Namie Amuro Promotes New Visee Product for the First Time in 20 Years

13.May.2018 | FASHION

The ALL TIME BEST Project is a project set up by KOSÉ to celebrate Namie Amuro, whose existence has given strength and courage to women everywhere.


Namie Amuro has been selected to promote the third new product from the popular cosmetic series Visee – their Color Impact Liquid Liner.


This is the first time Namie Amuro has worked with Visee as the face for their commercials in 20 years, the first being back in 1997. At the time, girls who yearned to have the same make-up as her filled the streets, and became known as Amura’s (アムラー) i.e. young girls who imitate the style of Namie Amuro. Blue eyeliner was one of the looks especially popular with Amura’s.


Fast forward to almost 20 years today, and the colour decorating Amuro’s eyes now is a light pink, which gives an energetic, spicy and sexy transparent look. It’s different from back in the day and instead cute in a more devilish way. It’s also faithful to her as a person today.


The new product to go on sale is the Color Impact Liquid Liner, solid one-brush colours which serve to give your eyes a striking look.Because it’s easy to draw with thanks to the thinness of the brush, as well as its durability, you can draw everything from intricate lines to cat lines without it smudging. In addition to the 6 standard colours, there’s also limited edition orange and khaki too.


The ALL TIME BEST Project website will continue to release lots of content about Namie Amuro until the day of her retirement in September. Be sure to check it out.



Namie Amuro×KOSÉ ALL TIME BEST Project


Visee Color Impact Liquid Liner

On Sale: May 16, 2018

Price: ¥1,000 (Pre-Tax)


Namie Amuro×KOSÉ


Namie Amuro Official Website


KOSÉ Official Website



  • Help Me Choose! Japan’s Trending Makeup #2: Yurippa’s Repeat Cosmetic Pickups♡

    05.June.2019 | FASHION / FEATURES

    This is my first ever series I’ve ever been put in charge of as a writer and model.


    As long as you’re stocked up on these items, you’re good to go. In this special edition, I will showcase cosmetics that I’m a repeat buyer of and would definitely buy again.


    The first thing I should mention is my skin type.

    ・I have tough skin and so it doesn’t blemish easily

    ・It becomes dull when I have lack of sleep

    ・With my combination skin, it’s easy to spot oily areas (T Zone) and dry areas (around the eyes, U Zone)


    Like this.


    Using my knowledge of various cosmetics and methods I have tried I would like to showcase my recommendations. (Don’t worry if you don’t have the same skin type as me as some of the items I have picked can be used with other types too, so be sure to take a look.)


    Finally, you’ll be happy to know that these can be used during all seasons.


    So, ready to give it a go?


    ▶︎Dior Capture Youth Series

    Quickly and actively delays the appearance of signs of ageing. This series was created to retain youthful looking skin. There are six serums to choose from which cater to different skin conditions. Each can be used on their own or in combination with your own serum products. I’ve made a custom serum for myself by combining two different types.


    1. Intense Rescue Oil (30ml) – ¥12,420 *Photo is my own. Price shown is as was on the day of purchase.

    (Effective against dry skin and helps maintain moisture. Supplements lipids.)


    2. Glow Booster (30ml) – ¥12,420 *Photo is my own. Price shown is as was on the day of purchase.

    (Rich in Vitamin C. Leaves skin glowing and feeling invigorated.)


    For face lotion, I use 3.Enzyme Solution. It has a refreshing water-like texture and leaves skin moist. Good to use on skin that favours serums in this series.

    Enzyme Solution (150ml) – ¥7,452 *Photo is my own. Price shown is as was on the day of purchase.


    For cream, I use 9.Capture Youth Creme. It doesn’t remove the face lotion or the serum and doesn’t feel sticky.

    Capture Youth Age-Delay Advanced Creme (50ml) – ¥12,420 *Photo is my own. Price shown is as was on the day of purchase.

    It’s safe to say that after using this series, I don’t even know what dry skin is anymore. It really is that effective!



    5. Lumière Vital C  (30ml) – ¥8,000 (Before Tax) *Photo is my own. Price shown is as was on the day of purchase.

    6. Ideal Oil (30ml) – ¥6,000 (Before Tax) *Photo is my own. Price shown is as was on the day of purchase.


    FEMMUE is a really popular brand right now from the hub of beauty, South Korea. Firstly, it’s steeped in fragrance. It’s rich in floral scents like perfume. Simply holding the bottles fills you with a feeling of satisfaction. It leaves your skin feeling clear, smooth and glowing. And though it’s a thick oil, the skin absorbs it extremely well. 10/10 from me!


    I might recommend it to girls who’ve just stepped into adulthood, girls who want to look sexy, and those who want to be popular! It’s perfect for skin that blemishes easily.


    ▶︎dear mayuko

    7. Innocent Skin Serum (20ml) – ¥8,424 *Photo is my own. Price shown is as was on the day of purchase.


    This serum contains sericin which comes from silkworm cocoons. Sericin ensures your skin is moist and is gentle on the skin. Despite being a beauty product the texture of this serum is really silky (like water!) and will leave your skin soft and healthy.


    Personally, I recommend using it as a booster serum! It’s an easy way to nourish the skin before putting on any makeup. It will also help things like face lotions and milky lotions soak in better. The serum itself soaks into your skin nice and quickly so it won’t ruin your makeup. Its warm matte texture and colour will leave you looking soft♡



    4. Kiehl’s Ultra Face Cream (49g) – ¥4,000 (Before Tax) *Photo is my own. Price shown is as was on the day of purchase.

    This cream spreads lightly on the skin. It’s also very clear to see that it lets no moisture escape…! That’s how dense this cream is, it’s like it adds a cover to your face. It also doesn’t clear away face lotion or any beauty essences. It reaaally moisturises your skin. This is my 5th or 6th time buying it.


    8. Kiehl’s Ultra Face Cleanser – ¥2,800 (Before Tax) *Photo is my own. Price shown is as was on the day of purchase.

    This can be used on any skin time. (It’s also good for people with eyelash extensions!)


    It’s a gel-type cleanser. What’s good about it being gel-type is that cleans off better than oil and yet doesn’t take in unnecessary moisture from the skin. You also don’t get that stretched feeling after you wash your face. This can really be used all season and by anyone. I haven’t used any other cleansers the past three or four times. It’s one I can trust.



    Be sure to check out my recommended lipsticks from last time too!




    8. Quick Lash Curler (Transparent Type) – ¥680 (Before Tax) *Photo is my own. Price shown is as was on the day of purchase.

    I often use this as a top coat. It makes it harder for your eyelashes to sag and can be used with any kind of mascara. You get a great product for a cheap price, so there’s no need to feel guilty about picking up something cheap. You’ll end up picking it up multiple times a day, and the cosmetic pouch one stick comes with is sure to come in handy too!



    2. Sensibio H2O – ¥1,200 (Before Tax) *Photo is my own. Price shown is as was on the day of purchase.

    This is a cleansing water to be used with sensitive skin. Pour some onto a cotton pad and simply wipe to remove your makeup without any unwanted excess being left on. It’s a super convenient product to have during those times when your makeup need a quick fix up. It’s often used in makeup shoots too! They have both small and large bottles, so try starting from the handy mini size first ☺



    1. Strobe Cream Peachlite – ¥4,500 (Before Tax) *Photo is my own. Price shown is as was on the day of purchase.

    A glittery pink cream that feels comfortable on the skin. When used as a base for your makeup it will brighten your skin, or when used as a highlight it will glimmer in the light on your shiny skin. It might be nice to add to the décolleté or when you are exposing skin too to add a little something. This item has many different uses!



    3. Long Keep Base UV – ¥2,800 (Before Tax) *Photo is my own. Price shown is as was on the day of purchase.

    This product can won’t blemish skin at all even if it’s been working all throughout the day. It goes on gently and soaks up quickly. This means it can be used when you don’t have much time, such as when you’re in a hurry in the morning. It feels so light it makes you wonder whether you’ve even put any on! It also holds up well against sweat and oil so I highly recommend it for the coming season! (It’s been a No. 1 best seller for 9 years in a row.)


    As a footnote, I’ll just add that I’m actually a model for Primavista’s products and I’m really glad I discovered them.



    5. TOUCHE ÉCLAT BLUR PRIMER 1 – ¥6,300 (Before Tax) *Photo is my own. Price shown is as was on the day of purchase.

    This is a makeup base that has gold pearls in it. It fixes the uneven parts of the skin to make it uniform making it perfect for foundation. It has a semi-matte consistency and the goal pearls give your skin a gorgeous gloss.


    10. LE CUSHION ENCRE DE PEAU B30 – ¥7,500 (Before Tax) *Photo is my own. Price shown is as was on the day of purchase.

    This is the covering power, moisturisation and texture I wanted! It feels very light on the face, so much so that it feels like you have none on, but it’s the opposite of useless―it covers the face completely. As expected of them. It’s easy to put on too, just pat it onto your face with a sponge. It’s very durable too!



