Worldwide famous act WORLD ORDER to perform at J-POP SUMMIT 2016 in San Francisco!

25.March.2016 | MUSIC

Viewed as a parody of diligent businessmen by their overseas audience, WORLD ORDER are architects of their own unique one-of-a-kind style as they fuse pop and sensitive dance music with their intense dance performances which always demonstrate their strong physical capabilities.


WORLD ORDER have proven their brilliance with their activity overseas, having performed in France and Singapore for last year’s MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL. Now, they deliver to their American fans a long awaited concert.



J-POP SUMMIT is America’s largest Japanese culture event. From music, to IT, technology, fashion, film, travel, food, anime, art, games and more, this huge festival offers anything and everything you could imagine from Japan. This year will see the event head into its 8th year.


■ Information
 Event: J-POP SUMMIT 2016
Location: FORT MASON CENTER (San Francisco, US)
Date: Friday July 22nd~Sunday July 24th, 2016


  • World Order’s “Singularity” has single-handedly raised the profile of a singular girls group【Video】

    24.March.2017 | MUSIC

    Who is that hiding behind the dance group in their newest music video shot all over Nagoya?

    Music group World Order isn’t only known for their robotic dancing and electronic beats. Their act can also be delightfully comedic when employed in the right situations, usually during their publicly shot music videos set around the world. Seeing the group pump their arms and “walk” by popular destinations is now as iconic as it is mesmerizing. While Genki Sudo, the founder of the group, is no longer the full-time front man, it seems he is continuing to dance with World Order, at least in their newest music video, “Singularity”.

    The video features the perfect mix of all the elements we’ve come to love from the group, including suited dancers moving around robotically and an intricate “dance machine” that could only come from the minds of World Order. Fans are treated to a few special guests part way through the video as well. World Order is basically challenged to a dance off with a bunch of office women in the conference room. However, these aren’t just any regular ol’ office ladies though; they’re eight members of SKE48, one of the sister groups to AKB48 that are based in Nagoya. They’re the perfect companions to help World Order enjoy the sights and sounds of the third largest city in Japan, as soon as they all bust out of the office.

  • WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA wow J-pop fans with their second live in America and in return, receive a big surprise from the audience!

    31.July.2016 | MUSIC

    Following the release of their 1st major EP “UMA”, WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA embarked on their “Unidentified Tour” around Japan, taking further immediate action to spread their love to America with their appearance on stage at “J-POP SUMMIT 2016”. “J-POP SUMMIT 2016” is an event which was held from Friday 22nd 〜 24th July in San Francisco with the aim of spreading J-pop culture to overseas countries. WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA took to the Fort Mason Center stage to perform for the J-pop-hungry crowd on Saturday 23rd July.


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    Whilst the many eyes of J-pop and anime fans had their eyes fixated on the stage, the sound of the first song on their set list, “Napoleon” echoed throughout the whole venue, however, KOM_I was nowhere to be seen. Instead, the centre monitor displayed KOM_I singing in a mysterious, feathery mask….and then finally revealed her secret location!! She emerged from behind the Domo-kun monument in the NHK WORLD booth, which was located behind the guest seating area. Observing this unimaginably spectacular entrance onto the stage, the cheers from the audience raged with excitement, as they advanced to crowed around the monument. After jumping down from the stage, she was carried by a deluxe portable festival shire decorated with red paper lanterns and crawling with Chinese dragons. She advanced through the audience, giving them high fives and inviting them to enjoy the atmosphere and dance.


    During the MC, it was announced that KOM_I’s birthday was on 22nd July, which is the same day that WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA set off for San Francisco for J-POP SUMMIT. Upon hearing this, the crowd of fans naturally began to sing happy birthday in unison, bringing some tears to KOM_I as she replied “Thank you so much!!” to the very American San Francisco audience. As 2 other members in the audience seemed to share the same birthday, KOM_I threw some toy duck figures into the audience as a present!

    MAIN KevinFratesJPOPSummit2016_1

    The last song performed by WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA was “Momotaro” with a slight twist… The audience were shocked, wowing in awe as a giant rubber ball rolled onto the stage. KOM_I entered the giant ball and threw herself into the audience, rolling freely over her fans! The special giant rubber ball had a special feature ー special decorative lights were installed inside the ball, changing colour to match the theme of the song. The ball turned pink and continued to roll over the ocean of fans, soon taking on the appearance of a giant peach. The smiling fans, who enjoyed the performance constantly moved their hands, passing the giant peach around themselves to ensure that KOM_I who was inside did not fall. Even after the song had finished, KOM_I announced: “Next, I’ll be holding an autograph session over there, so I’ll be heading there in this giant ball! See you later!” and was washed away to the back of the guest seating area. It was at this grand point that the fantastic live came to a close.


