New Starbucks Coffee opened in “Kawagoe”

05.March.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

Starbucks Japan will open “Starbucks Coffee Kawagoe Kanetsuki Street Store” in Kanetsuki Street from the 19th of March 2018 (Mon.). Kawagoe’s symbol, “Toki no Kane” (bell of time) can be found on this street.


 “Kawagoe” is a popular sightseeing spot which you can get to in less than an hour by train from the center of Tokyo. The area is also known as “Koedo (small Edo)” since the streetscape of the warehouses have the atmosphere of the Edo Period. The clock tower “Toki no Kane” which is known as the symbol of Kawagoe, was used as a device for telling time during old times.



“Kawagoe Kanetsuki Street Store” is located beside “Toki no Kane” where you can enjoy tasty coffee and the sound of the bell in a comfortable space. The design of the store’s exterior uses cypress produced in Saitama Prefecture and materials using the motifs of Edo-style black/white cement plaster is used on the counter bar. The atmosphere of the store matches well with the streetscape of the area.


Also, they will install a bench seat using a textile called “Kawagoe Tozan” which has been loved by people in Kawagoe since the Edo Period. They also have green garden and terrace seats so let’s enjoy the seasonal views while drinking delicious coffee.


Let’s spend a wonderful time at Starbucks in “Koedo” Kawagoe.




Starbucks Coffee Kawagoe Kanetsuki Tsuki Street Store

Address: 15-18, Saiwaicho, Kawagoeshi, Saitama Prefecture

Opening date: 2018/03/19 (Mon.)

Business hours: 8:00 to 20:00

Number of seats: 77 (inside the store – 56, terrace – 21)