Nissy (Takahiro Nishijima) gives us an early Christmas present from Santa: a Christmas version of his music video “Mada Kimi”

22.December.2016 | MUSIC

Nissy (Takahiro Nishijima) release his single “Mada Kimi wa Shiranai MY PRETTIEST GIRL” back in summer this year. The music video sees actress Kasumi Arimura playing the role of Nissy’s partner in a heart warming story and where the two of them do a cute pinky dance with their pinky fingers. The video reached 1 million views in just 3 days. And Nissy has just released a special Christmas version of the music video.


The Christmas edition sees Nissy (Takahiro Nishijima) dressed as Santa Claus looking back over the past year and thanking fans for all of their support throughout it, accompanied by another pinky dance.


Moreover, as a special Christmas present, Nissy (Takahiro Nishijima) will choose two people who post a video of themselves with a Christmas themed item doing a pinky dance and give them the two Christmas trees seen in the video and an item signed by Nissy himself. (People have until 4pm on December 23rd to participate in the project)


Music Video – Christmas Version:


Mada Kimi wa Shiranai MY PRETTIEST GIRL Christmas ver.

Details regarding how to sign up to receive the present can be found here:

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  • AAA Celebrates Dome Tour With PRONTO Collaboration Menu and Merch

    13.November.2021 | FOOD / MUSIC

    Participating PRONTO locations nationwide will begin celebrating AAA-themed menu items and limited-edition merchandise starting November 15, 2021. This project celebrates the group’s currently running 15th anniversary Dome Tour.


    Six different themed food and drink items will be on sale, with five beverages available in the member’s image colors. Art made for the collab shows the members holding celebratory bouquets, and a limited-time food item, Basil Carbonara, will also be available at certain locations nationwide. Those who order an AAA-themed drink will receive an AAAxPRONTO original coaster, and ordering the pasta will net guests an original placemat. 




    Merchandise will also be on sale for a limited time, so fans will definitely want to check it out!

  • With the world on lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, everybody is cooped up indoors and spending time at home. If you’re looking for something new to watch or listen to, then we’ve got you covered. MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON has compiled a list of 11 Japanese artists who have or are planning to post live footage of their full concerts and performances on YouTube.


    The future looks uncertain as it is right now, so in the meantime let’s find time to do the things we enjoy and stay positive as we get through this together.



    ONE OK ROCK are set to premiere 6 of their past concerts on YouTube from 2014-2018. They will be the full performances with no cuts and will not be archived, so mark your calendars and be sure to tune in when they drop.

    Full Details:

    ONE OK ROCK’s YouTube Channel:



    ARASHI has posted a full concert taken from his “untitled” tour which ran from November 2017 to January 2018. “Untitled” is the theme of the tour which looked towards ARASHI of the future. The stage set up and incredible performance are absolute must-sees.


    ARASHI’s Youtube Channel:


    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is in the middle of posting 100 videos of her live performances which will be available to watch for a limited time between April 14 to May 17 this year. The videos are being released as a part of the at-home entertainment #ouchiasobi (“Play At Home”) project launched by ASOBISYSTEM, the agency that Kyary is signed to. Now you can have fun too with Kyary by bringing her concerts into your home.


    Full Details:

    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Youtube Channel:



    AAA’s performance at Saitama Super Arena was a highlight of their 2013 tourーa tour which took them to see 150,000 fans across Japan. The full show is now available to watch on YouTube until April 30, 2020 at 23:59 (JST), so be sure to check it out.


    avex’s Youtube Channel:



    RADWIMPS have posted some content from their recently-released live DVD and Blu-ray ANTI ANTI GENERATION TOUR 2019 onto their YouTube channel. Feel part of the crowd with the following thrilling performance.

    Full Details:

    RADWIMPS’s Youtube Channel:


    Taichi Mukai

    Taichi Mukai recently posted a video of his performance of his popular song Reset. The song was written as the first ending theme for the anime series Run with the Wind.


    Taichi Mukai’s Youtube Channel:


    Official HIGE DANdism

    Official HIGE DANdism’s performance of I LOVE… at Pacifico Yokohama, which was held on February 10, 2020 as part of their “Travelers” tour, is available to listen to on Apple Music. This is another one that makes you feel part of the experience.