    4. Smooth Skin Cover – ¥4,200 (Before Tax) *Photo is my own. Price shown is as was on the day of purchase.

    This too is a makeup base and evens out the odds of your face. It’s silky and makes you look extremely beautiful so it’s the perfect accompaniment to makeup. It also thankfully contains SPF20 and PA++ and is free from ethanol, colouring agents and synthetic fragrances, making it kind to skin. I would also recommend it to people with weak skin. This is my second pot ♡




    6. Grandiôse Mascara (Volume Type) BK – ¥4,200 (Before Tax)

    The rose design of the cap is so cute! This is the No. 1 easiest product to coat. The shape of brush has been carefully calculated to curve with your eyelashes. It does nothing short of bolstering the volume of them. It has also received high praise for how easy it comes off with hot water. But it doesn’t blot either. This one’s for those who want to emphasise their gaze♡




    7. Lash Power Mascara Long-Wearing Formula BK – ¥3,780

    We can all relate to mascara becoming clumpy. This formula entwines with each eyelash hair to give big, beautiful eyes. It makes you feel good when applied. Though this is my third time buying it it never fails to make me say out loud to myself, “Wow, how beautiful.” You don’t have to worry about sweat or oil either, plus it comes off easily with hot water♡




    9. Hyper Sharp Liner BK – ¥1,200 (Before Tax) *Photo is my own. Price shown is as was on the day of purchase.

    I have loved and used MAYBELLINE since I was a high school student. I’ve used many different eyeliners but always end up returning to the same place. The Hyper Sharp Liner is easy to draw with, doesn’t smear, and the tip of the brush is thin and soft, so drawing on cat eyes is so much easier now. It’s perfect! Get it ASAP!



    What do you think of my list? The categories are a bit jumbled, but I have listed all the items I highly recommend.


    A lot of the items I’ve presented are expensive, but even if they are pricey, the quality is good and the effects they have really work! I wonder if the reason for people in their teens and 20s focus so much on skin care is because they have seen the speed at which you can revitalise your skin, or have the power to ‘rebirth’ oneself.


    My skin is changing entirely now compared to back when I thought it was okay to not take care of it. I want to make more recommendations to people at my age and invest in my future self.


    Be sure to reference this last, and thank you for reading! Until next time ☺



    Writer / Model  Yuri Suganuma
    Photographer  / Hikari Shibata

    Translator / Joshua Kitosi-Isanga



    Yuri Suganuma

    Yuri Suganuma is a model with a high fashion sense that has been picked up by various magazines. She receives much love and support from girls of the same generation as her to whom she is known by her nickname “Yurippa.” She has a huge influence across her social media. Recently, she has stepped into other fields outside of modelling, such as appearing in TV shoots and in music videos. She is skilled in make-up and involved in the development of cosmetics.

  • Help Me Choose! Japan’s Trending Makeup: #1 Lipsticks Loved by Everyone!

    22.March.2019 | FASHION / FEATURES

    This is my first ever series I’ve ever been put in charge of as a writer and model.

    Moshi Moshi Nippon is where I start!


    To briefly explain my makeup history, I first became interested in makeup when I was in elementary school after I went to a drugstore and saw cosmetics all lined up. After entering middle school, I was an awkward girl hooked on eyeshadows. I realised in high school that unique people get a lot of attention, and so I wanted to learn more about makeup. Every week, if I had a free moment, I’d pop down to the department store and little by little, deepened my knowledge about cosmetics. At around the age of 22 or 23, I achieved my certification as a “Cosmetics/ Skincare Meister”. (There’s still a lot to learn though…)


    At 23, I started writing a series of my own about makeup!
    Even if it’s just a little bit, I want everyone to feel like they can use my articles to help themselves find their favourite cosmetics.


    As this is my first ever business, I was obviously quite nervous about a few things.


    As the impression that makeup leaves, and everyone’s individual tastes can always completely change in an instant, I made this report which puts the spotlight on lipsticks that are suitable for a range of people!


    These are recommendations by Yurippa!

    These lipsticks are perfect for spring and summer!

    If you’re looking for stylish yet affordable lipsticks, join me and take a peak of my world of makeup through my eyes!


    ▽ Yurippa’s recommended lipsticks!


    Feels like a cream when you spread it on your lips.

    A matte finish colour that sticks to your lips.

    Very good colouring

    Slightly deep red coral…

    Gives an adult-like impression!

    Coordination ideas: Perfect highlight for an all black outfit or a white shirt, or all navy look. I think it would make a great contrast with blue!

