Visit Ashikaga Flower Park for the Great Wisteria Festival to enjoy 350 Wisteria trees and 5000 Azalea in full bloom!

18.April.2019 | SPOT

The Great Wisteria Festival 2019 will be held in Ashikaga Flower Park from Saturday 13th April.

During the festival, the park will be in full bloom, featuring mainly wisteria. The wisteria will only be in bloom from a week before to a week after the festival, adding to the precious value of the festival. If you pay a visit, you can enjoy over 150-year-old wisteria trees spread over a 600-tatami trellis area, an 80 m-long white wisteria tunnel, a tunnel of Kibana wisteria, and even more wisteria trees in full bloom.


Various colours of wisteria bloom in order over the course of a month, from pale crimson, violet and white to yellow. CNN praised the park as a magical scenery of spreading light, and it was the only Japanese location to be voted as one of the “2014 top 10 world dream destinations”.

Dazzling pale crimson (cherry blossom-coloured) wisteria.

Best seen: mid ー end of April

Great wisteria (designated as a protected species of Tochigi prefecture)

Best seen: End of April ー early May

More than 5,000 Azalea plants

Best seen: mid-April ー early May


Azalea can be found all over the world. Including the species that are specially cultivated in parks, there are over 1,000 species. These flowers dazzle with vivid colours in the sunlight, which looks especially beautiful when they are in full bloom. Ashikaga Flower Park station opened in April 2018, meaning that you only have to walk for three minutes to reach the beautiful flowers.


During the holidays, bring your family and friends to the park and enjoy the dazzling flowers to your heart’s content!