    This marks WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA’s second live performance in America. The live turned out to be a big success, as the group fulfilled their main goal of bringing happiness to their audience through their crazy performance and by ensuring that everybody in the audience has a big smile on their face.


    The activity of WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA does not stop here! They will also be performing at the festival SUPER SLIPPA 2016 today in Taiwan, and will continue to perform around the country at summer festivals! As their activity knows no limits, please continue to look out for their raids in foreign countries too!




    ■J-POP SUMMIT 2016 
    @San Francisco, America
    Friday 22nd〜 Sunday 24th July ※ WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA performed on Saturday 23rd

    M2- Shakushain

    M3-Yuki Otoko Yeti
    M4- Chupacabra
    M5- Diablo
    M6- Momotaro


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  • Winners for MOSHI MOSHI LOTTO’s Special Prize and Artist Prize are still being announced! J-POP SUMMIT attendees — make sure you apply fast!

    21.July.2016 | MUSIC

    From 7th 〜 10th July, France was host to JAPAN EXPO, and from 15th 〜 17th July, England hosted HYPER JAPAN. It is at these locations where MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON set up a lottery event in the booth area.



    Many winners were announced and received merchandise prizes of artists who performed at that event, such as MAN WITH A MISSION, Cheeky Parade and This lottery put a smile of excitement on everyone’s face, and fans were able to experience the thrill and excitement of the event to the max. Don’t forget the Special Prize which is a flight to Japan! The winner of this special ticket will be able to find out there and then what a massive prize they have just won.


    At England’s HYPER JAPAN, a lovely, fashionable couple popped by and one of the lucky lovers managed to win a 6%DOKIDOKI T-shirt! The couple mentioned that they will be attending MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL in TOKYO which will be held this year in November, and promised to come talk to us again!


    At J-POP SUMMIT, Silent Siren, Una, Yanakiku and many other artists will be making their appearance on stage, and of course their merchandise, along with the special flight to Japan prize, will be up for grabs through MOSHI MOSHI LOTTO. As the Internet will be very crowded on the day, we recommend applying to take part in MOSHI MOSHI LOTTO before turning up at J-POP SUMMIT.


    Click on the link below to apply to take part in MOSHI MOSHI LOTTO and come join in the fun with your QR code!


  • MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON interview WORLD ORDER just before their overseas performance at J-POP SUMMIT

    13.June.2016 | FEATURES / MUSIC

    WORLD ORDER are Japanese male dance performance group. They have performed worldwide at the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL and boast tremendous popularity overseas. They are also participating successfully in nutritional commercials. We conducted an exclusive interview with each of the members (Genki Sudo, Masato Ochiai, Akihiro Takahashi, Hayato Uchiyama, Yuusuke Morisawa, Takashi Jounishi, and Ryuuta Tomita) at their “Art Exhibition”.


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    ――Since your formation, you’ve had your eyes set on heading overseas. With that in mind, please tell us how the group came to be organised.
    Sudo: Because I am known as a mixed martial artist and kickboxer and because of the things I have been able to do, there have been times where it has been a hindrance on my career. I released my solo CD when I was a martial artist, but there were mixed responses, things like “Ah. I see…” I’m see as a martial artist here in Japan, so those kind of reactions came about when I appeared on YouTube too, so I felt like I wanted to go and make my debut overseas. My style now was born from how people from overseas stereotypically see Japanese people: serious and diligent. That, combined with wearing a suit and glasses while dancing like a robot is the style we have made.

    ――You performed at the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL in various countries around the world. What was the reaction like from the overseas audiences?
    Morisawa: Their responses were amazing. From every breath to every drop of sweat, everything of us was conveyed and received well. We really felt everyone’s excitement and gaze while we were performing, the tension was high. Everyone really livened up together.

