Wednesday Campanella’s KOM_I Stars in First Movie Role as a Cat!

27.January.2018 | MUSIC

Wednesday Campanella‘s vivacious front-woman KOM_I isn’t just active in music – she has also shown her talent across TV dramas too, including Tokyo Midnight Run (2016) and Wanitokagegisu (2017). But she’s about to set the bar for herself once more, as she has just announced her first ever movie role.

She will appear in Neko wa Daku Mono (“The Cat In His Arms”) which is set to hits theaters on June 23rd including at Shinjuku Piccadilly and Kadokawa Cinema Yurakucho. The movie is also gaining attention for starring Erika Sawajiri in her first film role in six years since Helter Skelter (2012).

Neko wa Daku Mono is directed by Isshin Inudo, whose diverse work has spanned love dramas such as Josse, the Tiger and the Fish (2003) and House of Himiko (2005) to huge historical works likes The Floating Castle (2012).

The movie tells the heartwarming tale of 33-year-old Saori Oishi, a woman who gave up her dream of being an idol, and her relationship with a cat, the only being she feels she can open up to, and who somehow begins to act like her boyfriend.

KOM_I will play the role of Saori‘s (Erika Sawajiri) companion. She is a yellow cat and friends with Yoshio (Ryo Yoshizawa), the Russian Blue cat who believes he is Saori’s boyfriend.

Talking about her appearing in the movie, KOM_I explained, “I’m thrilled to have participated in this movie and been able to grow from it. When I heard that it was a movie about cats, I thought I’d actually be playing with them, but instead it was that I’d be playing the role of one, so it was a pitfall that there wouldn’t be any scenes actually playing with them.” She also gave comments on the background of her role. “They can go anywhere; they don’t belong to anyone. Cats are animals that come and go between humans and the outdoors. The yellow cat I play, for example, at one moment is owned by a human, and at another spends its time as a stray. It’s the character I choose, one that goes with the flow.”

The fantastic cast also includes Kazunobu Mineta, the vocalist and guitarist of rock band GING NANG BOYS, who plays the role of Gogh painter Tamotsu Goto who loves the yellow colour of Yoshio and has an interest in protagonist Saori.

Neko wa Daku Mono is unique at every angle, and will be released in Japanese theaters on June 23rd. Don’t miss KOM_I in her very first film role as a cat.


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