【Tokyo Cafe】 “AND THE FRIET” – Specialty French Fry Shop in One of Tokyo’s Favorite Eat-and-Walk Towns, Hiroo

14.April.2017 | FEATURES / FOOD


Hiroo is home to many take-out centric restaurants and eateries, and people have come to notice its ideal eat-and-walk qualities. Today, we visited a specialty french fry shop leading the eat-and-walk scene in Tokyo – “AND THE FRIET”


The concept of this restaurant was born when the owner visited Belgium and was strongly inspired by their french fries – he had to share the “authentic” french fries to his fellow Japanese. The owner is a self-proclaimed french fry Fanatic so you will surely be impressed by all the attention to details – everything from the quality of the raw ingredients, the preparation and cooking, and even the seasoning used.


We had a chance to talk with the store manager, Yusuke Youda. “AND THE FRIET” prides itself on using the best ingredients – potatoes imported directly from Belgium or the best in-season potatoes carefully selected from all over Japan. Moreover, the entire process from harvesting, preparing, and cooking the fries are done internally by skilled staff with special training. It is with this stringent quality control that “AND THE FRIET” is able to provide the best tasting french fries in town!


The customers can choose from six different potatoes, which can be cut or sliced in various “style.” While certain style of cuts are recommended for different potatoes, customers can choose the combination freely, giving them an opportunity to enjoy many taste and texture variations. The fries also come in various sizes – “flower” type that’s convenient for the eat-and-walkers, or a box package that’s perfect for take home or as small gifts. The menu changes seasonally, which makes it enjoyable for the repeaters as well.


The great benefit of an open kitchen style shop – customers can see how their food is being prepared and feel assured. “AND THE FRIET” uses an original blend of natural vegetable oils (peanut, rice and palm oils), which is lower in calories, lighter, and simply healthier overall. Depending on the recipe, animal-based fat or oil may be used. This attention to detail and the relentless pursuit to bring out the best of each ingredient, seems to be the secret to their success.


One of the most popular items on the menu is the “Belgian Friet” (from 500 yen, tax included). Its made with the Binche Potatoes imported from Belgium, and is offered in the standard “Straight-cut” style – Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Fries also come with a side of pickles as a palate cleanser – what a nice touch!

Dipping sauces come in 10 different flavors. The most popular is the “House-made Mayonnaise Sauce” (photo, front), made with apple cider vinegar. Hint of fruitiness and the light acidity from the vinegar is a perfect complement to the fries.

Unique seasonal dipping sauces such as the umami based, “Picked Plum and Lotus Root Dip” (photo, back) are offered too. Only in Japan!



Coffee might be a good companion to your fries but the house-made drinks shouldn’t be overlooked. The most popular is the “Honey Lemon Soda” (350 yen, tax included). It’s 250 yen as a combo with the fries so make sure to try!


If the beauty of Japan’s spring is inviting you to get out, why not go grab some fries and enjoy a little eat-and-walk in Arisugawa park.




Adress:1-16-5 Hiroo Shibuya-ku tokyo東京都渋谷区広尾5-16-1 北村60館1F
Tel:+81 03-6409-6916
Holiday:Irregular holidays
Hours:11:00〜21:00 (Saturday, Sunday, Public holiday 10:00〜)




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