    ――Are the responses at your concerts in Japan different from those overseas?
    Uchiyama: A lot of our solo concerts in Japan are seated, so everyone just quietly watches the stage. Even at festivals, Japan has its own way of having fun.
    Takahashi: Outside Japan, I feel the responses aren’t all that different from each other from country to country.
    Ochiai: Our performances are generally something to watch and enjoy, but audiences overseas also take the music into account and so enjoying everything at once. They’re really good at having fun.
    Sudo: Japan has a unique scene. I’ve come to worry whether or not we are okay with it. People are polite. Everywhere but Japan really goes for it, and when I see that, I wonder “are we really this popular?” and feel misunderstood (laughs).
    Jounishi: Parts of our dances take a kind of approach that Kabuki and Noh performances do, so I wonder if our Japanese fans are thinking in terms of that. But people overseas don’t worry about that and can just have a good time.
    Tomita: We go all out with everything we have wherever we go, but there are people that don’t understand Japanese, so we make up for that strongly by conveying what we are saying through our performance.
    Takahashi: Before our performance at MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL in France, we had a chance to interact with the fans. There were a lot of people that greeted us in Japanese. We received a very warm welcome.

    ――This interview is currently being held at the exhibition centre for your “Art Exhibition” project you started last year. I feel there is a lot of very Japanese-like motifs and expressions about it. Is this true?
    Sudo: The Art Exhibition is a place for each member of the group to show their work outside of music. Up to now, it only includes the members’ domestic work It’s especially made up of Japanese-like motifs. We have no plans to make it available overseas. But regarding WORLD ORDER’s primary work – our performances – they are packed full of things Japanese and reveal each member’s potential.




    ――WORLD ORDER dress in suits and neckties, erasing each member’s individual looks, but I actually think you each have great individuality. Can you do a free-talk and introduce each other? We’ll start from Morisawa. Please tell us about his image.
    All: “Yuusuke is a spontaneous guy”. “He has a strong heart.” “I like the gags he pulls in company.” “He’s a fine young man!”

    ――Next, tell us about Takahashi’s image.
    All: “He is kind to everyone, no matter who it is”. “When you talk with him you can feel at ease”. “He’s also really stylish”.

    ――What about Ochiai?
    All: “At first glance he might seem scary, but he’s a big sweet tooth”. “He’s really good both in his work and private life.” “He’s in charge of the choreography, so he has an air of leadership”.

    ――And Jounishi?
    All: “He’s a smart person”. “Even in a talk like this, he’s able to explain himself using words that nobody knows.” “Because he graduated from the University of Tokyo!”

    ――What about Uchiyama?
    All: “He’s natural, I guess?” “He has a small face (laughs)” “He’s kind to the earth.” “He has great recognition from people”.

    ――And Tomita?
    All: “There’s nothing really in particular… (everyone in agreement)”. “The fact that there is nothing is conversely amazing.”

    ――And finally, tell us about Sudo.
    All: “He’s talented!” “He’s really cool!” “He really has charisma.” “He’s fashionable.” “He is very attentive in his consideration.”

    ――So it’s safe to say that you’re all charmed by Sudo Genki, correct?
    All: Yes! (why are they all laughing?)

    ――I heard that you all went strawberry picking and treasure hunting on a bus tour to Izu. Strawberry picking is kind of cute and a bit different from WORLD ORDER’s usual image, right?
    Takahashi: Hahaha. We took our families with us and it was a lot of fun. We picked strawberries, we hunted for treasure, and we performed live. There was a lot of different things packed into one day.


    ――Finally, we’d like to hear about the group’s future plans from Sudo.



    Original Text:  Tanaka Tashinori / Photography: Atsushi Yamada (SHUTTER)




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  • Genki Sudo returns in Shibuya-version of hit World Order song【Video】

    08.June.2016 | MUSIC

    We guarantee that watching the video will result in a very “nice day”.

    Last October, we sadly reported that Genki Sudo, the MMA fighter turned musician and dance master who established the internationally-famous group, World Order, was retiring as lead singer to focus his talents behind the camera. We believed we could never recover from the shock, but we ended up being pleasantly surprised with theirnew song and music video, which was released in March.

    Their new video was bittersweet as we missed seeing a “genki” Genki Sudo appearing our screens. Thankfully, our prayers have been answered with a new version of one of their past music videos. Backed by more than 100 dancers, Genki Sudo leads the charge towards everyone having a nice day.

  • Worldwide famous act Wednesday Campanella and GARNiDELiA to perform at J-POP SUMMIT 2016 in San Francisco!