    Suitable for all skin types (yellow base, blue base)

    No matter where you go, you’ll be complimented for your lipstick coordination ♡

    To buy this, search for ”3ce” lipstick

    It’ll be somewhere around the 4th or 5th link down. Look out for the product number #909.

    This is a very popular lipstick!


    ・another item・



    (Left)Dubonnet ¥3240

    Matte finish wine purple colour.

    Deep with an edgy finish.

    M・A・C lipstick colours are very defined and difficult to rub off!

    You don’t even need to top up very much throughout the day.


    (Right)Chili (MINI size) ¥1404

    This is an orange brown matte lipstick.

    There are many models these days who use this colour.

    If you are not sure what colour suits you, you can play it safe with this.

    All these lipsticks smell like vanilla.

    ※M・A・C lipstick is sold at some stores.


    CHANEL Rouge, Allure, Velvet series ¥4536

    These are also matte lipsticks.

    If you compare the feel of 3CE and M・A・C lipsticks, you’ll find they both have a different matte texture.

    You can really feel the moisture in this!!

    A smooth, matte finish.

    I’m way too keen on this series. I mainly have lipsticks from the colour version.

    The texture, quality of colour, and the exquisite choice of colour is what makes this lipstick so addictive!



    (Left)No.58 Rouge Vie

    Deep, strong red

    (Right)No.61 La Secrete

    Salmon pink


    ▽2019 Perfect for spring and summer Lip

    ADDICTION  Lipstick Sheer 003 cherry cherry ¥3024

    Finally here’s a non-matte lipstick that I like! Haha…

    But despite I love matte lipsticks so much, this lipstick just has the cutest texture! I fell in love with it at first sight.

    The transparency is perfect for the shade of red.

    Despite the strong red colour, it is rather transparent, giving a “pop” look.

    The more you apply, the cuter your lips!

    How about wearing a white shirt to match your red lips?

    …or a patterned shirt, woven bag and denim bottoms??

    Allow yourself to be driven by the wild feeling of spring and summer fashion. This lipstick is a must for your handbag!

    I really want to wear cherry earrings to match the lipstick!


    shiro ginger lip butter(lip gloss)9C06 copper brown  ¥4104

    A matte brown-orange.

    This is quite a fashionable colour that will make you appear more like an adult.

    A lip balm and gloss in one! No need to apply a balm as a base to stop your lips from drying out.

    The shade is rather nice and the colouring is perfect.

    The small touch of gloss will make you seem more adult-like ♡

    It has a smooth texture and spreads smoothly!

    The natural scent of ginger makes it seem just like an organic cosmetics product like “shiro”.

    Look no further for a lipstick you can use all year round!

    The new colours came out on 7th March as a product not just for spring and summer, but also autumn and winter.


    Celvoke  Enthrall gloss 03 ¥3024

    Orange/brown, glossy and plenty of moisture.

    This will give you the plump lips that every girl wants!

    As the colour is quite toned-down and dark, use a subtle amount of eyeshadow,  give your cheeks a matte finish and your lips will become the glossy accent to finish your look!


    ▽ Stylish yet affordable!

    CANMAKE Lip Tint Matte 03 rose ¥650

    This is a rather girly rose pink.

    Although this is a strong-coloured lip tint, it holds moisture so you don’t have to worry about your lips drying out.

    Spreads completely over your lips perfectly.

    You would look so cute if you combined this with a floral outfit or gingham checks♡


    01 coral

    04 Terracotta red


    ・INTEGRATE Silky Matte Lip(Lip/cheek colour)PK384 ¥1296

    Bright coral with a slight glossy semi-matte finish.

    This is a fresh colour which will brighten your face.

    Enjoy the light texture as you apply it.

    As you can colour both your cheeks and your lips with this lipstick, this is perfect for those of you with busy mornings or those of you who are not good at makeup and are uncertain of how to balance colours!

    This is an easy way to achieve a balanced look!


    ~ <Extra!> If you get your hands on this you should celebrate! ~

    Pat McGrath is a hair and makeup artist. She owns the makeup brand “Pat McGrath”♡

    She still hasn’t been to Japan.

    She is involved in famous fashion show brands and collections and is a hair and makeup specialist.

    From the packet design, these products overflow with cuteness!

    The smooth matte lipstick is absolutely perfect when it comes to durability and colour.

    This high-quality lipstick is a leading lipstick ー no doubt about it!

    Just how people buy CDs because of the awesome CD designs, you might end up getting this just for the packaging!



