HOSHINOYA Fuji: Escape Technology & Learn About Mount Fuji Teachings in Aokigahara

24.January.2018 | SPOT

Japan’s first luxury glamping resort HOSHINOYA Fuji is holding an overnight experience-based program titled “Tamashii Kiyomeru Datsu Digital Taizai” between April 1st and June 30th. Guests will stay for 3 days and 2 nights on this program.


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The “Digital Taizai” series that HOSHINOYA offers allows guests to get away from their everyday electronics such as smart phones and computers – something which we have become dependent on – and revitalize and refresh their mind, body and soul. The next entry to the series at HOSHINOYA Fuji offers an original program that incorporates the teachings of Fujisan Shinkou, or religious faith in Mount Fuji. People today live in a stressful digital age, so to combat that, this plan enables people to stay at the base of Mount Fuji to restore their mind and body and give them the energy to pursue the chase of tomorrow.


The Teachings of ‘Rokkon Shoujo’ & De-Digitalizing at HOSHINOYA Fuji
The program is centered around the teachings of rokkon shoujo preached by mountain ascetics of Mount Fuji. Rokkon describes our five base senses – sight, sound smell, taste, touch – plus a sixth sense of mind or consciousness. According to the teachings, each of these are exposed to bad influence and dirt, so the practice of rokkon shoujo aims to cleanse and purify them.


The program helps people living in the city ease their stresses and worries by combining an overnight stay surrounded by nature with rokkon shoujo.

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Since last year, the staff at HOSHINOYA Fuji have enhanced the experience even more since last year; you will now be able to deepen your knowledge of rokkon shoujo by hearing talks from actual mountain ascetics of Mount Fuji.

The main portion of the program is made up of trekking and meditation which will take place in the Aokigahara forest northwest of Mount Fuji. The land that the forest sits on was born from the Jōgan eruption of Mount Fuji back in 864. Vegetation made a revival across the expanse in 1100.


Generally, Aokigahara, also known as the “Sea of Trees,” is often labelled a dark and dangerous place, but the forest in fact has a promenade that stretches through unrivalled, rich vegetation and a lush green environment. HOSHINOYA Fuji aims to eliminate the dark image of the forest by exploring its mysterious expanse.

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Concentrating on the flavours of ingredients in a specially prepared meal

Once the trek has been completed, guests will return to HOSHINOYA Fuji and enjoy a relaxing meal. So that you can focus on the flavours the ingredients hold, the resort will prepare a very special and simply made breakfast using only seasonal vegetables and rice.


You will taste springtime vegetables and edible wild plants raw or steamed one by one with just a little salt. The rice is made with the gentle mountain water cooked for you personally there and then. The seasoning is extremely simple, but your senses will have been sharpened by the trek back in the Sea of Trees, so you should be able to enjoy the complex flavours and smells of the ingredients.


Your Sea of Trees tour guide is an expert on Mount Fuji

The guide that will take you through the sea of trees is an expert on Mount Fuji, having climbed to the top of the mountain over 600 times. As well as guiding you on the trekking tour, they are also versed in the teachings of rokko shoujo and the history of Mount Fuji ascetics so can teach you everything there is to know.

Escape from your electronics and experience an extraordinary event at HOSHINOYA Fuji.


Tamashii Kiyomeru Datsu Digital Taizai

Running: April 1, 2018 – June 30, 2018
Price: ¥30,000 per person (+separate tax & 10% service charge / hotel fee is separate)
Event Page: https://hoshinoya.com/fuji/experience/datsudigital/

*In case of bad weather, the contents of the event are subject to alterations and cancellation.

Address: 1408 Oishi, Fujikawaguchiko, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture [40 Guest Rooms]
Website: https://hoshinoya.com/fuji/

HOSHINO Resort: http://www.hoshinoresort.com/