    29.April.2016 | MUSIC

    J-POP SUMMIT 2016, one of the world’s biggest Japanese pop culture events, has announced an exciting and diverse first line-up of music artists set to perform this year. This summer’s festival will be highlighted by an exciting 3-day slate of live music from a wide range of top Japanese pop idol, ani-pop (anime pop), electronica, and rock artists that will complement an extensive roster of attractions, participants and exhibits, and other live programming. Tickets will go on sale on Friday, May 6th at:

    J-POP SUMMIT 2016 starts with “Kyary Pamyu Pamyu LIVE at J-POP SUMMIT OPENING NIGHT – KPP 5iVE YEARS MONSTER WORLD TOUR 2016 in San Francisco” on Friday, July 22nd at The Regency Ballroom. Other musical guests to perform at J-POP LIVE concert on Saturday and Sunday July 23rd and 24th at Fort Mason Center include electronic dance group, WORLD ORDER, all-female pop rock band, Silent Siren, pop house unit, Wednesday Campanella, and ani-pop duo, GARNiDELiA. Additional live artists and specific set times will be announced soon.




    Wednesday Campanella is a pop house unit that delivers a mixture of house, techno, and trance style music. The unit is

    The group is recognized for its comical and sensational music videos and for the singer’s very unique personality. The group’s recent activity includes release of the album, “Zipangu” based on a concept of traveling around Eurasia and looking back to Japan from overseas.

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    GARNiDELiA is a Japanese ani-pop duo consisting of vocalist, MARiA, and composer, toku. Their first major single, “ambiguous” was used as the opening theme of the anime series, Kill la Kill. Many of the duo’s subsequent singles have been used in popular anime series such as The Irregular at Magic High School, Gundam, Reconguista in G, Linkage Ring, and Gunslinger Stratos. GARNiDELiA actively performs both inside and outside of Japan. Their recent global activity includes performances in Anime Festival Asia 2014 Indonesia, Anime Festival Asia 2014 Singapore, SakuraCon in the U.S., Anison Dream Stage 2015 in Hong Kong, and SMASH in Australia. The duo is on their way to becoming one of the hottest ani-song units in recent years.

  • Silent Siren to perform their first ever American concert at J-POP SUMMIT 2016 in San Francisco!

    24.March.2016 | MUSIC

    It has been announced that girls band Silent Siren, who are gaining more and more popularity by the day, are to perform for the first time in America at “J-POP SUMMIT”, an annual Japanese culture event held in San Francisco every summer.

    In addition to being an all-girls band, Silent Siren are also models, being actives in Aomoji-kei magazines. The girls have successfully performed overseas for a number of concerts, including their first ever overseas tour in Hong Kong in 2014 where they held a one-man live, a 2015 tour to Taiwan and Hong Kong once more, and a one-man live in Jakarta, Indonesia in September 2015. This will be the first time any of the girls have ever travelled to America. Be sure not to take your eyes off Silent Siren even for a second as they embark on their new journey and grow even more!

    J-POP SUMMIT is America’s largest Japanese culture event. From music, to IT, technology, fashion, film, travel, food, anime, art, games and more, this huge festival offers anything and everything you could imagine from Japan. This year will see the event head into its 8th year.



    Event Information
     Event: J-POP SUMMIT 2016
     Location: FORT MASON CENTER (San Francisco, US)
     Date: Friday July 22nd~Sunday July 24th, 2016


    10.September.2015 | FES

    MOSHI MOSHI FESTIVAL, an event under the “MOSHI MOSHI PROJECT” umbrella, aims to deliver pop culture from Japan to the world, held their Singapore installment from Sept. 5 (Sat.) – 6 (Sun.) at the *SCAPE The Ground Theatre / *SCAPE Playspace, wowing a total of 7,500 J-pop culture fans.


    Live performances were held on both days at the *SCAPE The Ground Theatre with the first act being TEMPURA KIDZ. Impressing the crowd with their immaculate moves, they performed hit tunes “Miira Killer” and “LOLLiPOP,” making the crowd roar ecstatically from the beginning to finish. Calling out “We love Singapore!” to wrap their set up, the crowd cheered and set them up for a great finish.


    WORLD ORDER took stage after the adorable KIDZ, making an elaborate entrance on stage with their exhilarating dance performance, prompting the crowd to go wild. After performing “WORLD ORDER,” Genki Sudo took the mic to MC in English, where his humor-filled introductions to the members made the venue boom with laughter. As the group entered the latter half of their set, the group kept the audience on their toes with solo dance performances followed by their signature tunes “FIND THE LIGHT” and “MACHINE CIVILIZATION.” Despite this being their first performance in Singapore, their brilliantly concocted performance completely entranced the audience – with Sudo speaking out “Are you Having a good time?” the audience gave a huge uproar to end the set.


