WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA’s performance at Nippon Budokan simply spectacular! KOM_I also announces nationwide tour

WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA, who recently released their first major album “SUPERMAN” in February, just completed their first concert “Hakkaku Uchuu” at the famous Nippon Budokan on March 8th. The Nippon Budokan is a large venue that was originally built in 1964 for the judo competition in the 1964 Summer Olympics. KOM_I took into account the 8-sided (‘Hakkaku’) octagon shape of the venue as well as the theory behind the cosmic dual forces (yin and yang) and the five elements and split the seating arrangements – North, East, South and West – by different colours, while making sure everyone was part of the same ‘outer space’ (‘Uchuu’). This live performance at the Budokan was held just after the release of “SUPERMAN,” WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA’s revolutionary pop music album set on becoming the leader we need in this time where Superman himself isn’t around. But even the famous Budokan isn’t worthy of such a spectacular, special live show.


The venue was dark, the only visible source one could see around its entire 360° view was the white octagon-shaped centre stage in the middle of the arena. The atmosphere this gave off was a true highlight of the show. And with that, the performance began, with a packed out room of people who could not contain their excitement.


The lighting and special effects illuminated the room, with blue lasers shooting forth in 8 directions. Soon after, KOM_I made her entrance, riding on top of a portable shrine in the form of a Flying Nimbus from Dragonball. Her outfit was a combination of what looked just like — and Cleopatra. KOM_I, still riding the Flying Nimbus, was taken soaring around the venue floor, and sang “Chohakkai” to the delight of the audience. “Shakushain” was the next song. For this one, fantastical projections were lit with KOM_I in the centre who now took up the entire stage. The audience were captivated and watched as KOM_I rapped while demonstrating a phantasmagorical dance. She then made her first announcement, expressing her joy for playing the Budokan.


“Welcome to Nippon Budokan! So this is how many people come to a Campanella concert! Enjoy yourselves until the very end! I like being seen from different angles, so I think the Budokan is perfect for me. So we’ve created a performance that caters to a centre stage!” This was followed by some call-and-response with the audience for the song “Diablo” with everyone singing “ii yuu da ne, ii yuu da ne!” Next was a dance battle between KOM_I herself and “Shadow KOM_I” for the track “Aladdin,” followed by the group’s most famous song “Momotaro,” with everyone singing along to the familiar lines “kibidan! kibikibidan!”


Columns then formed around KOM_I for the song “Baku” as she performed contemporary dance, something which looked like some kind of new-age performance art. For “Yuta,” KOM_I’s presence was heightened in the room as 33 dancers dressed in black and white costumes appeared one by one to form the yin and yang symbol around her. Next up was the song “The Little Match Girl,” where 40 people stepped onto the stage to perform Poi, lighting up the arena like torchlight. Kinetic lights in the shape of a triangle subsequently descended from the ceiling over KOM_I as “Napoleon” was played, and during “Zeami” KOM_I was hooked to a harness which took her all the way up to the 2nd floor while she danced through the sky. For the last song of the set, the entire cast who were seen during the concert rejoined KOM_I on stage for “Ikkyu-san” and they all danced together as they liked.


Cries for an encore echoed, and the audience got what they wanted as KOM_I began singing the chorus for “Dracula.” Then, KOM_I called the other two members of WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA who you don’t normally see headed to the front of the stage: Kenmochi Hidefumi and Dir.F (Director F). KOM_I introduced the group once more: “The 3 of us are WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA!” and handed the mic over to them for them to join in singing.


And there you have it, WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA’s first performance at the Nippon Budokan. “Hakkaku Uchuu” was truly a historical and monumental night. With this, the group have completely changed and set the bar for what is pop music, entertainment and art. Catch them at their upcoming solo tour starting in June, a nationwide line-up of shows entitled “WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA One-Man Live Tour 〜IN THE BOX〜.”


Photography byYokoyama Masato




Ticket Price: ¥3,919 (tax-inclusive/numbered) *The ticket price is a pun on the title of the song “Ikkyu-san” which can also mean the numbers 3919 in Japanese.

On Sale: March 8th, 2017 @ 20:00 until March 20th, 2017 @ 23:59受付期間:2017年3/8(水)22:00~3/20(月・祝)23:59

Ticket Purchase: http://w.pia.jp/t/wed-camp/

WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA Official Site: http://www.wed-camp.com/


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