Masked Electronic Duo AmPm to Write New Song For A6

26.April.2019 | MUSIC

AmPm is an electronic music duo that has kept the global music market in mind since their debut back in 2017. Their debut track Best Part Of Us has enjoyed its majority of Spotify streams from overseas fans. They have also collaborated with several international artists such as Ayden and Frida Sundemo.


The masked duo are now set to write the song All For You for Japanese boy band V6 which will be featured on their upcoming double A-side single Aru Hi Negai ga Kanattanda. The track will feature AmPm’s iconic mysterious dance sound and English lyrics backed by V6’s utterly addictive harmonies.


AmPm commented the following on the release: “This track has been the hardest to make out of any songs we have worked on to date. In the end, and through trial and error, we believe we have brought together Chocoholic’s strength, who is the main track-maker of the song, and Arner and Chiris’s gentleness, who are in LA and who we worked together with.”


  • TV Anime Fruits Basket Opening Theme ‘Chime’ Gets Remixed by AmPm

    08.October.2020 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Masked music duo AmPm released a remix of Ai Otsuka’s song Chime on music download and streaming services, along with a music video, on Wednesday (October 7).


    Since August, Ai Otsuka has teamed up with music producers and track makers of various genres to release a remix of one of her songs per month. Chime comes as the third of hers to receive a remix. The first was PEACH which was remixed by Tomggg and the second Kingyo Hanabi by ANIMAL HACK. AmPm have produced music for a whole range of Japanese artists such as V6  and Ken Hirai, and have remixed for the likes of Afrojack and Nicky Romero outside of Japan.


    Chime is used as the second opening theme for the first season of the 2019 TV anime adaptation of Fruits Basket. The song is hugely popular within anime community both inside and outside Japan.

    Check out the colourful music video for the remix below which is inspired by the fairy tale The Ugly Duckling.


    Ai Otsuka – “Chime (AmPm Remix)” Music Video


    AmPm | Comment

    “We’ve had the chance to remix a lot of different songs, but this one was the hardest to remix. The original track is fast-paced, and Otsuka’s voice is persistent. We went through a lot of trial and error which is unusual for us. We wondered things like, ‘Can we tamper with this part’ and ‘Have we finished?’ The original song was written as the second opening theme for season one of the Fruits Basket anime, but this remix feels more like and ending theme. If the original is the chime to start the day, then the remix is the one to signal the end of it. But we want people to think of it more as an ending that connects to tomorrow, rather than a cut off. We also think that although it’s the same song, you can take the lyrics differently between both versions, so we hope that makes the existence of a remix more fun for people so they can listen and compare!”

  • AmPm’s Fruits Basket Opening Theme Lyric Video Released

    09.April.2020 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Since dropping their debut track Best Part Of Us feat. Michael Kaneko in March 2017ーwhich has over 33 million plays on Spotifyーmasked music duo AmPm have garnered fans worldwide. They wrote the opening theme song Prism feat. Miyuna for season two of the ongoing TV anime series Fruits Basket which began airing on April 6.


    Fruits Basket is an internationally celebrated series, with the manga having sold over 30 million copies worldwide. A lyric video for the opening theme was posted on the official avex YouTube channel which features clips from the anime series.


    AmPm – “Prism feat. Miyuna”

    This is the first song with full Japanese lyrics to be composed by AmPm, a group with global following. The chill music fuses beautifully with the warm embrace of Miyuna’s vocals.


    ©Natsuki Takaya・Hakusensha/Fruits Basket Production Committee

  • AmPm to Perform Fruits Basket Anime’s Season Two Opening Theme ‘Prism’ feat. Miyuna

    30.March.2020 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Since dropping their debut track Best Part Of Us feat. Michael Kaneko in March 2017ーwhich has over 33 million plays on Spotifyーmasked music duo have garnered fans in worldwide. And it’s now been revealed that they will perform the opening theme song for the upcoming second season of the TV anime series Fruits Basket.


    The song is entitled Prism and features Miyuna on vocals. Miyuna is a 17-year-old Japanese singer who gained fans across Japan last year for her incredible singing talent. This will also be AmPm’s first song sung entirely in Japanese. The track will be released on April 8, 2020.

    Fruits Basket was serialised in Hana to Yume, published by Hakusensha, from 1998 to 2006. The entire 23-volume series has sold over 30 million copies worldwide. The original 26-episode anime adaptation by Studio Deen ran in 2001 from July to December. A new series with new cast and staff began aired from April to September last year. Its long-awaited second season will return next month on April 6. The season two ending theme ad meliora will be performed by THE CHARM PARK.


    Hear both Prism and ad meliora tie together the highly anticipated second season of Fruits Basket when it airs on April 6.


    ©Natsuki Takaya・Hakusensha/Fruits Basket Production Committee

  • AmPm Release New Song in Collaboration With Malaysian Singer Talitha.

    05.March.2020 | MUSIC

    After their debut in 2017 AmPm became a worldwide sensation, captivating listeners on a global scale who have collectively smashed the play button on their tunes over 50 million times. Just yesterday, the masked duo AmPm released their new song Is This A Game feat. Talitha., Chocoholic & Evanturetime on March 4, 2020.

    AmPm – Is This A Game feat. Talitha., Chocoholic & Evanturetime

    The song features 23-year-old Malaysian pop artist Talitha. from Kuala Lumpur. It’s a mix of AmPm’s beautiful chill dance sound with Talitha’s weet and soulful voice. The refreshing-sounding dance tune reminds one of the cool winters of southern Malaysia.

    The song, which sings of love games, also has a tropical dance sound to it, created by AmPm together with Chocoholic and Evanturetime. It comes after AmPm’s previous collaboration with Singaporean R&B/funk trio brb. on Sorry That I Love You.

  • Anonymous Global Hit Band AmPm Unveil New Collaboration Track

    01.November.2019 | MUSIC

    Masked music group AmPm is releasing their new song ‘Sorry That I Love You feat. brb. & Chocoholic’ on November 6. After their debut in 2017 AmPm became a worldwide sensation, captivating listeners on a global scale who have collectively smashed the play button on their tunes over 50 million times. 

    After releasing their popular hit track ‘more feat. DedachiKenta & FUNTYME’ back in May this year, their new song will be their second release of 2019. This time, AmPm have created the track in collaboration with R&B/funk trio brb., who are popular in Singapore, and Japanese track-maker Chocoholic. 

    As the title entails, ‘Sorry That I Love You’ is full of bittersweet lyrics fused with brb.’s R&B vibes and AmPm’s signature chill dance track style. 


    AmPm’s series of unmissable hit tunes, including the single they released in collaboration with V6 back in June, are available on major streaming services so make sure to check them out. 

  • AmPm’s New Song ‘more’ Features DedachiKenta On Vocals

    16.May.2019 | MUSIC

    AmPm have announced that they will release a new song entitled more feat. DedachiKenta & FUNTYME on May 22. The electronic duo previously worked with popular Japanese group A6 and now they have invited DedachiKenta on board for vocals to their new track.

    DedachiKenta is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter currently living in Los Angeles. He joined Office Augusta’s new label “newborder recordings” in November last year and released his first debut tracks as an artist This is how I feel and Memories. Both songs made it onto FM29 across Japan and the singer made it onto YouTube’s “Artists to Watch” list.


    AmPm’s new song is described as having a different taste to what we’re used to from the masked duo. Its melody is “catchy with a feeling of refreshment.” The music is laced together by DedachiKenta’s honest and pure vocals and is a peek into the coming summertime.

    DedachiKenta will appear as a guest at AmPm’s upcoming performance at GREENROOM FESTIVAL ’19 on May 25. AmPm completed their first solo concert last month so we look forward to seeing what they have in store later this month.


    © & ℗ PLAY RECORDS & Avex Entertainment Inc.

  • Music video of the love song, “Right Now,”written by V6 member, Shimizu Shota, has been released

    27.December.2018 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    V6’s 50th double A-side single, “Super Powers / Right Now” will be released on January 16th. The music video of this song has now been released. The concept of the song is “a love song for adults” and was written by Shimizu Shota. It is a dark/sexy song with a tricky beat and is a song where you can feel the “new sound” of Shimizu Shota. The song depicts the game of love from a man’s honest perspective.

    The music video depicts a dance scene and six variations of one scene using some gimmicks and editing effects. The sound is simple but the dance is very complicated.


    Also, the single includes the theme song of the animation, “ONE PIECE” called “Super Powers.” The sleeve jacket of the first edition released with the music video is also gathering much attention.

    This “ONE PIECE’s original illustration sleeve” is a special sleeve that includes an illustration depicting the members of “the wheat straw clan” and V6. The members of the clan and V6 are making the same pose in the illustration. This valuable illustration shows that it is possible to create a strong power by gathering everyone’s spirit together.


    Shimizu Shota’s comments (“Right Now” – lyrics, music and arrangement)

    I am very happy that I could write a song for V6. And I am very pleased that the members of V6 directly asked me to write a song for them.

    I am so happy that idols which have been watching since my childhood are dancing in tune to this song that I wrote. I want to go back to my childhood and tell myself that I am going to write a song for them in the future.

    I tried to write a song which elevates the charm of the group and I hope that many people will watch them dancing.

  • AmPm Releases New Song ‘Faded Love feat. Michael Kaneko’

    07.December.2018 | MUSIC

    Japanese electronic duo AmPm claimed a spot on the international stage with Best Part Of Us, their debut track which was released in March 2017 and has garnered over 1.9 million streams on Spotify worldwide, 70% of which are from outside Japan, establishing them as an international influence. Following up on their recently released single Travelling Light feat. Frida Sundemo, AmPm have announced yet another new track.


    Titled Faded Love, the song once again features vocals from Michael Kaneko with whom they joined creative hands with for the international hit Best Part Of Us. Kaneko’s voice calmly intertwines with the mysterious sounds of the synths. It’s almost a vivid reminder of Best Part Of Us. The song will serve as their final track of the year and is a perfect match to the winter season.


    Comment: AmPm
    “The reason we released this song at the end of the year is because everyone including ourselves hasn’t necessarily had a [completely] happy year; everyone must have had at least one painful experience. We released it during this season because we want people to take that experience into the next year. We pray that people can look back over this year and face the new one with a positive attitude. We hope this song can help support everyone a little.”


    Faded Love feat. Michael Kaneko is now available on Spotify and other major online music services.

  • AmPm Releases New Song ‘Travelling Light’ feat. Frida Sundemo

    16.November.2018 | MUSIC

    Japanese electronic duo AmPm made their debut with Best Part Of Us in March 2017 which has garnered over 1.8 million streams on Spotify worldwide, 70% of which are from outside Japan, establishing them as an international influence.


    The pair have already announced 3 songs since September and have just dropped their new track Travelling Light feat. Frida Sundemo on November 14.

    Swedish female singer Frida Sundemo provides vocals on the new track. She was influenced by classical music she listened to from her older brother’s record collection along with instrumental music. She made her debut in 2010 with Dear, Let It Out.


    Sundemo subsequently came to meet music producer Joel Humlen and released her For You, Love EP in 2013 across Europe from Paelophone Records. NME described her vocals on the EP as being “sweet but sad, like a lollipop dropped on the floor” while The Guardian called them “breathy, icy.”


    Travelling Light offers a new peek into AmPm as artists with its mysterious house sound and beautiful melody laced together by Sundemo’s wispy vocals.


    The song is now available to listen to across digital music platforms including Spotify.

  • AmPm’s New Song ‘Little Bit More feat. Ayden’ Charts in Spotify’s ‘Singled Out’ Top 30 Playlist

    05.October.2018 | MUSIC

    Japanese electronic duo AmPm made their debut with Best Part Of Us in March 2017 which has garnered over 1.7 million streams on Spotify worldwide.

    The much-talked-about artists have acquired yet another brilliant achievement. Their latest track Little Bit More feat. Ayden which dropped on September 26 this year made it on Spotify’s official global playlist Singled Out making them the first Japanese artists to be listed on there. The song co-produced with American record producer and songwriter Tommy Brown who has worked closely with Ariana Grande.


    The playlist is a careful selection of 30 of the latest songs by Spotify from around the world that have received particular attention.

    Also featured on the playlist are some of the biggest names in music today including Lady Gaga, Marshmello Major Lazer, Alan Walker, Shawn Mendes, DJ Snake, Muse and more.


    Little Bit More feat. Ayden is available across major streaming platforms including Spotify so be sure to check it out.

  • Boy Band V6 Performs TV Anime One Piece’s New Opening Song ‘Super Powers’

    26.September.2018 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Japanese boy band V6 will perform the new opening theme song Super Powers for the hit anime series One Piece.

    The song was written specially for the series and is described as expressing a world of adventure delved in eagerly with friends. The titles “super powers” refers to the abilities that each character wields, and that if everybody brings their strength together they can create an even bigger power. The lyrics too use keywords like “friends,” “courage” and “adventure,” and the music has a refreshing sound and fast-paced melody that’s sure to motivate listeners. Details surrounding the CD release have yet to be announced.


    The One Piece anime adaptation will enter its 20th anniversary next year. V6, too, will celebrate 23 years since their debut. This is an extremely rare and valuable collaboration to see V6 providing a theme song for any series.

    V6 Members’ Comments

    Masayuki Sakamoto

    “When I heard that it was decided we would perform the theme song I was overjoyed. The lyrics to ‘Super Powers’ contain the message that if friends bring their strengths together they can create an even bigger power. I think it’s a song that One Piece fans are loving.”


    Hiroshi Nagano

    “It’s been 23 years since V6’s debut, and it will be 20 years next since since the One Piece anime started. I’m so happy with the timing – being able to do the theme song to an anime we have grown with for the most part. I hope we can get lively together in the run up to the 20th anniversary.”


    Yoshihiko Inohara

    “We are extremely honoured to have been allowed to intrude on the world of One Piece in our song. It has a fast-paced melody so I think it fits very well as an anime opening.”


    Gô Morita

    “The melody is powerful and the lyrics are very straight foward. This is One Piece, something loved by a lot of people, so I hope people will be interested in this song too.”


    Ken Miyake

    “The series was one I loved already. I’ve been waiting since the anime started. I never thought we’d be responsible for one of the theme songs, so I was over the moon. The theme of the song is ‘living life with comrades with all  your might.’ It expresses the world of adventure depicted in One Piece. The story in the anime starting in October I think it one people cannot overlook, so I definitely want them to listen to the theme song too!”


    Junichi Okada

    “I’ve liked the series since I was a kid; I still buy and read Jump Magazine to this day. The lyrics are littered with words like ‘comrade,’ ‘courage’ and ‘adventure.’ I think it’s a song that will feel very much One Piece.”

    Comment: Yuta Kano (“One Piece” Producer, Fuji TV)

    “I was kindly able to watch V6 in concert a little while back, and what I saw was that there was wide range of people enjoying them [in the crowd]. Their songs are also high quality, and they have a great number of famous songs. I felt they they are a rare artist who are able to bring people together. I thought to myself I wanted to request them to do a theme song for One Piece, so I gave the offer. I feel that the completed song is a cool song that has both that Sunday morning excitement and freshness! I would be happy if this becomes one of V6’s new anthems in their discography!”


    You can catch V6’s new song Super Powers on One Piece from October 7.



    “Super Powers”

    CD details TBA.


    V6 Official Website:

    One Piece Official Website:


    ©Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha・Fuji TV・Toei Animation