    The final act of the Sept. 5 was CAPSULE. Kicking it off with “more more more,” they followed up with “Another World” and “Hero.” Toshiko Koshijima kept the floor’s energy alive whilst Yasutaka Nakata showcased his DJ prowess. The audience held their hands up in the air and danced the set away, completely immersed in the pounding beat. Koshijima called out, “Are you ready? Here we go!” and the setlist entered the latter half, including tracks such as “Starry Sky,” “Love or Lies” and “Sugarless GiRL.” They left the stage and entered once again to play their encore, “Glider,” when WORLD ORDER joined them on stage. Only at MOSHI MOSHI FESTIVAL could this kind of collaboration take place. By the time the show saw its end, the floor had reached the peak of its excitement.


    TEMPURA KIDZ were also the first one up on Day 2. Showing up with different outfits than the previous day, they took stage with a completely different setlist, including songs such as “Mask Mask” and “Happy Natsumatsuri,” heating up the floor just as they did on Day 1.


    The second act of the day was Hachioji P, starting off with “Electric Love feat. Hatsune Miku,” the DJ didn’t hesitate to bring in his latest track “Little Scarlet Bad Girl feat. Hatsune Miku” into the first half of their set. “This is so much fun! Do you guys like Vocaloid? Let’s keep the energy up!” he called out, and the energy continued to rise as he performed “Desktop Cinderella feat. Hatsune Miku” from his latest album, and left the audience feeling more than fulfilled.


    kz(livetune) took the stage next. Starting off with a mash-up of his mega-hit track “Tell Your World” and Porter Robinson’s “Sad Machine,” the crowd immediately went wild. “CLICK” followed and the crowd saw no stopping of the euphoric wave that had washed over the floor. He then called Anna Yano onto stage, where they performed the livetune-produced “Shape My Story” together. Claiming this is her “first time singing it,” she went on to perform the opening theme song to anime, MILPOM★, “Milky Rally.” This pleasant surprise, needless to say, brought huge delight upon the crowd.


    The final act for Day 2 was yanaginagi. They got the audience up on their feet by calling “Jump, jump!” and started off with “Beedoro Moyou.” This being their third performance in Singapore, they claimed “it was awesome how we could come back to Singapore to perform!” and went on to perform their ever-popular “Haru Modoki.” Prepping the audience beforehand with the words, “We’ll take you on a wild ride in the latter half!” they started off with “Zoetrope,” immersing the crowd in the music all the way to their last track, “Mitsuba no Musubime.” There couldn’t have been an act that could have wrapped the night up better than yanaginagi.


    The *SCAPE The Ground Theatre that transformed into a live venue by night, and hosted free events during the day of Sept. 6 (Sun.) where BPM15Q, USAGI, PCF(Keitan/Tadanon/TAKUMA), matsushita, Anna Yano and AMIAYA performed on stage as well as JSTO. Fashion shows took place on the stage as well, making the audience call out for more of the freshest J-culture.


    The *SCAPE Playspace opened up admission-free booths on both days – models and artists performed on the mini stage set up inside the venue, which invited a huge crowd to get a glimpse of the great freebies.


    The booths included a free Karaoke “LIVE DAM” booth where performing artists also made surprise appearances, whereas the “COOL JAPAN FUKUOKA” booth showcased the appeal of Fukuoka prefecture, and the “marukome x MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON” booth gave away free samples of the traditional Japanese soup – miso soup. Furthermore, free photo-shoots were held at the “CHEERZ” booth making use of the BPM15Q, the “EXIT TUNES” booth kept the mini stage energized, the “GOLD RUSH” booth bought in whatever you had to bring in, and the “JAPAN SHOPPING FESTIVAL” booth introduced J-fans to Japan’s shopping festivals. The lineup of booths doesn’t stop there – the festival also had ready the anime-short “MILPOM★” booth, as well as the “MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON” booth where they pleased fans with their MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON original “Gudetama” items as well as other Japan-themed souvenirs, making it an irresistible shopping experience for all visitors alike.


    “MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2015” will be held in Paris and London in October, and in Tokyo this November! Don’t miss out on the J-pop-culture-filled fest!




    ■Details on upcoming ”MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2015” events



    Date:Oct.3(Sat.)- 4(Sun.)

    Location:Paris, France

    Venue:Le TRIANON

    Ticket information:


    Oct. 3(Sat.)CAPSULE / Yasutaka Nakata(CAPSULE)/ BOOM BOOM SATELLITES




    Date: Oct. 11(Sun.)

    Location:London, U.K.



    Date: Nov. 6th (Fri.) – 8th (Sun,), 2015
    6th: Open 4PM (main stage opens at 5PM and starts at 6PM)
    7th & 8th 12PM (main stage opens at 12PM and starts 2PM)
    Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Gynasium (1-17-1 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)


    ▼Participating artists

    6th【MOSHI ANI】
    TEMPURA KIDZ・Runa Haruna・May’n・yanaginagi・Yun*chi …and more


    7th【MOSHI POP】
    Caramel・Cupitron・Silent Siren・sora tob sakana・TEMPURA KIDZ・Shiho Namba・Niji no Conquistador・NEKO PUNCH・Hanae・Natsume Mito・Musubizm・Tsukasa Mogamigawa・Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen・Lovely★DOLL …and more


    8th【MOSHI COOL】
    Leaders・AMIAYA・m-flo(DJ SET)・CAPSULE・・CTS・Suiyobi no Campanella・TEMPURA KIDZ・vivid undress・Una・RAM RIDER・WORLD ORDER …and more


    ▼Participating models(listed in Japanese alphabetical order)

    7th【MOSHI POP】
    Fumiko Aoyagi・Hiko Achinami・AMIAYA・Hitomi Ueno・Misa Kimura・Ren Koseki・Natsuko Kondo・Saki Sato・Saki Shibata・Hikari Shibata・Ayumi Seto・Shiho Takechi・Rina Tanaka・Ema Tanioku・Eri Tanioku・Asaka Taniguchi・Mai Nakaseko・Culumi Nakada・Himezawa・POCHI・MANON・Rinko Murata・Anna Yano・Yuna Yabe・Una・Yura・YuRi…and more


    ▼JAPAN FOOD FESTIVAL(Free admission)
    Niku Fes …and more


    ▼Admission(All prices include tax)
    Advanced one-day ticket (6th) ¥4,320 (7th or 8th) ¥4,860
    7th & 8th two-day ticket ¥8,100
    Three-day ticket ¥10,800


    Non-Japanese can enter the festival for free with a passport and an advance registration
    >>Register now!




    MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2015 in TOKYO Official Site (English)


    03.August.2015 | FES

    Japanese techno-pop dance unit WORLD ORDER will join MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2015 in SINGAPORE (Sep, 5 and 6) and MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2015 in PARIS(Oct, 3 and 4).


    WORLD ORDER is a seven-piece Tokyo-based dance performance group formed in 2009. They are known for their looks that resemble hardworking Japanese businessmen – or “salarymen” – and highly detailed choreography that goes perfectly well with their synth-driven dance tunes. It didn’t take long for the world to take notice of the band’s talent – with many eager fans in Asia, North America and Europe, WORLD ORDER finally announced these long-awaited concerts in Singapore and France!



    “We are very excited to perform to our international fans!” says a member of WORLD ORDER, who have been receiving a lot of messages from excited fans in other countries. On top of their regular performance, the group will prepare a special performance that consists of six members for those two locations.

    By touring around the world, the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON Festival team aims to promote the latest in Japanese pop culture. The team will be on the road throughout the year and will regularly announce more J–pop related events. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more exciting news!



    Date: Sept. 5 (Sat.) and 6 (Sun.), 2015

    Location: Singapore

    Venue:*SCAPE The Ground Theatre / *SCAPE Playspace

    Ticket information:

    Early Bird (Aug 6 to Aug 12): S$78/day

    Normal (Aug 13 onwards): S$88/day

    Admission to Exhibition Grounds and Day Stage Activities are free.


    Sept. 5: CAPSULE / Yasutaka Nakata (CAPSULE) / WORLD ORDER / TEMPURA KIDZ

    Sept. 6: Nagi Yanagi / kz(livetune)feat. ANNA YANO / Hachioji P / TEMPURA KIDZ and more…



    Date: Oct. 3 (Sat.) and 4 (Sun.) 2015

    Location: Paris, France

    Venue: Le TRIANON

    Ticketing information

    Oct. 3: CAPSULE / Yasutaka Nakata (CAPSULE) / BOOM BOOM SATELLITES