Are you brave enough to face the Halloween Horror Night at Universal Studios Japan?

10.September.2017 | SPOT

Universal Studios Japan will launch their autumn seasonal event “Universal Surprise Halloween” on Saturday 9th September. The press corps first launched this event on Thursday 7th September!


After 18:30 as dusk settled in, the park was invaded by range of 20 different types of zombie – the largest variety to which the park has ever fallen victim! The mass of zombies suddenly attacked the guests who ran away or tried to escape. This year marks the first occurrence of an attack by the zombie pirate, who only comes out on a rainy day. The area leading up to the park was swarming with an impossible number of zombies. As the intense scene sunk into the visitor’s minds, they were instructed by S.W.A.T guidance (Special Weapons And Tactics) to take refuge in an old, deteriorating and ghastly bus.


For a split second, the sweet sound of safety sunk in, but then, the zombies outside shook the bus, making the guests scream! And as for what unfolded in the rest of the park…something so crazy you won’t believe it! The whole park was pumped and screams could be heard from all around…


And what do the guests say about the park?

“ …I’m was so scared I don’t even know! The chainsaw was kinda strange! Today I just wanna scream and enjoy Halloween!”


“…Look the zombies dead in the eyes and you’ll be terrified! I was having so much fun, I don’t even know how much I was screaming! It was awesome! I wanna enjoy Halloween and try on a cool costume!”

The lingering excitement could still be heard in their voices as they spoke.


This year, there is also a walkthrough horror attraction called “Dead man’s Forest 〜 Shi no Mori kara no Dasshutsu”, (escape from the forest of death). Once the guests enter the park, they will notice this mysterious forest.


Here, an impossible number of zombies chase the visitors around. Amongst the loud screams, one must surge on with their special mission. There are approximately 100 different routes you could take – you’re there thinking….am I gonna die? Is this the way out? With the feeling of uncertainty, your desperate attempt to escape makes for the perfect survival horror experience.


Here are some comments from the guests:

“…You choose your own path and you’re still chased by zombies…you scream, then laugh, and there’s so much tension.”


“…You grow impatient and just want to get out! Once you enter this realistic world of the forest of death, you become scared. But once you get out, you feel so alive!”


On this special day, a new maze will open which will be the longest maze the park has ever had! This maze is called “Trauma 3 Saiaku Kankin Jikkenshitsu”, and the concept is based on a confined room of experimentation – your worst fear! There will also be the “Cult of Chucky 〜 Chucky Kyoki Byodo” which is based on the concept of insanity in a hospital ward. Come enjoy the wide range of attractions at the park for a wide range of pleasantly horrific experiences!


Universal Surprise Halloween’s “Halloween Horror Night will run from Saturday 9th September every day until Sunday 5th November.


Come experience the scariest Halloween you’ll ever have here at USJ!



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