Matcha Sweets Factory Nanaya Improves its Rich Matcha Gelato Recipe

05.December.2018 | FOOD

As matcha continues to grow in popularity around the world, the Sanjo branch of Nanaya in Kyoto has announced that it will release a super-rich matcha gelato to bring out an even more delicious flavour from its already tasty premium matcha gelato.

The store’s classic matcha gelato is crafted from matcha sourced in Kyoto. They make at their in-store factory to ensure a freshly-made taste. The new super-rich gelato uses Nanaya’s premium No.7 matcha, which is said to be the world’s most intense matcha flavour, and ups the quality even more. It uses single origin tea leaves made by Yuuichi Kikuoka, a maker of matcha in Kyoto who is often covered on news media.


Single origin tea is tea that has been grown and produced in a specific region. This high quality tea is then harvested from the tea garden and carefully selected before heading to the factory to be added to the gelato.

The new gelato uses tea leaves from May 20 only. Although the tea is single origin the quality can change drastically depending on the day it is harvested. This date was selected fot its perfect climate. Although it was sunny it suddenly became cooler, resulting in an optimal temperature for the most delicious flavour.

Experience a richly flavoured matcha gelato like no other and get a taste for Kyoto’s terroir which produces amazing flavour.