“Wednesday Campanella” won the award, VOGUE JAPAN WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2017!

27.November.2017 | FASHION / MUSIC

VOGUE JAPAN WOMEN OF THE YEAR is an award that selects women who worked actively in many kinds of fields and inspired the readers of “VOGUE JAPAN” in their fashion, life styles and sense of beauty.


Suiyobi no Campanella (aka Wednesday Campanella, internationally) is a unit centering around Kom_I which was formed in 2013. The unit consist of the three members; Kom_I (main performer), Hidefumi Kenmochi (music) and Dir.F (other works) but only Kom_I appears in public. The full album “SUPERMAN” released in February 2017 won the first place on iTunes for two days straight and the first one-man live in Nippon Budokan was a great  success. The main performer of the unit, Kom_I is working in many fields. She participated in the winter collection of DOLCE&GABBANA 2017/8 held in Milano, as a runway model.

 ★YOONさん (2)

Also, YOON (AMBUSH®) won the award of “Rising Star of the Year” which was established by “VOGUE JAPAN” under the concept of supporting young women who are working actively in the fashion scenes all around the world.


The winners of the award, wearing gorgeous dresses, walked the red carpet and the crowd applauded and shouted for joy. Photos of this award ceremony, portrait photos and special interviews will appear in VOGUE JAPAN’s January 2018 issue to be released on November 28th (Tue.).


Don’t miss the activities of Suiyobi no Campanella’s Kom_I!




“Wednesday Campanella” official site:http://www.wed-camp.com/

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