Concert Review: Wednesday Campanella Sets Off 2018 Asia Tour in Hong Kong

16.October.2018 | MUSIC

Wednesday Campanella’s 10-date Asia tour finally began on October 12 to a sold-out venue at Music Zone @E-Max in Hong Kong.


As fans waited for the performance to begin many of them were gathered around the merchandise area to check out out the latest items from the group. Excitement seethed throughout the room.

The first song of the night was Kiiro no Uta during which vocalist KOM_I was bathed in warm and magical yellow lights produced by Hikari Asobi, a lighting team that has followed her on tour since Japan.

This was followed by Chupacabra which saw fans’ nerves lifted to gradually begin dancing one by one. “You can do anything!” shouted KOM_I after which she moved onto Momotaro (Remix), evoking excited shrills through the venue.

Towards the second half of the set, an enormous pink cloth suddenly appeared overhead during Uran-chan, covering everyone in the room. KOM_I left the stage and entered the crowd. The pink cloth then took on the form of a dome and ladders were set up in the middle of everyone. KOM_I climbed up and sang Itoshii Monotachi e while overlooking fans.

Away went the cloth, and standing atop the ladders, KOM_I sang Ikkyu-san. Everybody came together to sing the hit track.


The last song of the night was Marco Polo (Remix). KOM_I descended the ladders and as if being swallowed whole passed the fans as she sang and left out the exit, concluding the set. Lots of fans chased after her and she continued to walk.


There are 8 dates left on the tour: 4 in China and 4 in Japan. Next on the list for KOM_I is Guangzhou.