WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA’s New Song “Edokko Doko Doko” to be Released Digitally

01.January.2018 | MUSIC

We first heard WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA’s new song “Edokko Doko Doko” on the children’s TV show, “Nihongo de Asobo.” It has just been announced that the track will be released digitally on January 1, 2018.

“Nihongo de Asobo” is a children’s TV show that talks about the fun, beautiful and interesting aspects of Japan. The song touches on the Edo dialect to discover the charm of words.


The language of Edo merchants is known for being frank in places, but its enticing tempo and honest expressions is loved by many people. The song seeks help children be honest and not two-faced and to build good, lasting relationships with people.

Two phrases from WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA’s new song sparked attention on social media when the song was debuted on the show, and they were teyandee (てやんでぇ) and yandeee (やんでぇー) which roughly translate to “What are you talking about?!” There has been much demand for the song to be released digitally – and prayers have now been answered.

The song, which will be released digitally via iTunes and Recochoku only, features the show’s regular cast including Miwa-san (Akihiro Miwa), Koni-chan, Miyaji Katsura, and the children. This unstoppably catchy tune will have you singing and humming along without even realizing.

WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA’s presence is becoming know to the world every day. Having performed in Singapore, France, Taiwan, Hong Kong and America this year, WEDNESDAY CAMPENLLA are sure to continue dazzling people around the globe as we head into the New Year. What exciting things can we expect from them in 2018?


“Edokko Doko Doko” Digital Release:

*Available on iTunes and Recochoku only

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