MOS Burger to Sell Hamburgers Using Local Ingredients from Hyogo & Shizuoka

01.September.2018 | FOOD

MOS Burger has announced that it will sell two new burgers from September 13 to mid-November at most branches across Japan using ingredients from Hyogo and Shizuoka prefecture.


There is the Demi-Glace Beef Katsu Burger (¥410) created by the Hyogo office of MOS Burger and the Sakura Shrimp Croquette Burger (¥430) by the Shizuoka office.


MOS Burger is a Japanese hamburger chain that has striven to use local ingredients from around Japan for customers to enjoy. This is the 4th year the chain has been introducing food using ingredients from around Japan. The campaign began in 2015 with staff brainstorming ideas for food with ‘local specialities’ as the keywords.


The company gathered ideas from staff around the country this time with the condition being “food using buns.” 2,651 members of staff chipped in which is an increase from last year. From their ideas came these two new burgers.


The demi-glace burger is made using ‘katsumeshi,’ a local specialty of the city of Kakogawa in Hyogo. Katsumeshi is considered a soul food in Kakogawa and comes in the form of a plate of rice topped with beef katsu, demi-glace sauce and boiled cabbage. The other burger uses sakura shrimp caught in Suruga bay in Shizuoka.

Demi-Glace Beef Katsu Burger (¥410)

This burger is stuffed with beef katsu and shredded cabbage that’s topped with a rich and MOS Burger original demi-glace sauce, a sauce that’s very familiar to the people of Hyogo. It’s also crowned with a dab of American mustard to add accent to the flavour. The demi-glace sauce is a mix 5 different sauces including demi-glace, tomato ketchup, noukou sauce, Worcester sauce and chuno sauce, all of which is complemented by a fruity combination of fruit chutney and apple paste. And to make the sauce a little more familiar to Japanese people there’s also a dash of soy sauce and red wine. The demi-glace is a perfect match to the beef katsu.

Sakura Shrimp Croquette Burger (¥430)

This burger contains a croquette made with sakura shrimp caught in the Oikawa Port and Yui Port of Suruga Bay in Shizuoka Prefecture. The croquette is sits on top of bed of lettuce, and on top of the crunchy croquette is shredded cabbage and a creamy shrimp sauce. In Japan, sakura shrimp can only be caught in Suruga Bay, and only twice a year – spring from March to June and autumn from October to December – making it a very rare product. The shrimp is boiled raw and stuffed into the croquette with potatoes and onions. The creamy shrimp sauce uses cream sauce as a base and adds the deliciousness of sakura shrimp to draw out a richer flavour.

They are also now selling bargain packs for lots of people to share in their side menu, including the popular ‘Variety Pack’ which comes with French fries, onion fries and other treats. And for Halloween they are introducing the Family Nugget pack alongside others as pictured above. Packages come in special Halloween designs.


If you’re looking for authentic local Japanese ingredients but also want something a little more familiar then MOS Burger is the place to go!



Demi-Glace Beef Katsu Burger

Price: ¥410

Sakura Shrimp Croquette Burger

Price: ¥430


Sales Period: August 13, 2018 to mid-November 2018

Available: At most MOS Burger branches


Family Nugget Pack

Price: ¥850 (*Sauce sold separately)

Sales Period: August 13, 2018 to February 2019

Available: At most MOS Burger branches