My Melody & Kuromi Okonomiyaki to be Released at Okonomiyaki Dohtonbori

24.January.2018 | FOOD / Uncategorized

Japanese okonomiyaki restaurant chain Okonomiyaki Dohtonbori are holding a special campaign in collaboration with popular Sanrio characters My Melody and Kuromi. Titled My Melody & Kuromi wo Tsukurou, the campaign will begin on February 1st.


The My Melody Okonomiyaki contains rice cake and cheese and is mixed with ketchup. It’s complete with a wafer ribbon and a decorated face made from soya beans.


The Kuromi Okonomiyaki is cooked with pork and black coloured batter. Like the My Melody okonomiyaki, this one’s also decorated with a soya bean sheet for a face, as well as a wafer skull accessory.


There’s a whole list of other delicious meals featured on this collaborative menu too.


The My Melody Monjayaki is made with tomato and cheese and is topped with a wafer ribbon.


The noodles in the Kuromi Yakisoba is cooked with black sauce and is filled with vegetables, pork and squid.



Of course, there’s some kawaii desserts too. Look forward to tucking into towers of My Melody and Kuromi pancakes.


If you order from this collaborative menu, you’ll receive some limited edition merchandise too, made specially for this campaign. Don’t miss out!



My Melody & Kuromi×Dohtonbori Collaboration Campaign

Running: February 1, 2018 – March 31, 2018

Location: Select Dohtonbori branches around Japan

Campaign Webpage:

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