16.February.2016 | MUSIC

Over 200 thousand people will attend the world’s largest planned music festival, SXSW 2016, which will be held  in the state of Texas, America. Today it has been discovered that WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA, a band drawing a lot of public attention, has started a mysterious ‘pink’ collaboration for this event.


As of today, a special feature of the smartphone accessible website (available by following the link below), will lead you to a picture of the new artist Koumai with the new song title ‘Chupacabra’ written in Japanese above her. However, something strange will happen – tip your phone from left to right and you will notice that her face and body gradually turning pink!


What meaning does this have?


This feature, which is only available if you access the site by smartphone, is to commemorate the sale of the first ever RED BULL Spring Edition Sakura Flavor, which started selling from February 16th. This was the plan for the collaboration of RED BULL and WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA.


The theme of WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA’s new song is Chupacabra… But what exactly is a Chupacabra?


…A Chupacabra is an Unidentified Mysterious Animal (UMA) – a blood-sucking creature said to have been witnessed lurking in parts of South America. Now, WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA and RED BULL decided to work with this theme, combining the two to create the image of a body smoking pink energy until the whole body has turned pink!


Does this mean that the energy-charged Koumai will eventually grow wings?


Their new song ‘Chupacabra’ , which will be used as a promotion video, is planned to be uploaded on the same website within the first 10 days of March. Their previous video’s elements of surprise and supreme quality was a huge hit with the public. As the date for releasing the new video is drawing close, all we can do is wait!



Mobile phone feature site URL:


■WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA SXSW 2016 performance information

Date and Time:15th March 2016 at 22.00


Venue:Cheer Up Charlies(


Details of the event: