Happy New Year from the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON Editorial Team!

01.January.2019 | FEATURES

As thanks to all of you who continue to read and enjoy our content, the staff at MMN would like to each give their own personal New Year’s messages. We have never done a staff introduction before, but like all of you, the website team is made up of 12 people who love Japanese culture. Be sure to check out their messages below, and we hope you continue enjoying MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON in 2019!


■Ryoji Kuroyanagi (Editor/Writer)

Thank you for always reading MOSHI MOSHI. My name is Kuroyanagi, but I’m known by my nickname KURO. I often go to events overseas so there may be some of you out there I have met before. I work every day so that more people around the world can learn about Japan.


My motto right now is “KENKO OF LIFE.” The word “KENKO” is Japanese for “healthy.” It’s a way of thinking that looks to challenge yourself and learn from anything and everything, to become healthy mentally and physically through rich experiences and making choices, and to lead a good-quality life.


KENKO is my number one priority for 2019. I would like to spend the year with a spirit of inquiry while endeavoring to lead a fulfilling life.


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■Heir (Editor/Writer/Simplified Chinese Translator)

Happy New Year, everyone! My name is Heir Zhang and I’m from Guizhou in China. I joined the MOSHI MOSHI team this year. My hobbies are music, fashion, travel, socializing, delicious food and alcohol.


There’s something new to discover every day when working so it’s a lot of fun. I had a lot of interesting experiences this year through music, so I have great expectations for 2019. Please keep supporting MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON!


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■Ellie (Editor/Writer)

Happy New Year to all of you who continue to read MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON. My name is Ellie and I am responsible for the featured articles on goshuin, drawing up the character café compilation articles and more!


I generally write up articles in the FOOD, SPOT and MUSIC categories, but what I enjoy most is creating the character café articles♡ There are so many cute themed menus every month, aren’t there?


I hope to continue promoting lots of information about Japan that caters to everyone’s interests. I’ll be waiting for all of your comments on our Facebook and Twitter pages about what content you want to see. I look forward to your continued support.


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■Midori (Editor/Writer)

Happy New Year to you all! I’m Midori. I used to work at the MOSHI MOSHI BOX Harajuku Tourist Information Center but I’m now on board the website team. Most of the articles I am writing now are about kawaii food in Harajuku. There’s a lot of food in Harajuku that looks just too good to eat, so I’m working hard to write interesting, easy-to-understand articles with so that people who live far away can get the latest information from Harajuku!


Of course, I don’t just write about food, but places that make for taking photos too, and I stay up to date with current trending stores. If you’re interested in Japan’s culture of ‘kawaii’ then please be sure to give the articles a read!


I love Harajuku fashion too so I want to try making articles about that in 2019 too. I hope lots of people can come to like Japanese culture through MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON. Thank you for your continued support this year!


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■Josh (English Translator/Editor)

Happy New Year to all of our readers at MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON. My name is Josh. I’m from the UK and I’m an English translator for the website.


I joined the MMN team out of a desire to use translation as a bridge between Japan and the rest of the world. I have been on the team for over 3 years now. I love Japanese pop culture, whether it’s anime or music, and want to continue delivering the latest information from the country to people around the world into 2019.


Have you all decided on your New Year’s resolutions yet? I love reading but I’m the type to end up buying a lot of books and piling them up unread, so I’d like to make an effort to properly read everything I buy this year! I also want to discover more Japanese music artists I haven’t heard yet. There’s a lot of wonderful music in Japan so it’s fun looking things up. We have a lot of music-related articles on MMN too including news and concert reviews, so be sure to check them out!


MMN will keep on delivering the latest news from Japan so please keep supporting us as we enter the New Year.


Sayuri Mizuno (Chief Editor/Writer)

Happy New Year to all of our MOSHI MOSHI readers. I am Sayuri, the Chief Editor of MMN. As well as on the website I work to promote Japanese culture overseas at events around the world.


We started the website as a means to deliver more information to the people we meet in different countries who tell us they love Japan. No matter where you live, you can stay up to date with the latest news from Japan. You can find out recommended places to visit when travelling to Japan. You can always be close to Japan, wherever you are in the world. You can meet fellow lovers of Japan. That’s the kind of website we want to make.


I like travelling and eating so I write articles about tourist destinations, food and more. If you’re interested in sightseeing in Japan or in Japanese cuisine and have some spare time, please check out my articles!


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We want to make more contact with our readers this year and create a bigger community around the website, so we ask for your continued support in 2019.