    Elson 2  (The Perfect Red) ¥4752

    Omi (Mid-tone Rose) ¥4752

    (The packaging and the lipstick are just so beautiful!)

    You can purchase these online.

    I don’t think there’s many people who use these lipsticks!

    If you have them, you can boast about your fashion to others! ☺︎

    That’s all!


    …and that wraps up my personal lipstick report!

    I didn’t even realise that I wrote an entire report…

    I want to continue with a second and even third series!

    I aim to write these reports in a style that creates a close connection with my readers.

    If you want to ask questions or need advice, I’m making an advice corner where you can reach me personally!

    Let’s be friends!




    Writer / Model  Yuri Suganuma

    Photographer    Haruka Yamamoto

    Make & Hair      Yusuke Hashimoto

  • Switching on my silky-smooth and dazzling self with makeup

    26.December.2018 | FASHION

    Makeup is the habitual routine I use to affirm myself every morning. I borrow just a little magic that cosmetics offers to add to my natural self. Let’s all start a healthy makeup schedule together―one for the women out there so they can go about silky-smooth.


    The rising root of strength from within

    Just a spoonful of wildness – without overdoing it. Those nonchalant, accidental gestures so beautiful as to be enticing. Natural but strongly attractive. Having skin that will make anyone spontaneously want to touch it.


    Dignified, feminine

    No soft spot left unturned. By relaxing your face, that gentle femininity will flow out.  That simple and cool girl smile without anything put on will inspire with its transparency.


    Make up your face with highlighter, using no foundation. Bring out a wildness using a grey mascara base with fibres on your eyebrows. For lips, make them look healthier with gloss.


    Clockwise from the top left: ①ADDICTION Sheer Pressed Powder,②Dior Addict Lip Maximizer, ③THREE Pressed Eyebrow Duo, ④Elegance Eyebrow Slim, ⑤RMK Super Basic Liquid Concealer, ⑥FLOWFUSHI Mote Mascara, ⑦ADDICTION Tint Lip Protector



  • Limited edition lipsticks presented in a book-box from clé de peau BEAUTÉ

    11.November.2018 | FASHION

    The lipstick is presented in a book box, accompanied by an original story, with illustrations by Aiko Fukuda.

    Their corporate logo is an illustration of a key to “Unlock the power of your radiance” for women who wear their genuine lipstick. Two special lipsticks from their collection, selected by texture and color, will be available in this gift set.

    This makes for a gorgeous gift for your loved ones or yourself. Have a wonderful holiday season with lipsticks of clé de peau BEAUTÉ

  • Namie Amuro Features on the Front Cover of VOGUE JAPAN October 2018

    22.August.2018 | FASHION

    Namie Amuro will be featured on the front cover and in the Fashion Story section of the October 2018 edition of VOGUE JAPAN which goes on sale from August 28.

    Well-established photography duo Luigi & Iango are responsible for snapping these shots of the Queen of Japanese Pop. She is clad and cool in Saint Laurent’s 2018 fall and winter collection. This is the first monochrome front cover page in VOGUE JAPAN since the July 2001 edition – 17 years ago.

    The new edition also comes with a special Namie Amuro poster and features an interview with her as she looks back over her 25-year career as a music artist, discussing topics from music to live shows since her debut.


    Namie Amuro fans won’t want to miss out on this exclusive edition.



    VOGUE JAPAN: October 2018

    On Sale: August 28, 2018

    Vogue Official Website:

    Namie Amuro Official Website:


  • Namie Amuro x H&M Fall 2018 Collection Behind-The-Scenes Video Released

    17.August.2018 | FASHION

    Namie Amuro recently announced her second collaboration with H&M to release a new fall fashion collection as part of her final fashion campaign before her retirement this September.


    Before the collection drops on August 21 a behind-the-scenes video has been released featuring Namie Amuro’s photoshoot for the collection. It’s available for a limited time until September 16. Additionally, an exhibition is currently being held at H&M branches throughout Japan showcasing visuals and portraits of the collection. A special shopping bag has also been announced to be in development as with her previous collaboration.

    The behind-the-scenes footage is available on H&M’s official YouTube page and in H&M Magazine. We get to see the fierce fashion queen in action with her calm, chic and composed facial expression and arsenal of poses as she shows off numerous styles.

    MY HERO Necklace: ¥1,299

    A limited edition necklace will also launch alongside the collection at H&M on August 21 bearing the words “My Hero,” a message of thanks from fans to Namie Amuro who has supported women for such a long time. They are limited to one per person on the release date and are available at Japanese branches only and not online.

