WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA’s first American concert at SXSW! Announces major debut on stage

21.March.2016 | MUSIC

Suiyoubi no Campanella appeared on stage as “WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA” at SXSW 2016, the world’s largest music festival held in Texas, US. Although the band has experienced playing overseas in Taiwan before, this was their first time performing in America.


March 15th, 22:00, “Cheer Up Charlie’s” stage——As the song “Napoleon” started, a huge cheer was heard throughout the venue as KOMI appeared being carried on top of the crowd from the back of the room. She then went on to sing “Yuta” which pumped even more energy into the room. KOMI then made an announcement in English about the band’s major debut, saying: “Thank you, everyone. We are currently making an album in Tokyo. Our next album will be released in June by Warner Music (Atlantic)”, before performing their new song “Chupacabra”, which will be featured on the upcoming album.


KOMI was put into a water ball just like at the band’s one-man live in Tokyo and Osaka for the song “Momotarou” as she performed crowd surfing while inside it, which went down a storm with the audience. It was a fun and new experience for the audience as they displayed their excitement, before WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA’s first-ever concert in America came to a close.

WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA left their mark with their first American performance. Their next overseas performances are something to look out for, and they are sure to prepare something fun and special for their June release. Look forward to the announcements!



Date/Time: March 15th, 2016~ 【Japan Time: March 16th noon 12:00~】
Venue: Cheer Up Charlies (