DEAN FUJIOKA’s New Single ‘Searching For The Ghost’ Features as TV Drama Sherlock’s Opening

03.November.2019 | MUSIC

DEAN FUJIOKA recently announced a 3-month consecutive release cycle, with three singles to roll out over three months respectively. The first song is entitled Shellyーfor which the music video  was released on Mondayーwhich features as the main theme for the Fuji TV drama series Sherlock: Untold Stories. The second track is entitled Searching For The Ghost and will be released digitally on November 4.


Searching For The Ghost will be used as the opening theme for Sherlock: Untold Stories in which DEAN FUJIOKA stars as the titular character, known as Shishio Homare in this adaptation, a crime consultant with an outstanding eye for observation and a genius pattern of thinking.

The opening theme enjoyed rave reviews from viewers when it first aired. The song pulls you into its world from the first note, with a distorted bass and hand clapping that you just have to join in with. The song’s bass-y sound is dark like that of FUJIOKA’s song Echo which was released last year and was used as the main theme for the Fuji TV drama Monte Kurisuto Haku: Karei Naru Fukushu. It also has rock elements woven into it which, together with the artist’s latest album History In The Making and the announcement of his first Asia tour is proof enough that FUJIOKA is going all out with his music career right now. And seeing as he himself is a part of the Sherlock series, his understanding of it means the music further synchronises with its world.


  • DEAN FUJIOKA Announces New Single ‘Neo Dimension’ and Releases New Artist Photo

    03.August.2020 | MUSIC

    DEAN FUJIOKA has announced that his next single Neo Dimension, which will be released digitally only, will drop on August 19, 2020—the day of his 40th birthday. The singer-songwriter released a new photo in promotion of the new single.


    The song was originally written in 2008 as a self-introduction and expression of DEAN FUJIOKA’s intention as an artist. It was first released as My Dimension back in November 2013 and was used as the main theme for the Japanese film I am ICHIHASHI. Neo Dimension is a new recording of the song, 12 years later, which breathes new life into the original.


    DEAN knows no borders, travelling and being active around the world. He takes inspiration from the daily experiences he encounters and shapes it into music. For Neo Dimension, he has written in some new lyrics. The song shows his ability to continue evolving as an artist, one that is always looking to do something new, and so it can be called a completely new song to that of the original My Dimension.

    DEAN FUJIOKA is also holding two live streams on August 19 over on his official YouTube channel to celebrate the release: DEAN FUJIOKA「Neo Dimension」 YouTube Special 0819 and DEAN FUJIOKA「Neo Dimension」〜After Party〜, the latter of which is exclusive to members of the artist’s fan club FamBam. Fans will get to hear DEAN talk about the new track amongst other stuff on his birthday.


    The singer’s nationwide tour, which was set to begin this October and run into 2021, has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But it’s not all sad news for fans, as DEAN FUJIOKA is planning to perform live in some other form in the near future. More information about this will be released at a later date.


    An official DEAN FUJIOKA Twitter staff account is also now open in addition to the singer’s personal account, so fans can follow that for future updates.

  • DEAN FUJIOKA Lives Stream Acoustic Performance & 2020-2021 Tour Announced

    09.March.2020 | MUSIC

    DEAN FUJIOKA had a series of acoustic live shows entitled DEAN FUJIOKA FamBam Exclusive “#Acoustic” penned in for members of his official fan club, which was originally set take place in mid-March, but due to the ongoing circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus, the six shows for Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka have been cancelled to ensure everyone’s safety and peace of mind.


    DEAN FUJIOKA and his staff decided to instead hold a live acoustic performance for everyone who was looking forward to the acoustic tour, and it took place yesterday in an at an unnamed studio.

    The set consisted of 7 songs specially arranged into acoustic versions, from his debut track My Dimension to his hit track Shellyーthe latter of which was used as the main theme song for the popular Japanese drama series Sherlock: Untold Stories which aired last year. FUJIOKA also spoke about his music to fans during the stream. At the end of the performance, the singer-songwriter announced that the tour merchandise for the cancelled tour will be put to purchase online, and that he will embark on a nationwide tour of Japan beginning this October.