    Namie Amuro H&M Interview

    Q: This is your second collaboration. Sales have been announced to take place in China and South Korea too, so it’s reaching to a lot of people overseas. How do you feel about that?

    I received a huge reaction from all my fans with the last campaign. There’s been a desire for it on tour across Asia including China, and of course Japan, so I hope to deliver it to even more people through this second collaboration.


    Q: What was a happy moment with the last H&M campaign?

    I went to the H&M in Shinsaibashi branch during my Osaka tour. When I approached the shop there was already a sign up reading “Namie Amuro x H&M,” and I was happy to see that the campaign had finally become a reality.

    The limited edition special shopping bag will be available at 82 H&M branches in Japan (excludingH&M Ebisu Bridge Men’s and H&M The Outlet Hiroshima) as well as in South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Macau and Taiwan. One bag is receivable per person for those who buy select merchandise during this campaign.


    Namie Amuro × H&M

    On Sale: August 21, 2018

    Available at most H&M stores in Japan (excluding H&M Ebisu Bridge Men’s, H&M The Outlet Hiroshima), H&M online store, and overseas in China (456 stores), South Korea (28 stores), Hong Kong (17 stores), Macau (2 stores), and Taiwan (12 stores)


    Campaign Hashtag: #安室奈美恵xHM

    *Namie Amuro is not involved with the design of this collection.


    Shopping Guidelines: Items limited to one each per person. One size.


    H&M Website (Japan):

    Namie Amuro Website:


  • Namie Amuro Launches Second Collaboration With H&M

    08.August.2018 | FASHION

    The first Namie Amuro x H&M collection launched back in April this year. H&M sent Amuro a letter which was published in Japanese newspapers. The comments on their appreciation for the model garnered much attention on social media and online news sources. As a result, the brand are once again joining hands with Amuro before her retirement.

    Namie Amuro will hold a final fashion campaign in Japan for her retirement. In the run up the campaign, all the campaign visuals and portraits have been made public and will be posted on billboards in Japan. The first collaboration was held in Japan, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. The second collaboration will extend the line to include China and South Korea, totalling up to 600 stores in total.

    The new introductions to the collection includes essential wares for the fall season imbued with a glamour and mode that anyone can get behind. You can’t go wrong with any of these items as they can be used for many occasions, offering a range of beige and monotone colours.

    The tailored suit setup features iconic pad shoulders and straps which add an elegance to the overall cool style.

    The beige top combined with denim jeans is a basic co-ord that when combined with a belt of the same colour emphasises the waistline, increasing that feminine vibe.

    Wearing a trench coat―an autumn classic―with a simple t-shirt and jeans offers a dramatic, eye-catching look.

    The Namie Amuro x H&M collection visuals can now be seen at H&M stores in Shibuya, Harajuku, Matsuzakaya Nagoya, Kyoto, and Hiroshima, as well as Ebisu Bridge from August 16.


    As with the first collaboration, Namie Amuro’s music will be playing at various displays at each store. The songs have been specially selected to fit the collaboration.


    Namie Amuro × H&M

    On Sale: August 21, 2018

    Available at mostH&M stores in Japan (bar 82 stores, H&M Ebisu Bridge Men’s, H&M The Outlet Hiroshima), H&M online store, and overseas in China (456 stores), South Korea (28 stores), Hong Kong (17 stores), Macau (2 stores), and Taiwan (12 stores)


    Campaign Hashtag: #安室奈美恵xHM

    *Namie Amuro is not involved with the design of this collection.


    Shopping Guidelines: Items limited to one each per person. One size.


    H&M Website (Japan):

    Namie Amuro Website:


  • Ukiyo-e Soap On Sale at SOLEIL TOKYO Pop-up Store in Shinjuku NEWoMan

    08.August.2018 | FASHION

    A brand of Ukiyo-e themed soap by Hinata Hina is currently on sale at the SOLEIL TOKYO pop-up store in Shinjuku NEWoMan, a huge shopping mall packed with fashion boutiques, food shops, cafes, bakeries and restaurants, and more. The soap is available until August 16.


    The soap was created with the Edo period in mind. There are two different gift packages being sold in addition to three new designs available in early limited stock before they go on general sale.

    The soap is a fusion of original lactic acid bacteria which enables a luxurious marshmallow-like foam when lathered that’s gentle to the skin, opening your path to looking beautiful like those in the ukiyo-e illustrations.


