Introduce to you some Japanese artists who are popular the world over

28.October.2017 | MUSIC

In this article, I will introduce to you some Japanese artists who are popular the world over. The popular songs of each artist and live information are noted.


Wednesday Campanella

Wednesday Campanella is a unique hip hop unit. The video of “Momotaro” was played more than ten million times and is a song which is popular throughout the world. The unit is going to perform in Los Angeles on the 28th and 29th of Ocotber and in Hongkong on the 18th of November.

Detailed information:



【Live information】


Date: 2017,10,28/29

Venue: Exposition Park, Los Angeles

Official website:


Clockenflap Festival 2017

Date: 2017,11,17/18/19 (Suiyobi no Campanella will perform on the 18th)

Venue: Central Harbourfront Hong Kong

Official website:

Ticket information:

Official website:




SKY-HI is a unique, one-and-only artist and his hip hop music is gaining high reputation. The all-Japan LIVE HOUSE tour “SKY-HI Round A Ground 2017” will be held in 24 cities (25 lives) including in cities like Shanghai, Taiwan, Hongkong, LA, NY, PARIS and LONDON. The digital album “Marble” released on the 6th of October on the Internet won the first place in the charts of iTunes.

Detailed information:



『SKY-HI Round A Ground 2017』

2017,10,18 (Wed.)

Venue: Shanghai E-Max Music Zone

2017,10,20 (Fri.)

Venue: Taiwan ATT SHOW BOX

2017,10,22 (Sun.)

Venue: Hongkong E-Max Music Zone


2017,11,12 (Sun.)

Venue: Los Angeles Troubadour

2017,11,15 (Wed.)

Venue: New York SOB’s

2017,11,18 (Sat.)

Venue: Paris Glazart

2017,11,19 (Sun.)

Venue: London Bush Hall


Live information (lives which will be held in Japan):




BAND-MAID is a rock band consisting of five female members. Their most popular song is “REAL EXISTENCE.” They call their lives “serving” and the fans “masters” or “mistresses” to choreograph the world of a “maid.” However, their music is hard rock which has a gap between their visual. They are now holding a world tour called “BAND—MAID WORLD TOUR 2017.”

Detailed information:




“Burn! Burn!BAND-MAID Moe Moe Cune”

10,22 (Sun.) Taiwan / Jack Studio

10,29 (Sun.) Hongkong / HMV kafe

11,03 (Fri.) England / London / O₂ Academy Islington

11,04 (Sat.) Frans Paris / La Boule Noire

11,05 (Sun.) Germany / Bochum / Zeche

11,08 (Wed.) Germany / Berlin / Bi Nuu

11,09 (Thurs.) Germany / Munich / Backstage

11,12 (Sun.) Spain / Barcelona / Salamandra


・BAND-MAID Okyuji TOUR Autumn-Winter 2017

“Moetano? Moetano? Docchidattano? ~燃 vs 萌~” ※additional tour


12,9 (Sat.) Zepp DiverCity TOKYO

BAND-MAID Official website:



Niji no Conquistador

The theme of Niji no Conquistador is “every day is a cultural festival!” The name of the group was decided with the aim of being a group which will conquest the hearts of the fans with various characters like a rainbow. More than 200 audience gathered to their one-man live held in Taiwan in August and the venue was filled with excitement. You should check out their music video featuring cute bathing suits “Kimiha Mujaki na Natsu no Joo.”



Official website




May’n is an artist who offers many opening/ending themes to animations, games and movies. She participated in J-POP SUMIT held in San Francisco and released her 5th album “PEACE of SMILE” on the 18th of October and it can be said that she is a very popular artist gaining popularity throughout the world. Her popular song “Yamaidare darlin’” gathered much attention as an opening theme of “AQUARION LOGOS.”

Detailed information:




Release date: 2017,10,18

13 songs will be included

・First limited edition A (CD+maxi single) VTZL-134/¥3,700+tax

・First limited edition B (CD+maxi single) VTZL-135/¥3,700+tax

・First limited edition C (CD+maxi single) VTZL-136/¥3,700+tax

・Normal edition (CD) VTCL-60458/¥3,000+tax

Official website:




“TEMPURA KIDZ” is a dance & vocal performance unit from Harajuku. Although all the members are teenagers, they are full-fledge performers who have rich experience in performing on many stages. There must a lot of people who will be glued to their performance and colorful costumes. The music video of “CIDER CIDER” is gaining popularity among foreign fans. They have performed in many countries including Tai, Philippine and Myanmar.

Detailed information:



Official website:



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