Suchmos Release Live Video Of Their Live Anthem Song ‘MINT’

09.May.2019 | MUSIC

Suchmos have released a live video of their popular song MINT which has garnered the title of ‘live anthem.’


The video is a compilation of three years’ worth of footage from the band’s live performance, including backstage shots, from the extra show on their “TOUR MINT CONDITION” tour at Yokohama Bay Hall in 2016 to their “THE LIVE YOKOHAMA” concert at Yokohama Arena in 2018.


Suchmos – “MINT” Live Edition

It also features footage of the band in their early days stating their desire to perform at Yokohama Stadium. That dream is becoming a reality this year as they are set to perform there on September 8. The second round of pre-sale tickets are now on sale on the band’s official website.