. It contains Matsusaka Gyusen® flakes and Kyoto-style tsukemono pickled vegetables, condiments and bite-sized meat pieces. The presentation of the dish is beautiful! You add soy sauce to it and mix with the egg yolk, and it’s simple irresistible! We made sure to snap a final photo before tucking in.

    The beef of this dish melts in your mouth just like the gunkan beef and blends well with the egg yolk to create a velvety flavour. The dish also has condiments and pickled vegetables too adding to the variety of tastes. If you add wasabi or ginger the flavours are elevated even further, especially when eaten with the Kyoto-style pickled vegetables which creates a spicy tang.


    The miso soup that the dish is served with is also Kyoto-style. Wheat starch and pickled vegetables are added to the sweet white broth to create a mellow flavour that goes well with the dish.

    Etsuna gave high praise to the dish too: “It was so delicious. I think there are still a lot of foreigners that don’t know about meat sushi yet, so I think it’ll get popular soon. It’s a bit pricey there are a lot of foreign travelers who want to eat tasty Japanese food, so I recommend it to them.”


    Asakusa is famous for its takeaway food to be eaten while walking, but Oniku no Sushi serves up an Asakusa-exclusive gourmet experience too.

    Steamed Rice & Meat: ¥500

    If you’re walking around Asakusa and are feeling peckish, then you should go for steamed rice and meat (おにくの飯蒸し). It’s packed full of beefy flavour.

    What did you think of this little Asakusa lunch trip? Of course, Oniku no Osushi has an evening slot for dinner too, so if you’d like to try some Matsusaka beef then be sure to pay a visit.


    Writer: Sayuri Mizuno (MMN Editorial Department)

    Model: 悦奈(Etsuna)

  • Indulge In The Best Melon Experience At Japan’s First Melon Factory Antenna Shop

    24.June.2019 | FOOD

    Tsugaru, Aomori is known for its delicious melons. On July 7, Japan’s first melon factory called Melon to Roman will open its first ever antenna shop in Kagurazaka, Tokyo. Here, a range of delicious melon-themed desserts and drinks will be developed for customers to try out Aomori melon treats.


    Recently, melons are becoming less and less popular in Japan. As a result, Melon to Roman was established to spread the love of melons countrywide.


    The melon factory uses 10,400 tonnes of melons each year, meaning that Tsugaru alone creates 70% of Aomori’s melon produce. The melon desserts at the antenna shop are made from Tsugaru’s special melons. The aim of the antenna shop is to make Tsugaru more famous.

    Melon Fruit Sandwich

    A melon fruit sandwich is definitely a rare sight. The Melon Fruit Sandwich is made by filling raisin bread with melon pieces. Adults are bound to love its rich flavour. 

    Melon Shaved Ice with Fluffy Mousse

    The Melon Shaved Ice with Fluffy Mousse consists of fluffy shaved ice made from the juice of the melon. This is topped with a generous serving of foam made out of 100% melon juice.

    Luxury Melon Parfait

    The melon parfait is the masterpiece of the menu. It is made of three luxurious layers of fresh melon.

    The antenna shop provides a number of ways to experience Aomori’s melons with all your senses. Witness calligraphy written by original melon ink, listen to the stories of the journey of these melons, touch the drinks coasters that will make you feel like you are touching a melon, and sample different flavours of melon from the food and drinks tasting menus to immerse your sense of taste and smell in the world of melons. There has never been an antenna shop quite like this before. There will also be a video called “The Girl And The Melon” that will be shown at the antenna shop. Some adults might find this video quite emotional.


    Immerse yourself fully in the miraculous world of melons and learn about a whole new perspective on melons.

  • New sushi restaurant Osushi to washoku hatanaka opens in front of Kanazawa station, Ishikawa!

    25.April.2019 | FOOD

    On 20th April, a new sushi restaurant called Osushi to washoku hatanaka opened in front of JR Kanazawa station, Ishikawa prefecture.


    The restaurant’s sushi is made by 29-year-old Ayako Hatanaka, who has had many years of experience training at Japanese restaurants in Kyoto and even at a top-class sushi restaurant in the capital of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. Talented staff who have experience working abroad have been specially chosen to work here, and so foreigners can stop by this restaurant to order sushi with no trouble at all!