    Apple Music “I LOVE…” Pacifico Yokohama (2020.02.10)


    TK from Ling Tosite Sigure

    TK posted a video on his YouTube channel of footage taken from his live performance at Landmark Studio in Yokohama. His live band line-up includes the familiar faces BOBO (Drums) and Sato Honoka (Violin) as well as Yoshida Ichiro Untouchable World (Bass) who was a support member for TK last year, Hiroko Sebu (Piano) who provided her piano playing on TK’s single katharsis from last year, and Masao Watanabe (Cello).


    Full Details:

    Ling Tosite Sigure’s YouTube Channel:



    amazarashi dropped a trailer last year for his live DVD and Blu-ray release Mirai ni Narenakatta Subete no Yoru ni. His self-cover of Long Hope Philiaーthe theme song of the anime film My Hero Academia: Two Heroes and fifth ending theme of the My Hero Academia anime seriesーis a must-see!


    Full Details:

    amazarashi’s Youtube Channel:



    A live performance of Suchmos’s hugely popular Mint. It features footage backstage from the band’s tours across three years.


    Full Details:

    Suchmos’s Youtube Channel:



    Here’s a live music video of Superfly’s song Kakusei, the theme for the anime movie Promare. The video uses live footage taken from Superfly’s arena tour which incorporates gorgeous CG imagery.


    Full Details:

    Superfly’s YouTube Channel:

  • Character cafés are an exciting experience in Japan which sees a café collaborate with well-known anime series, game series or other franchise by decorating the café interior with designs and illustrations based on them and meals and drinks inspired by them.


    Before continuing this article be sure to check out our June 2019 list of character cafés as some of them are still running!



    Sanrio x Ichigo Shimbun Collaboration – Ichigo Shimbun Dinder (July 11-September 30)

    Ichigo Shimbun is a monthly magazine published by Sanrio which includes information about the latest character merchandise and much more. Sanrio has opened a café themed on their magazine at EGG & SPUMA which located on the 8th floor of Shinjuku Lumine EST. “Vacation” is the theme of the café where Sanrio fans can enjoy a summery food menu. Enjoy a fun summer together with the Sanrio characters♡


    Full Details:


    ▼Ichigo Shimbun Diner
    Location: EGG & SPUMA, Shinjuku Lumine EST Floor 8F, 3-38-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo
    Running: July 11, 2019 – September 30, 2019
    Business Hours: Weekdays 11:00-23:00 (Last Orders 22:00) / Weekends & Holidays 11:00-22:30 (Last Orders 21:30)
    TEL: 03-6273-0255


    AAA CITY SUMMER PARTY – AAA Cafés in Tokyo & Osaka (July 19-September 1)

    AAA’s collaborative café is themed on midsummer city pop. Their seasonal menu features drinks, desserts and more inspired by each respective colour of the group members. If you dine at the café you’ll get yourself a special lunch mat, and if you order a drink, you’ll get an original drink coaster. There’s plenty of other exclusive AAA café merchandise too, so if you’re a fan of the pop group then this is one you won’t want to miss out on this summer!




    Omotesando (Tokyo): July 19, 2019 – September 1, 2019

    Shinsaibashi (Osaka): July 19, 2019 – September 1, 2019



    Tokyo: OMOTESANDO BOX CAFE&SPACE (Pine Under Flat B1F, 5-13-2 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo)

    Osaka: Shinsaibashi contact (1-6-24 Kita-Horie, Nishi Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture)



    ・Table reservations for August 1 to September 1 opened on July 12 at 18:00 (JST)

    ・Reservation Price: ¥650 (Before Tax) *Comes with bonus merchandise

    AAA CITY SUMMER PARTY Official Website:

    AAA Official Website:


    Bonobono & Pompompurin’s First Ever Café Collaboration (July 11-September 1)

    The Harajuku, Umeda and Yokohama branches of the Pompompurin Café have teamed up with the beloved anime character Bonobono to release four menu items themed on playing together at the beach.


    Both Bonobono and Pompompurin fans alike won’t be able to resist the cute and delicious dishes being served at the cafes this summer.


