Springtime Strawberry Desserts & Drinks Arriving in Japan This Year

04.March.2019 | FEATURES / FOOD

The calendar says spring is already here, but it sure doesn’t feel like it yet. It’s freezing out.


So you can feel more like the season has arrived we have compiled a list of cute cherry blossom flavoured desserts and succulent strawberry sweets and drinks that can be enjoyed in Japan this year.

Sakura Matsuri 2019

Tokyo Prince Hotel is set to hold a cherry blossom festival this year where they will serve a range of cherry blossom inspired menus. This includes hanami lunch boxes, sakura inspired cocktails and many other beautiful selections. Enjoy a luxurious Japanese cherry blossom spring this year while gazing at Tokyo Tower.


Full Details: https://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/174931


Sakura Matsuri 2019
Running: March 16, 2019-April 14, 2019

*Will run March 16 to April 25 at Porto and from March 22 to April 14 at Garden Island.

Participating Restaurants: Tower View Terrace, Porto, Garden Island, Shimizu, Maronie, Pikake, Windsor, Petrea Karaoke Room

Official Website: https://www.princehotels.co.jp/tokyo/


Itohkyuemon – Uji Matcha Sakura Nama Chocolate

Uji Matcha Sakura Nama Chocolate is a new cherry blossom flavoured raw chocolate released by Itohkyuemon, a well-established Japanese green tea store in Kyoto. A spring-like pink powder is sprinkled over the Uji matcha chocolate. After the flowery flavour of sakura spreads through your mouth, you will be struck with a milky flavour along with a moderate salty touch. It even comes packaged in a cute pink Japanese-style paper decorated with a woven cherry blossom pattern♡


Full Details: https://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/173633


Uji Matcha Sakura Nama Chocolate (Package of 16 chocolates)

Released: February 15, 2019 (Sales will end once stock is fully depleted)

Price: ¥1,296 (Tax Included)

Available: Online Shop / Uji Main Store/ JR Uji Station Branch / Kyoto Station Branch / Ekimae store

*You can purchase these chocolates in advance from the online store. The chocolates will be purchasable from stores from 1st March.

Product Page:  https://www.itohkyuemon.co.jp/fs/ujicha/090151



GODIVA – Shokorikisa White Chocolate Sakura Lala

GODIVA’s “Shokorikisa White Chocolate Sakura Lala” beverage is available this White Day only. The mild and fluffy texture along with the sweet aroma of cherry blossoms and cherries is melted together with white chocolate. The pink frozen drink is layered with sakura jelly and whipped cream. It both looks and tastes like spring.


Full Details: https://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/172469


GODIVA Official Websitehttps://www.godiva.co.jp/


Fuji-Q Highland’s Strawberry Festival

Lisa & Gaspard Town in Fuji-Q Highland―which became free to enter last year―is now hosting its strawberry themed event. Strawberry derived snacks, drinks, cookies and more line the town stores while on weekends and national holidays at Les Rêves Salon de Thé a strawberry dessert buffet fills the bellies of customers.


Full Details: https://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/170337


Lisa & Gaspard Town Strawberry Festa
Running: February 25, 2019 – April 19, 2019


Welcome to Lisa & Gaspard’s Mirror Maze Magic Show
Opening: March 8, 2019


Fuji-Q Highland – Lisa & Gaspard Town
Address: 5 C-6-1 Shinnishihara, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture
Opening Hours: Weekdays 9:30-17:00 / Weekends & Holidays 9:30-18:00
*Lisa & Gaspard Town is open 30 minutes before Fuji-Q’s opening hours and closes 30 minutes after Fuji-Q’s closing hours
No Fixed Holidays.
Entry: Free
Free Pass: Adults ¥5,700 / Junior High School Students ¥5,200 / Children ¥4,300
TEL: 0555-23-2111


Fuji-Q Highland Official Website: https://www.fujiq.jp/
Lisa & Gaspard Town: https://www.fujiq.jp/area/lisagas/

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McDonald’s Japan – 3 White Chocolate & Strawberry Beverages

McDonald’s Japan is now selling three white chocolate and strawberry drinks at McCafé by Barista branches for a limited time: the white chocolate strawberry smoothie, latte and iced latte. The combination of sweet white chocolate and sweet and sour flavour of the strawberries is simply irresistible!


Full Details: https://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/171227


White Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie / Latte / Iced Latte

Running: February 20, 2019 – Early April 2019 (subject to change)

Available: At McCafé by Barista branches of McDonald’s (approx. 94 branches as of February 20, 2019)

Official Homepage: http://www.mcdonalds.co.jp/menu/barista


Lindt Chocolat Cafe – Lindt White Chocolate Sakura Ice Drink

Premium Swiss chocolate brand Lindt is now selling three new cherry blossom inspired drinks at the Lind Chocolat Cafe: the Lindt White Chocolate Sakura Ice Drink, Lindt Delice Sakura and Lindt Sakura Leaf. The sweet iced drink brings together the sweetness of Lindt’s creamy white chocolate and the sourness of cherries. Its spring vibe appearance is cute too!


Full Details: https://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/166171


Lindt White Chocolate Sakura Ice Drink / Lindt Delice Sakura / Lindt Delice Sakura Leaf
Running: February 16, 2019 – March 31, 2019


Lindt Dome Chocolat Sakura / Lindt Chocolat Parfait Sakura
Running: March 1, 2019 – March 31, 2019


Lindt Official Website (Japanese): http://www.lindt.jp/


Starbucks Japan – Sakura Season

Springtime has arrived at Starbucks in the form of two new beverages:  the Sakura Full Milk Latte and Sakura Full Frappuccino®. Both drinks use cherry blossoms and strawberries as their base flavour, warm and cosy ingredients that call to spring. They are inspired by the dancing leaves fallen from cherry trees in full bloom.


Full Details: https://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/168843


Starbucks Sakura Season
Running: February 15, 2019 – February 27, 2019

Available: At most Starbucks branches across Japan

*The Sakura Full Milk Latte will be sold until March 19, 2019.

Starbucks Japan Official Website: www.starbucks.co.jp/