    The soaps are made in Japan and are made using only the necessary ingredients. They are made simply, use no synthetic surfactant and are odour-free. This is all replaced with natural ingredients like plant lactobacillus, yeast, honey, and olive oil.


    They make for a perfect souvenir for Japanese, so be sure to check them out if you’re in Shinjuku.


    Ukiyo-e Soap

    Shop Name: SOLEIL TOKYO Pop-up Store

    Available: July 23, 2018 – August 16, 2018

    Location: NEWoMan lab. 1F (4-1-6 Shinjuku, Tokyo)


    Official Sales Page:


  • Namie Amuro’s Best Beauty Cuts Featured in New KOSÉ Commercial

    20.April.2018 | MUSIC

    Namie Amuro has spread strength and courage to fellow females with her way of living. Looking back at her influence, a project titled NAMIE AMURO × KOSÉ ALL TIME BEST Project has been set up to give thanks to her.


    sub2 (1)

    Namie Amuro has worked as a partner with KOSÉ for over 20 years, giving dreams and hope to women through cosmetics. With her retirement scheduled for September this year, this collaborative project for Amuro began on March 1 as a way for people to express their gratitude to her through messages.


    Namie Amuro  KOSÉ Commercial

    The second message commercial will be released simultaneously across Japan on April 20 under the title “I wanted to become all of you” (Minna, anata ni naritakatta).



    Namie Amuro  KOSÉ CommercialNamie Amuro  KOSÉ Commercial

    The commercial begins with cuts of Amuro at 19 years old when she appeared in her first ad for KOSÉ. It will cover all of her best beauty cuts through her teenage years, 20s, 30s and 40s, showcasing the eternal and unchanging Namie Amuro who has transcended generations.


    Namie Amuro  KOSÉ Commercial

    The song used in the video is her latest song In Two which was included on her all-time greatest hits record Finally which released back in November last year and made double platinum. Together with the great tempo and rhythm of the song, you can see Namie Amuro from the past to the present.


    Namie Amuro  KOSÉ Commercial

    Namie Amuro  KOSÉ Commercial

    Namie Amuro will retire on September 16 this year. Until then, there’s lots planted for the NAMIE AMURO × KOSÉ ALL TIME BEST Project. Be sure to check the links below if you’re interested.



    Message Commercial – “Minna, Anata ni Naritakatta”

    On Air April 20, 2018



    Running: March 1, 2018―December 31, 2018



    Namie Amuro Official Website:

  • Naomi Watanabe Appointed Brand Ambassador of “Shu Uemura” Cosmetic Line

    12.April.2018 | FASHION

    The vivacious and colourful Naomi Watanabe, whose career spans a wide selection from acting to comedy and fashion designing, has been appointed as a brand ambassador for Shu Uemura, a make-up artist brand that hailing from Tokyo.



    Naomi Watanabe is an entertainer that thinks outside the box. She enjoys make-up and fashion freely in her own way and continues to promote positivity. She loves herself for who she is and cherishes her individual beauty. Her overwhelming performances also do not fit into a single mold. She brings new ideas to the table and breaks down stereotypes. All of this has garnered her much attention and she has captivated not only the people of Japan, but around the world. Through its future collaboration with Naomi Watanabe, Shu Uemura – which pursues the question of make-up that brings out the individual beauty of people with its free-thinking – wishes to further advocate the limitless possibilities of beauty that doesn’t fit the standard.



    For their first project, they have teamed up with French jewelry and accessory brand Yazbukey to create the Mattitude Collection, an evocative range of limited-edition lipsticks set to release on April 27. By wearing matte lipstick, they will draw out a girls’ real qualities, which they theme as ‘Sexy,’ ‘Lovely,’ ‘Funky’ and ‘Edgy.’ Naomi Watanabe helped design these four looks. Putting on any one of these lipsticks will change a girl’s appearance entirely.



    Naomi Watanabe Comment:
    “Shu develops a wide selection of colours. Their passion for cosmetics really shows, so normally even I go and buy from them as a customer. They really have a lot of colour usages, so I’m always excited when I go to the shop. Like ‘Hm, let’s try combining this and this next.’ To me, make-up is something that I can use to express myself by combining things together. I challenge myself to different combinations. I want to draw out an individuality ¬¬¬¬¬that suits me. So I want everyone to try lots of different make-up for themselves too!



    Make sure to check out Shu Uemura and Naomi Watanabe’s collaboration!



    Shu Uemura – “Mattitude Collection”
    On Sale: April 27, 2018 (In-Store & Official Online Shop)
    Reservations: From April 20, 2018
    On sale early at Omotesando Hills branch on April 19 and Isetan Shinjuku branch on April 22.