    Full Details:


    Pompompurin Café Harajuku

    Address: CUTE CUBE HARAJUKU 3F, 1-7-1 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo

    Opening Hours: 11:00-21:00 (Food Last Orders 20:00 / Drinks Last Orders 20:30)

    Pompompurin Café Umeda
    Address: Hankyu Sanbangai South Wing B2F, 1-1-3 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi
    Opening Hours: Weekdays 11:00-22:00 (Last Orders 21:30) / Weekends & Holidays 10:00-22:00 (Last Orders 21:30)

    Pompompurin Café Yokohama

    Address: Yokohama Sotetsu Square, 2-1-5 Minamisaiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi

    Opening Hours: 10:00-21:00 (Last Orders 20:30)


    Bonobono Official Website:

    Pompompurin Café Official Website:

    ©Mikio Igarashi /Takeshobo, Fuji TV, Eiken © 1996, 2019 SANRIO CO., LTD. APPROVAL NO.S601363


    Astronaut Snoopy Soars Up Tokyo Skytree (July 18-October 14)

    Tokyo Skytree is now holding the FIRST BEAGLE IN SKYTREE® event in collaboration with the astronaut version of Snoopy which appeared in the original comic 50 years ago.


    Every astronaut needs a good meal to keep them going. Head to the SKYTREE CAFE on the Tembo Deck on floor 340F and enjoy a selection of themed desserts, drinks and more. Astronaut Snoopy decorations line the cafe where you can get limited-edition novelties too. Soar into and learn all about space this summer with your pal Snoopy♡


    Full Details:



    Running: July 18, 2019 – October 14, 2019

    Location: Tokyo Skytree Tembo Deck and Tembo Galleria

    *A separate fee must be paid to to enter the Tokyo Skytree Tembo Galleria

    Tokyo Skytree Official Website:

    Snoopy Japan Website:

    ©2019 Peanuts Worldwide LLC



    Gaspard & Lisa x Afternoon Tea TEAROOM (July 25-August 28)

    The Koshigaya Laketown kaze, LaLaport Yokohama, Terrace Mall Shonan, and Nagoya LACHIC branches of the Afternoon Tea TEAROOM have joined hands with the French picture book series Gaspard and Lisa to celebrate its 20th anniversary.


    The tea shops have been decorated with a special Gaspard and Lisa theme. There are photo spots at each cafe, and in the Nagoya LACHIC branch there is even a book corner with 20 books from the series. This is the perfect place to enjoy a special summer meal with your family, so don’t miss out!


    Full Details:


    ▼Lisa and Gaspard Collaboration

    Running: July 25, 2019 – August 28, 2019

    Afternoon Tea Official Website:

    Lisa and Gaspard Official Website:

    ©2019 Anne Gutman & Georg Hallensleben / Hachette Livre


    Koupen-chan Café in Shinjuku & Shinsaibashi (August 8-September 23)

    The baby emperor penguin Koupen-chan, who is often the go-to sticker for many Twitter and LINE users in Japan, is illustrated by the well-known RURUTEA. Many of these social media users turn to the relaxing, soft and cuddly penguin to send soothing words of encouragement and a fuzzy hug to their loved ones. No wonder our adorable penguin has over 300,000 followers on Twitter.


    The café returns from 2017 with a refreshed image which plunges deeper into the depths of Koupen chan’s affectionate world. There are even more features packed into this year’s collaboration menu. No matter what you order, your table will be overflowing with adorable penguin love.


    Full Details:


    ▼Koupen-chan Café 2019 Summer

    Tokyo Cafe

    Location: SHIBUYA BOX CAFE&SPACE (Shibuya LOFT Floor 2F, 21-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya, Tokyo)

    Running: August 8, 2019 – September 23, 2019


    Osaka Café

    Location: Shinsaibashi contact (1-6-24 Kita-Horie, Nishi Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture)

    Running: September 5, 2019 – October 6, 2019


    Reservation Price: ¥500 (includes a complementary souvenir for making the reservation)

    *A limit of 4 seats can be reserved through 1 reservation.

    Official Website:



    Did you enjoy this list? Be sure to visit a character café while in Japan this summer.

  • ANA Celebrates New Perth Direct Flights with Commercial Videos Featuring Nissy (Takahiro Nishijima)

    18.June.2019 | SPOT

    From September 1, ANA will be celebrating their direct flight service to Perth Airport, Australia with a special edition website called ANA Perth-sen Nissy SPECIAL STORY. The website features a series of videos where singer and actor Nissy; aka Takahiro Nishijima, explores the city of Perth. 


    Through encountering strange occurrences, he taking the time to relax and let the breeze sweep him away rather than fill every day with endless sightseeing. He simply shows the viewers just what a wonderful experience you can have even with a simple daytime nap.


    When the commercial was released, social media was overflowing with positive reactions. “What a wonderful commercial! You should be proud”; “It made me feel like I was actually on a trip with Nissy”; “I haven’t been on a trip in a long time, but seeing this wonderful commercial has made me want to go again”. These were just some of the comments received.

    With the slogan “GOOD VIBES ONLY!”, Nissy explores the wonderful city of Perth. Despite his visit to a place full of beautiful tourist spots, he gets right on his job. The story of the video also includes some cute moments where he can be seen messing around. There is no doubt that watching this video will fill you with the good vibes of Perth.


    This is also an opportunity to catch Nissy’s long-awaited new song NA , which is used as the commercial song and will be released digitally on June 24. This refreshing, energetic song is the perfect music to sum up the lively and refreshing city of Perth and those wonderful summer vibes.

  • AAA Release Music Video for ‘DEJAVU’

    29.July.2018 | MUSIC

    6-member Japanese pop group AAA have dropped a music video for their new song DEJAVU. The song serves as the lead track to their forthcoming new album COLOR A LIFE set for release on August 29.


    The concept behind the music video is that ambiguous dreamlike world you sink into during déjà vu.


    Like their single LIFE, which became popular for the L-dance, the new uses catchy choreography, with the members making a V shape during the chorus – the “V” of “déjà vu.” A lot of teenagers in Japan have been copying the dance moves of their favourite artists and posting it online. We might be seeing the new V-dance from them very soon.

    The group also unveiled the CD cover (above) for COLOR A LIFE. The picture itself makes use of a lot of colour. Fans will be very much anticipating this 12-track album from AAADEJAVU is now available early for digital download.




    On Sale: August 29, 2018


    First Press Limited Edition

    AL+DVD+GOODS – ¥6,480 (Tax Included)

    AL+DVD – ¥4,320 (Tax Included)

    AL – ¥3,348 (Tax Included)



    9.19 @ Tokyo Dome

    9.2 @ Tokyo Dome

    9.3 @ Tokyo Dome

    9.15 @ Nagoya Dome

    9.16 @ Nagoya Dome

    9.29 @ Kyocera Dome Osaka

    9.30 @ Kyocera Dome Osaka

    11.23 @ Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome

    11.24 @ Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome


    AAA Official Website:


  • AAA’s New Song ‘Tomorrow’ to be Used as Main Theme Song for Japanese Drama

    15.June.2018 | MUSIC

    Japanese pop group AAA are currently in the middle of their fan meeting tour which is taking theme to arenas across Japan. In recent news, it’s just been announced that their new song Tomorrow will be used as the main theme song for the upcoming Fuji TV Tuesday 9pm drama series Kenkou de Bunkateki na Saiteigendo no Seikatsu which will begin in July. This marks AAA‘s first involvement in providing a main theme for a Tuesday 9pm drama.

    The drama, set to begin on Tuesday July 17 at 9pm (JST) features Japanese actress Riho Yoshioka as the protagonist. The show takes place in a welfare department and explores themes that hit home to anybody including money, health, work and family.


    The show is based off the manga of the same name by Haruko Kashiwagi. The original work placed 10th in the Kono Manga wa Sugoi! 2015 awards. It has received high praise and attention not much in the media, but with case workers, as well as in the medical care and welfare departments.

    Tomorrow was written specifically for the drama series and is AAA‘s first ballad track in almost 3 years. The song states that although we may feel a loss of emotional support in our lives, it’s important to hold the love and words of those precious to us close and take a bold forward into tomorrow.


    Below is a comment from the drama’s producer Takashi Yoneda who spoke about AAA‘s involvement.

    “AAA is a group who is gaining support from a diverse range of people. But that didn’t happen overnight. They’ve got to where they are now with time, hard work, and experience in their career. That’s why their music has the power to encourage anyone. I was convinced that there was no other artist fitting enough, so I asked them on board.


    Mitsuhiro Hidaka, a member of AAA, is himself a fan of the original manga. He also spoke about his enjoyment in being put in charge for the drama’s main theme song.

    “I am extremely grateful for being able to be involved like this. The topic of welfare may be something difficult to picture in your head just hearing the word, but I look forward to the day that I can feel Emiru and the gang’s growth told alongside my story, and your story. That it’s not a story about wanting to keep the place you live close.”


    AAA will release their new album COLOR A LIFE on August 29. The album includes the track Tomorrow which features in the drama. The group will go on to tour in September in support of the album.




    On Sale: August 29, 2018


    First Press Limited Edition

    AL+DVD+GOODS – ¥6,480 (Tax Included)

    AL+DVD – ¥4,320 (Tax Included)

    AL – ¥3,348 (Tax Included)



    9.19 @ Tokyo Dome

    9.2 @ Tokyo Dome

    9.3 @ Tokyo Dome

    9.15 @ Nagoya Dome

    9.16 @ Nagoya Dome

    9.29 @ Kyocera Dome Osaka

    9.30 @ Kyocera Dome Osaka

    11.23 @ Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome

    11.24 @ Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome


    AAA Official Website:


    Fuji TV Tuesday 9pm Drama – “Kenkou de Bunkateki na Saiteigendo no Seikatsu”

    Broadcast Date: July 17, 2018 at 9pm (JST)

    *The first broadcast will run an extra 20 minutes.



  • AAA Collaborate with Popular KFC “Krushers” Drink in Summer Campaign!

    17.July.2017 | FOOD


    Japanese pop group AAA are teaming up with KFC Japan for a summer campaign. The “Manatsu no Triple Campaign” will see the group collaborate with KFC’s popular cool and refreshing smoothie drink “Krushers”. It began on July 13th and can be seen at KFCs around Japan selling Krushers as well as the official Krushers campaign website.





    New flavours for “Krushers” in Japan are released in line with the changing seasons. There are 4 to choose from right now. The new “Mango & Mango” was released on June 22nd. There’s also the limited edition seasonal flavour “Aloe & Muscat”, as well as the standard “Cookie & Cream” and “Yoghurt & Berry”.



    To support the campaign, a TV commercial has been released featuring Misako Uno and Shuta Sueyoshi of AAA dancing the Krushers dance. They also did another dance video together with a stylish looking Colonel Sanders which you can check out over on the campaign site.


    In other news, if you’re a Krushers lover, then listen up. If you purchase yourself a Krushers between July 15th and September 30th you can receive a stamp on your stamp card. Once you get 3 stamps, your next Krushers will be absolutely free. There’s also a ¥100 student discount. Just show your student card and get some money off.


    Begin your summer with a refreshing Krushers in the summer campaign!





    Product Name: Krushers

    Price: ¥350

    Available: at 576 KFC stores in Japan


    【Campaign Website】

    KFC Official Website:

    AAA Official Website:


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  • AAA Release Music Video “No Way Back” & Filming Session Footage!

    16.June.2017 | MUSIC

    The music video for AAA’s new single No Way Back, set to hit shelves on July 5th, has just been released.


    The song is about how you can’t backtrack on love, and each member of the group, as always, shows off their cool and sexy faces throughout the video. The music video for this summer pop smash hit features the members looking cool and sexy as always, getting down by the pool and looking refreshed to give us those summertime vibes. The aqua tone of the set contrasts with the adult feeling given to us through each member’s beaming expressions.


    This is the first dance video from AAA in a while, so it will no doubt go down well with fans at their future live shows.


    AAA have also released an original collaborative movie with Kirin Hyoketsu® which can only be seen online. There’s plenty of off-shot footage of the group during the filming of No Way Back to be enjoyed, as well as selfie-shots. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t seen it already!



    New Single “No Way Back”

    On Sale July 5th, 2017

     【CD+Merchandise+Sumabura Compatibility*】

    ※Limited to fan-club members only. Available in a limited quantity.

    ¥2,700 (price tax-inclusive)

    【CD+DVD+Sumabura Compatibility】

    ¥2,052 (price tax-inclusive)

    【CD+Sumabura Compatibility】

    ¥1,188 (price tax-inclusive)

    *sumabura enables you to listen and view content on your mobile phone in addition to CD and DVD player


    Full details:

    AAA Official Website:


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  • AAA announce collaboration with Kirin Hyoketsu in new movie & unveil artwork for new single “No Way Back”!

    13.June.2017 | MUSIC

    Japanese pop group AAA have announced a collaborative, web-only original movie together with “Kirin Hyoketsu”AAA based on the company’s slogan “atarashiku ikou” (translation: “let’s make it new”).

    The movie is scheduled to go online on June 15th. In the mean time, the 6-member group have featured in a Kirin Beer commercial trailer that shows them cheerfully kicking back to crack open a can of delicious Kirin Hyoketsu to the sound of their new song “No Way Back.” (Official Kirin Beer YouTube video with AAA:


    After the video was shot in an inner-city studio, the camera pointed to the members as they chatted and smiled naturally with no kind of embellishment, showing a real side to AAA that you normally wouldn’t be able to see. You can most definitely look forward to seeing this new collaboration movie, that showcases selfie-shots of the members and more, revealing to you a more personal look at AAA.

    Kirin Hyoketsu continuously offers new videos with an “atarashiku ikou” concept. Be sure to look out for their collaboration with AAA this summer.


    The CD cover for AAA’s new single “No Way Back,” which will hit shelves on July 5th, has been unveiled. It was drawn by Japanese illustrator Hiroshi Nagai, whose ubiquitous art known for being influenced by surrealism and hyper-realism. The single will be coupled with another song titled “Beat Together.”



    AAA New Single – “No Way Back”

    On Sale July 5th, 2017

     【CD+Merchandise+Sumabura Compatibility*】

    ※Limited to fan-club members only. Available in a limited quantity.

    ¥2,700 (price tax-inclusive)


    【CD+DVD+Sumabura Compatibility】

    ¥2,052 (price tax-inclusive)


    【CD+Sumabura Compatibility】

    ¥1,188 (price tax-inclusive)


    *sumabura enables you to listen and view content on your mobile phone in addition to CD and DVD player


    Full details:

    AAA Official Website:


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  • SKY-HI surprised 3,000 fans at their live in Tokyo with the news that they will be performing in the Nippon Budokan!

    19.December.2016 | MUSIC

    On Wednesday 14th December, SKY-HI, who had just released “Double Down”, surprised a crowd of 3000 fans at TOYOSU Pit with the news that they will be performing in the Nippon Budokan next year.


    With the booming success of their hall tour at the start of the year and their live performances at numerous festivals, their “SKY-HI LIVE HOUSE TOUR 2016~Round A Ground~” started on 20th September in Fukushima, invaded the Kyoto region on 10th December, and then was wrapped up with their finale “SKY-HI LIVE HOUSE TOUR 2016~Round A Ground Tokyo Final~supported by MUSICA” at TOYOSU Pit, Tokyo.


    Their final live performance at TOYOSU Pit was a Battle of Bands-style live with UVERWorld ー a fellow band in the music industry and also good friends. The live tour semifinal was a massive success and the venue was filled with approximately 3,000 fans.


    As the performers spoke at the start of the live, the fans screamed with excitement. If they were to die today, they would be satisfied that they at least got the chance to see UVERworld standing on the big stage ー and that’s not an exaggeration! To express their gratitude to the many fans who came to see them, the rapper exclaimed “I’ll show you my ultimate weapon ー from my view through these rose-tinted glasses!” and then developed a high speed rap medley of the ending theme song for the 3rd season of popular TV show “Freestyle Dungeon”.


    From the very first day of the tour, the live was hot and boiling. When they started the intro of their newly released song “Double Down” (which was released on 14th December), the fans all sung in unison and the venue went wild with enthusiasm. Upon announcing their surprise news that they will be hitting the Nippon Budokan with their hall tour, which starts in March 2017, the crowd’s enthusiasm hit its peak. They will perform in the Budokan on 2nd May 2017.


    SKY-HI have packed 2017 with the release of their 3rd album on Wednesday 8th January, their hall tour which starts in March, and their performance in the Budokan in May. Check out their new album and come see them at the Budokan — you won’t be disappointed! And don’t take your eyes off SKY-HI for a second!



    [CD+DVD]Double Down -Music Video disc-

    AVCD-83734/B \¥1,944 (tax included)

    [CD+DVD]Double Down –LIVE disc‐

    AVCD-83735/B \¥1,944(tax included)

    [CDシングル]Double Down

    AVCD-83736 \¥1,080 (tax included)

    SKY-HI Official Site


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  • AAA perform their first ever solo dome tour to 18,000 people and announce new single & album!

    18.November.2016 | MUSIC

    7-member male and female group AAA completed the finale date of their dome tour “AAA Special Live 2016 in Dome -FANTASTIC OVER-” at Tokyo Dome on Wednesday (November 16th).