    The restaurant building was once a traditional Kanazawa Machiya merchant house that was built straight after WWII. For the purpose of the restaurant, it was renovated but still maintains the graceful Japanese-style atmosphere The building was formerly used by a fish dealer and so the restaurant decor includes an old fashioned store signboard.

    The menu is filled with sushi made using fish freshly caught from Kanazawa Port. There are also many vegetable side dishes made from vegetables which were nurtured to contain lots of nutrients. The vegetables are sourced from the Hokuriku region, which is the northwestern region of Honshu; Japan’s main island. You can also enjoy the flavour of natural wine as the drinks menu includes Japanese alcohol sourced from the Hokuriku region.

     To celebrate the grand opening, MotionGallery is holding a grand funding event which aims to not only raise money to support the business but will also make it possible to purchase 25% off meal tokens! Already, the funding project has raised over two million yen, which is almost three times the amount that the fund aimed to raise.



  • New Lifestyle Store AKOMEYA TOKYO in la kagū Opens in Kagurazaka

    03.April.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

    The new flagship store of AKOMEYA TOKYO named AKOMEYA TOKYO in la kagū opened its doors to the people of the capital in Kagurazaka on March 30, 2019.


    The store stocks a diverse selection of items from rice and foodstuff to cooking tools, beauty care products, items to live a more luxurious life, and more. Rice is one of the main highlights of AKOMEYA TOKYO in la kagū whose core concept is “Spreading Happiness With One Bowl Of Freshly Cooked Rice.”


    Around 20 varieties of carefully selected rices from around Japan have been selected for selling in addition to the perfect condiments and ingredients to go with it, dashi and more―all of which made for great gifts. Customers are invited to select their own quantity of polished rice to take home.

    Customers can look forward to a huge dining space serving up an incredible food experience expected of a flagship store.

    The company has also opened up their very first cafe establishment in the store called AKOMEYA Chaya which serves up drinks previously only available at their Ginza branch.

    A separate cafe called Shiratama Salon Shinsaburou is also open in the store. It is managed by Shiratama Shinsaburou, a shop from Kumamoto with a history spanning over 380 years.


    We mustn’t forget the products on offer either.

    Bean Barrel (300ml) – ¥2,500 (Before Tax)

    This barrel of beans comes in a barrel branded with the store’s name. The packaging encompasses traditional Japanese culture.

    AKOMEYA Dashi Yaki Ago (8g x 5 Bags) – ¥480 (Before Tax)

    This dashi is made from grilled dried flying fish and serves to elevate the flavours in your cooking even more. The fish comes from the city of Hirado near Nagasaki and has a unique taste.

    Kaya Seichi Fukin – ¥500 (Before Tax)

    A dish cloth that feels softer in your hands the more you use it. They are hand made in Nara Prefecture.


    A selection of limited-edition products to celebrate the store opening are also available to purchase too.

    Ofukuwake Box (Stock: 200) – ¥3,000 (Before Tax)

    Shiratama Salon Ofukuwake Box (Stock: 80) – ¥3,000 (Before Tax)


    In line with the store’s opening AKOMEYA TOKYO have also updated their official online store. Be sure to pay both the site and store a visit.

  • TV Anime Sarazanmai Inspired Sushi Released at Restaurant Sushizanmai

    02.April.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

    TV anime series Sarazanmai is set to begin airing on Fuji TV’s Noitamina programming block on April 11, 2019.


    As an April Fool’s Joke, Japanese sushi chain Sarazanmai changed their website on April 1 to make it look like they were teaming up with the anime series. Fortunately for fans it turned out to be a real collaboration.

    Eight of the 55 branches of Sushizanmai in the Kanto region of Japan will begin selling a set of 6 sushi pieces inspired by the series for ¥2,160. It will be available from April 11 to May 31. Those who order the sushi will receive one of the six above-pictured lunch mats.

  • 3-Starred Michelin Sushi Chef Opens First Branch in Tokyo

    01.April.2019 | FOOD

    Master Chef Masaki Miyakawa owns a famous sushi restaurant in Hokkaido called Sushi Miyakawa. He is set to bring his legendary menu to Tokyo with his first ever branch in the capital called Sushi Shin by Miyakawa which will open on the 38th floor of Mandarin Oriental Tokyo on April 6, 2019. Online reservations will begin on April 2 at 10:00am (JST).

    There are just five sushi restaurants in Japan that hold three Michelin stars. Masaki Miyakawa is set to bring his decades of sushi experience to sushi lovers in the capital. He will dish out fresh fish and ingredients all shipped from Hokkaido to the restaurant every day.

    One example of the sushi served at the restaurant is the sea urchin sushi which is seasoned perfectly with wasabi and salt and wrapped delicately in seaweed before topping the rice with sweet sea urchin eggs. Each ingredient’s exquisite and delicious flavour is brought out to the max while maintaining a palatable balance.

    The restaurant’s decor too has been thoughtfully considered by Masaki Miyakawa, who will make use of designs crafted by some of the best artisans in Japan. For example, the chairs are made by Shinobu Tanihata, who is famous as a craftsman of kumiko, a traditional wood crafting technique with a history spanning over 1300 years. The restaurant counter is made from cypress wood from a tree that is over 350-years-old while the walls were designed by Japanese mud wall designer Shūhei Hasado.

  • Conveyor Belt Sushi Chain Kura Sushi Unveils ‘KURA BURGER’

    26.February.2019 | FOOD

    Japanese sushi chain Revolving Sushi Bar Kurasushi has revealed two new delicious burger items it is adding to its conveyor belt line-up at all branches from March 1: the KURA BURGER Fish (an industry first) and the KURA BURGER Meat.

    The KURA BURGER Fish contains fish caught in the waters of Japan. The patty is juicy and complemented by the delicious taste of fish, spices and sauce.

    The KURA BURGER Meat is a classic yet scrumptious beef burger served with ketchup.

    The burger buns are made from rice flour, giving them a tantalisingly chewy texture, and also contain black vinegar to make them fluffier and add a touch of sweetness.

    Each burger s also topped with spring onion tempura which are crunchy on the outside and juicy in the middle. This combination of Japanese ingredients into a burger make for a matchless experience for your taste buds. Head to Kura Sushi to try them yourself.

  • Travel Japan #5: Experiencing Everyday Life in Japan at a Supermarket in Kyoto

    25.February.2019 | FEATURES / FOOD / SPOT

    After getting to know some Kyoto history I wanted to know more about today’s Kyoto. The enormous and modern terminal of Kyoto Station contrasts with the temples I’m so interested in. The two co-exist in harmony. I could see Kyoto Tower through the glass – it stood tall like it was watching over this ever-changing city. I will change my perspective today and walk the streets like the locals who live here in Kyoto.

    My destination is undecided. It’s nice to surrender yourself to the flow of the people once in a while and head towards your goal as in Amidakuji (Ghost Leg lottery). Because I’ve learnt on my trip that you can encounter wonderful things by chance on occasion.

    The glass walkway is like a tunnel into the future.

    I look at my reflection in the window and see I have become more of an adult.

    Stood there I gaze for a long time up at Kyoto Tower. As I stare I think about how the city changes, people change, the days transition, but how there are also things I want to stay the same.

    The next place I head to is Aeon Mall, a shopping centre close to Kyoto Station. This is a foreign supermarket to for me, so I get excited. It’s like sifting through a toy box.


    An ordinary day for the people living in this country is an extraordinary day for me.

    Each and every thing in there is something I’ve never laid eyes on before.


    I walk around, forgetting about the passage of time, and get a glimpse into the simple yet happy lifestyle of people.

    There’s a conveyor belt sushi restaurant in the mall, something I had been yearning for.

    I wonder if my friends would laugh if I told them that the sushi coming round on a conveyor belt is like something out of a Tim Burton movie?

    I feel like the protagonist of that film as I eat the sushi that rolls on by.

    I visited a general store where everything is sold for ¥100.

    I bought a letter set from here and wrote a letter to my precious friend.


    To my beloved friend,


    Japan is a really wonderful place.