    PC Site:
    Mobile Site:

  • Discover the latest Japanese cosmetic trends at @cosme Beauty Awards 2017

    10.December.2017 | FASHION

    The @cosme Beauty Awards 2017 have been announced, bringing together the latest beauty trends in Japan.


    One of the main areas to draw attention to is the Best Cosmetic Award which is based off the products with the most support from public comments as featured on the make-up & beauty website @cosme.


    The desire to buy more female beauty products shot up this year, so the winning trends granted their wishes by releasing lots of items that enable one to look beautiful without trying too hard.


    The grand prix winner of the best cosmetic category went to the lip product brand OPERA for their “Lip Tint” which received overwhelming praise. Their lip tint is moist, vibrant and comfortable.


    Multiple items shined in first place with a total of selected to win the same award, including the high quality yet inexpensive base make-up item “Radiant Cream Concealer” from the charming NARS and the “Colour Stay Make-up” liquid foundation from the colourful Revlon.


    Detailed information on the best cosmetic rankings and each award can be found on the official @cosme Beauty Awards 2017 webpage, so use it for reference and get up to date with the latest in Japan’s cosmetic trends.




    @cosme Beauty Awards 2017

    PC Website:

    Smartphone Website:


    @cosme Official Website:

  • Details for Namie Amuro’s greatest hits album revealed and Japan & Asia tours announced

    03.October.2017 | MUSIC

    Details have been revealed for Namie Amuro’s upcoming greatest hits album “Finally,” set to hit shelves on November 8, 2017. The famous Japanese music artist has also announced a 5 date dome tour and Asia tour scheduled to start from February 2018.


    Namie Amuro’s forthcoming greatest hits album “Finally” shot to the top of pre-order rankings on websites such as Amazon and hype around it continues to grow. The album will including a whopping 52 songs in total including Namie’s best hits from her debut track “Mr. U.S.A.” (1992) all the way to her latest single “Just You and I.” Songs since the release of “Mr. U.S.A.” all the way to “TSUKI” will be newly recorded. The album will also feature “Christmas Wish” as well as 6 brand new tracks.


    Of the 45 hits set to decorate “Finally,” you can expect to see songs such as the Tetsuya Komuro-produced “CAN YOU CELEBRATE?,” a number which stands as the best selling single by a female artist in Japanese music (2,296,200 copies sold), as well as “Mr. U.S.A.,” “TRY ME ~Watashi wo Shinjite~,” “Body Feels EXIT” and “SWEET 19 BLUES.” “Love Story,” “Baby Don’t Cry,” “NEW LOOK” and other works succeeding her self-produced era. As for more recent tunes, “Hero” will makes its first ever album appearance, as well as “Just You and I” which became popular for its lyrical content, and more. The album will compile the very best of Namie Amuro’s past 25 years.


    But it doesn’t stop there, as 6 brand new songs are also to make an appearance. There will be her drama theme song “Showtime,” the One Piece opening theme song “Hope,” “Do It For Love,” the television news theme “Finally,” and unannounced tracks.


    This 25 year celebration of Namie Amuro’s music career can be said to be both a greatest hits album and new album. The DVD and Blu-ray will feature 6 music videos from “Red Carpet” to “Just  You and I” for the very first time in an album release, as well as one new music video.


    Namie has also announced a 5 city dome tour around Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Sapporo, as well as an Asia tour, set to start in February 2018. An online poll has opened in conjunction with the news for fans to choose the songs to be included on the set list. Fans can choose which songs they want to hear Namie Amuro to sing from 200 songs off all her albums and singles. This marks her 3rd dome tour. Her last dome tour was during her 20th anniversary back in 2012. She performed 8 times across 5 cities in Japan for the tour, titled “namie amuro 5 Major Domes Tour 2012 ~20th Anniversary Best~,” to almost 340,000 people. The tour marked the most number of attendees and performances for a female solo artist in Japan and has yet to be surpassed, but her tour this year is set to be even bigger.


    Full details regarding the dates of the tours are scheduled to be released in November. Final adjustments are being made right this second. Don’t forget about the Asia tour, too. Offers are flooding in for her to perform at countries around Asia where she is also a hit. The final arrangements are also being prepared for this tour too.


    With the recent news of her retirement, what can we expect Namie Amuro to show us as she celebrates her 25th anniversary? Let us look forward to the release of her greatest hits album “Finally” and her huge dome tour.



    Namie Amuro Official Homepage:

    Details on greatest hits album “Finally” can be found here: