Hear Children of the Sea’s Main Theme ‘Umi no Yuurei’ by Kenshi Yonezu in New Trailer

11.May.2019 | MOVIE / MUSIC

Manga artist Daisuke Igarashi enthralls his readers with his unique representation of nature and his respect for the natural world. This manga has been turned into an intense film by world-famous animation studio STUDIO4℃. The film will be released in Japan on Friday 7th June! The second sneaky movie preview has now been released!

Kenshi Yonezu’s new song “Umi no Yuurei” has attracted rather a lot of attention as the theme song for the movie. Now, the veil has finally been lifted, as the movie trailer features this song. Yonezu has been charmed by this manga since he was in his teens and he now he has written this song specifically for the new movie. Both the movie and the song share the same theme; “the most important promises cannot be put into words”. Both the song and the movie represent this new outlook on the world.

The beautiful animation of STUDIO4℃ resonates beautifully with the emotional and beautiful melody sung by Yonezu, creating an entirely unique perspective on the world for the audience to dive into.

Key lines from the movie such as “we are just as bad as those blind to everything”, spoken by the character Anglade who is voiced by Win Morisaki, and “the festival of life has begun”; the words of the main character Ruka, are included in the trailer. Strange occurances in Ruka’s body, a sparkling star falling from the night sky, followed by a series of mysterious occurrences in space and in the sea ー for 60 seconds, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen! The end of the trailer even shows Ruka being consumed by an enormous whale! The film just keeps bringing the adventures drawn in the manga to life!

You could get your hands on the first volume of the Children of the Sea for free via the LINE campaign that is being launched today so please check it out!


©2019 Daisuke Igarashi・Shogakukan / “Children of the Sea” Production Committee


Cameraman: Tomokazu Yamada