【MOSHI MOSHI Pick-up spot】The seaweeds fair of Futtsu city (Chiba prefecture Futtsu city) Taste the in-season seaweeds in Tokyo bay

28.November.2016 | FOOD / SPOT

Futtsu city, Chiba prefecture is known as the place of production of Edo-mae seaweeds. Especially the paste seaweed that contains substantial vitamins, iron, and anthocyanin is only available during winter here. This is considered to be a very flavorful healthy food. This used to be one of the seasonal foods which you could get anywhere around the Tokyo bay before the landfill, but it is very hard to get this nowadays. They are going to hold “Seaweeds Fair” to recall the taste of the past as one of the three biggest food events in Futtsu city.


This event puts importance on serving the made-in Futtsu sprout seaweeds that are the first to be harvested this year. This is very rare to taste even for locals. Some stores which participated in this event are going to sell cuisine which uses this sprout seaweed. It is common to eat this seaweed with vinegar or in miso soup, but they are going to cook varieties of food. You can taste many different types of food which has a lot of this seaweed such as seaweed omelet, ramen and soba noodle.


The stores raising a blue flag are serving this seaweed. Please check this out, and enjoy the taste of winter in Futtsu.



Event Schedule:December 15th(Thu)to February 28th(Tue) in 2017

※ Handling menu is different at franchise stores


Access:JR Uchibo line Aohori train station, Onuki train station, Kazusaminato train station

Tateyama Expressway Kisarazu South interchange, Futtsu Central interchange


Call for inquiries:Futtsu city Commercial and Industrial Association



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