    I’m determined to absorb everything I see and experience in the limited time I have here.

    I don’t know what I will discover on this trip, what I am heading towards.

    It’s hard to describe in words, but I will continue my travels.


    Model: Mala Morgan



    Aeon Mall Kyoto: A Japan-packed shopping mall 10 minutes on foot from Kyoto Station

    Aeon Mall Kyoto is just a 10-minute walk from Kyoto Station. Its shelves are lined with daily necessities, you can dine there, buy souvenirs and more. On Weekends and national holidays there are free shuttles bus that runs every 15 minutes from Kyoto Station’s Hachijoguchi Exit which is very convenient for travellers with heavy luggage.


    I really recommend visiting if ever you’re in Kyoto.


    Aeon Mall Kyoto

    Address: 1 Nishikujō Toriiguchichō, Minami Ward, Kyoto

    Business Hours: Different for each store. Please visit the mall’s website below to check opening hours.



    KOHYO (Aeon Mall Kyoto – Sakura Building Floor 1F)

    KOHYO is a supermarket that sells various Japanese goods. I get my hands on a range of daily necessities and ingredients as I feel with my own skin what it’s like to real live life in Japan.


    Business Hours: 9:00-22:00



    Kaiten Sushi Uogashi (Aeon Mall Kyoto – Sakura Building Floor 4F)

    Kaiten Sushi Uogashi is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant that sells over 20 types of seafood everyday. The ingredients change each day. I reconfirm that I really am in Japan as I tuck into my delicious sushi.


    Business Hours: 10:00-22:00 (Last Orders 21:30)



    DAISO (Aeon Mall Kyoto – Kaede Building Floor 4F)

    DAISO stocks new products every single day. There are ¥100-type stores in every country, but the ones in Japan really are something special! They have so many items that make for perfect souvenirs. It’s an irresistible place for girls who love shopping so I’ve got to tell my friends about it.


    Business Hours: 10-00-21:00


  • New York Imported Sushi Restaurant Sushi Cafe Taro Undergoes Renovation

    24.February.2019 | FOOD

    Sushi Cafe Taro, a sushi restaurant that opened in Sangenjaya, Tokyo in December last year to successful popularity, is currently undergoing renovation and will reopen on March 1, 2019. The restaurant is a branch of the Brooklyn-based sushi restaurant Taro Sushi.

    Japanese sushi has become popular worldwide. Each country creates their own version and styles of the food, and Sushi Cafe Taro serves it New York Style. They sell the instantly-recognisable California roll sushi which is actually a rare sight in Japan as well as other kinds of sushi rolls, all at an affordable price.


    Below is the restaurant’s recommended menu item which is being made even better for the reopening.

    Salmon Avocado Roll: ¥480

    The roll is made with salmon from Alaska and complemented with avocado. Salmon is much more popular than tuna in the US which is the big fish in Japan.


    Other picks include the Shrimp Tempura Roll made with large and tender Whiteleg shrimp and spicy sauce, the Una Avo Roll made with eel and avocado―a combination you wouldn’t normally see in Japan―and much more.

  • AEON Announces This Year’s Ehomaki Sushi Including 3-Star Michelin Option

    09.January.2019 | FOOD

    AEON Retail has announced 22 varieties of ehomaki to be sold at nearly 400 branches of AEON and AEON Style on February 2 and 3.


    February 3 in Japan marks the day of Setsubun, the day before the beginning of spring across the country. Traditionally people eat ehomaki―long and thick sushi rolls―during Setsubun for sound health. This year AEON will serve up a whole range of different ehomaki including a collection of 11 made with top quality ingredients, a Doraemon version for kids and more.

    Good Luck Seafood Maki: ¥1,382 (Tax Included)

    Lovers of seafood won’t want to miss out on this fresh delight which is packed with 7 different ingredients including salmon, tuna, herring roe, shrimp and more. There is more filling than rice in this ehomaki so expect a full stomach.