    This was their first ever dome tour since their debut 11 years ago. Across four days they played to a packed out crowd of 18,000 fans at Osaka’s Kyocera Dome and Tokyo Dome. They performed a total of 22 songs, both classics as well as their latest tracks.


    Members Nishijima and Urata performed a capella for “Miss you”. For “LOVER”, all the members hopped aboard a luxurious and gorgeous float which had a wireless camera that spanned 10m in length and 6m in height, as well as a huge LED screen, which had the crowd going wild. The screen showed a video that was made by “Possible Productions”, a film production company in LA. They have made film footage for big name overseas artists such as Eminem and Big Bang for their live tours, but this was their first time making one for a Japanese artist. It was an absolutely spectactular performance for their first ever dome tour.


    During the encore, the group announced a new single and a new album to be released next year on February 8th and February 22th respectively, which of course had the fans screaming. It’s looking like 2017 will be a year to watch out for AAA.


    AAA / New Single On Sale February 8th・New Album On Sale February 22nd!

    “Namida no Nai Sekai” Music Video:

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  • Multi Super Performance Group ; AAA

    10.October.2016 | FEATURES / MUSIC

    It’s been 11 years since they debuted. 7 member’s unit. AAA.


    Their memorial novel called “Anotoki Bokura no Utagoe wa” came out last September and generated overwhelming reactions.

    Let’s look into the secrets of their popularities.


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    Biography of “AAA”


    “AAA” debuted in September 14th in 2005 with the song called 「BLOOD on FIRE」. In the same year, they won newcomer prize of the Japan Record Prize in 2005. Next year their free show at Nippon-Budokan succeeded with ten thousand of visitors.

    They also have performed at the Kohaku Utagassen which is one of the most famous Japanese TV shows in 6 consecutive years since 2010.


    Their group name “AAA” stands for “Attack All Around”. It means challenging everything. They perform singing and dancing mainly. Furthermore, they also perform as an actor, a model, a stage actor and so forth individually. And their 52th CD single “Namida no Nai Sekai” will come out in next October. Its music video has sorrowful beauty in its pictures.


    Their individual characters and solo careers.


    All of the member’s are high performers, and, what is better, they have their own Skills in each. Let’s look at main vocalist “Takahiro Nishizima” first.

    His main parts are singing and dancing. When he performs as a solo artist, his name is going to be “Nissy”. He starred in the movie which is called “Ai no mukidashi” directed by “Sono Shion” in 2009. He made a great impression on it. He also performs on TV dramas and stages, he is a kind of a multiple artists.

      Let’s look at Misako Uno next. Misako Uno also fascinates funs with her voice and dance. She also plays a role in TV dramas and moves. When she was 15years old, she studied in England, and so she can speak English. Her intelligence is one of her attractions.

    Naoya Urata is the leader of this group and also solo artist. He has a great reputation as a singer. He has high note voice. He used to be an Ayumi Hamasaki’s back dancer by the way. We can assume that he still keep in touch with Ayumi Hamasaki because she has posted a photo of them together on Instagram and people talked about it.

    Mitsuhiro Hidaka is a rapper of AAA. He has a solo career as a rapper “SKY-HI”.

    Rap parts of the AAA’s songs are usually written by him. He starred in the movie which is called “Sayonara Itsuka” with Takahiro Nishizima.

     Shinjiro Atae is a great dancer. He is also an actor too. He has decided to go to University in California. Rest assured that he says he continues AAA’s activities at the same pace.

      Shyuta Sueyoshi is also dancer of AAA. He has great skills at dance and he performs acrobatic dance with high level of his physical ability on stages. The gap between his cool dance performances and his innocent smile attract funs.

      Chiaki Ito produces “Charming Kiss” which is cosmetics brand. She also produces other apparel brand in addition to dance performing at AAA. She takes a wide range of activities with her talents.

      AAA’s performance is the great combinations of 7member’s individualities.


     For further leap.


    One of secrets of their overwhelming popularities is the teamwork of the members. We can expect for their activities that are generated with each member’s talents. Now AAA’s Tokyo-dome show is coming up in this year for the first time. Go see their show “AAA Special Live 2016 in Dome -FANTASTIC OVER-” and feel their massive stages.


    Noriko Ishimizu (SHUTTER)


    AAA’s official web site


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