    DEAN FUJIOKA promised fans, “Let’s meet in your hometowns this autumn!” The stream was over in what seemed like an instant, but people in the comments expressed how special of a performance it was. Fans are sure to be excited at the announcement of the new tour – check out the dates and venues below.

  • DEAN FUJIOKA to Celebrate ‘Shelly’ EP Release With Christmas Eve Live Stream

    10.December.2019 | MUSIC

    DEAN FUJIOKA will release his new EP Shelly tomorrow, and to celebrate, the singer and actor has announced that he will hold a special Christmas Eve live stream entitled “Christmas Streaming Party 2019” on December 24, 2019.

    The live stream will take place simultaneously across various platforms including YouTube and the official LINE accounts of SSTV and A-Sketch. It will of course be free to view. FUJIOKA will discuss the writing and production of the EP as well as look back over his experiences in 2019.


    A campaign is also being held in Japan for 20 lucky fans who have purchased a copy of the Shelly to sign up and watch the Christmas Streaming Party in the place it will be streamed, with FUJIOKA in point-blank range. More details can be find on the special Shelly website. Applications close on December 16, 2019.


    Be sure to write in your calendars that you’ll be spending your Christmas Eve with DEAN FUJIOKA this year.

  • DEAN FUJIOKA’s ‘Sherlock’ Opening Theme ‘Searching For The Ghost’ Music Video Released

    28.November.2019 | MUSIC

    DEAN FUJIOKA is currently in the midst of a 3-month consecutive release cycle, with three singles to roll out over three months respectively. The first song is entitled Shellyーfor which the music video was released earlier this monthーwhich features as the main theme for the Fuji TV drama series Sherlock: Untold Stories.


    The second track Searching For The Ghost was released digitally on November 4, and today, the music video dropped on YouTube.

    The song serves as the opening theme for Sherlock: Untold Stories, a thrilling drama series inspired by Arthur Conan Doyle’s titular character. FUJIOKA plays the part of Shishio Homare, a crime consultant with an outstanding eye for observation and a genius pattern of thinking. Playing the part of Watson, known as Junichi Wakamiya in this series, is Takanori Iwata. Wakamiya is a psychiatrist who gets involved with Homare due to a certain case.


    The song has received praise for its dark sound and infectious melody. The music video, directed by Atsunori Toushi, keeps with this theme, with ‘ghost’ as a keyword, its mysterious visuals and FUJIOKA’s myriad of stylish looks.


    Atsunori Toushi released a comment explaining the music video: “There’s a room which is supposed to be empty, with no-one inside. You’re in an uncertain world in which question even your own existence. But after seeing a ‘ghost’ (a nightmare), you feel like you really are alive. It becomes a game of concentration, almost like Russian roulette. You feel like a ghost: did you in fact win and are alive, or did up end up in the gutter? Even if you were lucky enough to survive, you may still receive an unexpected visit from the ghost, like a scorpion sting.”

  • DEAN FUJIOKA Releases Music Video For TV Series Sherlock: Untold Stories’ Main Theme ‘Shelly’

    29.October.2019 | MUSIC

    DEAN FUJIOKA’s talents span across an arsenal of work, from actor to musician, model, film director, DJ and more. The star is set to release his new EP Shelly on December 11. The record’s title track is being used for the new Japanese drama series Sherlock: Untold Stories. The music video for the track was released yesterday (October 28).

    Sherlock: Untold Stories is a thrilling drama show inspired by Arthur Conan Doyle’s character. FUJIOKA plays the part of Shishio Homare, a crime consultant with an outstanding eye for observation and a genius pattern of thinking. Playing the part of Watson, known as Junichi Wakamiya in this series, is Takanori Iwata. Wakamiya is a psychiatrist who gets involved with Homare due to a certain case.


    The song Shelly is a ballad written by FUJIOKA about a girl who is or was a goddess of fate at some point in Sherlock’s life, whether in the past, present, or future. FUJIOKA plays the part of Shelly in the music video, a mass produced android who is delivered to a girl. The girl enjoys spending time daily with Shelly, but she receives a message that all Shelly androids must be recollected due to a bug that may cause them to malfunction. The video sees the girl grant Shelly’s final wish to dance with her just one more time, and they do so against the beautiful nightscape of Tokyo.



    The girl in the video is played by middle-school dancer TSUKUSHI, a member of the Fukushima all-girls dance crew Fabulous Sisters. She has won successive victories in the international dance contest World of Dance (held in the US). Her choreography in the video was inspired by the music in the song Shelley.


    The music video’s director Atsunori Toushi commented: “[DEAN FUJIOKA] wrote the song and also played the character. The scope he works at is one of the incredible things about him. He’s able to craft something so pure. In this video, he plays the part of an android whose life his limited to a smartphone from which he can move. He lives out fun days with a young 13-year-old played by TSUKUSHI whose dancing is captivating and who is active around the world. A standout scene from the video is when they dance in the city with the magical city nightscape in the background.”

  • Concert Review: DEAN FUJIOKA Begins Asia Tour & Performs ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ for the First Time

    20.February.2019 | MUSIC

    Japanese singer-songwriter and musician DEAN FUJIOKA released his first new album in almost three years History In The Making on January 30, 2019. He is now embarking on his first-ever Asia Tour “Born To Make History” to promote the album.


    The tour is scheduled for 13 performances that will run into April. Locations include Japan, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It began on February 16 at Tokyo Electron Hall Miyagi in Miyagi Prefecture.

    The 2-hour show was centred around his latest album such as his smash hit Echo which was used as the main theme for the Fuji Television mini series The Count of Monte-Cristo: Great Revenge (2018) in which he also acted. The set-list was laced with older tracks too including Cycle.


    The singer spoke in English, Chinese and Japanese throughout his performance as his concert effortlessly blended together a multitude of genres from electronic to hip-hop, R&B, punk and jazz, sending the audience into an awe-swelling musical captivation.

    As the show opened, the audience was sucked into a black hole of dazzling lights as DEAN took to the stage. “Let’s do this, Sendai!” he shouted, turning the voltage up on the audience from anticipated waiting to full-throttle.


    It kicked off with a digital arrangement of effects and synths. The main man pulled out his electric guitar further drew the crowd into his world, kindling the fire to a blaze in an instant.

    “When I was making my first album I never thought that the day would come where it would be complete and I would be performing live in Japan like this. Please enjoy listening to this song about the amusing and unexpected possibilities people go through.”


    Upon stating this, DEAN went on to sing Maybe Tomorrow live for the first time, the theme song for the ongoing TV Asahi Saturday night drama I Give My First Love to You. This was followed by another one from the new album: the a capella number Accidental Poet.


    Moving into the middle of the set, DEAN changed pulled out the punk rhythms. “I made a song about welcoming the new seasons. It’s one to support people changing their lifestyles!” The song in question was Sakura during which the venue beamed with beautiful pink lights and supported by fans singing in chorus.

    A real banger was next on the set as it rose the artist to further international fame: History Maker, the opening theme for the hit anime series Yuri!!! on Ice. He followed it up with Everybody put your hands up! and History In The Making. The crowd’s excitement soared to climactic heights as the night drew towards its closure.

    DEAN FUJIOKA’s tour is off to a tremendously successful start. The Japan leg of the tour will conclude on March 30 at NHK Hall in Tokyo after which he will travel to Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

    Speaking about his latest 15-track album, DEAN commented that, “I want people to listen to [it] like a documentary about sound.” He refers to the order in which the songs are consciously placed in the album as they are in order of when they were recorded, allowing for the listener to hear the progression and transformation of his sound.


    His tour is sure to be a one-of-a-kind experience as he reflects on stage the life he has lead up to this day. If you have the chance to see him live―do.