WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA featured in Apple Music’s emerging artist series “Up Next”

WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA was recently featured on Apple Music’s “Up Next” series, a program that showcases emerging artists every month. Numerous up-and-coming musicians and artists from around the world have been listed, including 24-year-old rapper Ricardo Valdez from Atlanta, known by his stage name “6lack,” and Sigrid, a budding singer and songwriter from Norway.


WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA recorded live sessions of Gogh, Picasso, and Marco Polo specially for their entry into Up Next, available now on Apple Music. As well as that, an intimate documentary was recorded for Up Next featuring frontwoman KOM_I.


The documentary includes footage from WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA’s street performance in Shibuya and the first venue they ever performed at in Shimokitazawa, as well as detailing the band’s early days and exploring their fashion, live performances and plans for the future.


The documentary also showcases KOM_I’s first public appearance, rare footage of concerts during WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA’s formation, interviews with KOM_I’s friends and family and more, giving you the opportunity to see a comprehensive insight into the real WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA.


As we dip into the new year, what does 2018 hold for WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA not just in Japan, but their overseas activity too? Stay tuned for the latest news.


WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA Official Homepage: http://www.wed-camp.com/

UP NEXT URL:applemusic.com/upnextwedcamp