    Ingredients: Salmon, Tuna Tataki, Shrimp, Bigeye Tuna, Herring Roe, Shishamo, Squid, Fried Egg, Cucumber, Ooba Leaf


    Sushi Yoshitake’s Goku Ehomaki: ¥1,058 (Tax Included)

    Sushi Yoshitake is a Michelin 3-star restaurant that has ranked in the Michelin guide for 8 consecutive years. This thick ehomaki incorporates techniques from the restaurant owner Masahiro Yoshitake. It includes a smooth and soft sponge cake-like egg, salted salmon roe and herring roe. Its mix of ingredients make for layers of enjoyable textures and flavours.


    Ingredients: Egg, Anago Eel, Soy Sauce Salmon Roe, Shrimp, Herring Roe, Kanpyō, Minced Fish, Cucumber


    Crab Maki: ¥2,160 (Tax Included)

    To ensure its delicious flavour this ehomaki is topped with plenty of crab.


    Ingredients: Kasumi-gani Crab, Kinshi Tamago Egg, Mizuna Mustard Greens, Carrots, Ponzu Jelly


    Hokkaido Scallop, Sweet Ebi and Aomori Flounder Futomaki: ¥2,160 (Tax Included)

    The scallops put into this ehomaki are carefully farmed in Hokkaido. Added to that is rich and sweet shrimp and flounder from Aomori sandwiched between kelp.


    Ingredients: Scallops, Sweet Shrimp, Flounder, Spring Onions, Grated Ginger


    Doraemon & Nobita’s Nakayoshi Ehomaki: ¥1,058 (Tax Included)

    This set comes with two half-sized ehomaki. The one on the left contains dorayaki sponge, Doraemon’s favourite food. The one on the right is a Nobita-inspired ehomaki containing fried shrimp and curry rice.


    Doraemon Ehomaki – Dorayaki Sponge, Salmon, Tuna Mayonnaise, Fried Egg, Shrimp, Lettuce
    Nobita Ehomaki – Fried Shrimp, Potato Salad, Lettuce, Curry Rice, Fried Egg


    Be sure to get your fill this Setsubun season in Japan by getting your fingers into one of these delicious ehomaki at AEON.

  • Kaori’s Easy Recipe : Learn How to Make “Pressed Sushi of Sanrio’s character”

    30.December.2018 | FEATURES / FOOD

    With just a small bit of ingenuity, turn everyday food into something cute using Kaori’s easy recipe! With a few simple ideas, an ordinary recipe magically transforms into a cute dish. In this character recipe you’ll learn how to make a “Sanrio Character’s Pressed Sushi”, the perfect dish for a new year♡



    Sashimi of your choice (for this time, try salmon, snapper and tuna) Shredded cooked egg
    Salmon roe
    Boiled podded peas
    Green shiso
    Vinegar rice
    Pudding cup

    ☆You can use as much as you want.
    ☆You can use a cake pan instead of a pudding cup.


    For Topping

    Kamaboko of your choice
    Shimeji mushroom(for pompompurin’s hat) ※pour men-tsuyu a bit and use microwave.

    Cookie cutters
    Dried seaweed puncher



    1 Put saran wrap into the pudding cup
    2 Put in sliced sashimi with a slight overlap
    3 Let the vinegar rice cool a bit and stuff it tightly.
    4 Wrap it well and let the sashimi and rice keep for a while.


    Cut the white Kamaboko out with a cat shaped cookie cutter (for Hello Kitty).
    Cut the green Kamaboko out with a round shaped cookie cutter. Place the small round eyes on the round shaped face.(for Keroppi)

    Cut the yellow Kamaboko out with a bear shaped cookie cutter, then take the ear pieces away, and replace them with raindrop shaped Kamaboko. Use pasta to fix Shimeji mushroom cooked in a microwave for the hat(for Pompom purin).

    Put seaweed-eyes and nose on each face.
    ☆All cookie cutters except the aluminium one, and Kitty’s bow, are available at Seria.


    Take Sushi from picture3 out and turn upside down on the green shiso.
    Place shredded cooked egg, boiled podded pea, salmon roe, kamaboko on the picture5 and your pressed sushi is complete.


    Kaori invites you into her world of character-themed food dishes in her recipe series! Please check out her Instagram where she has uploaded many pictures of her character dishes!