7 Recommended Hot Springs in Japan to Enjoy Hanami

23.March.2018 | FEATURES / SPOT

It’s still pretty chilly outside, isn’t it? Let’s take a look at locations around Japan where you can enjoy the cherry blossoms while taking a dip in the onsen (hot spring). Being able to enjoy hanami while bathing in the hot water is really a luxurious experience – it’s something everyone should try.



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“Marumine Kanko Hotel” – Fukushima Prefecture

The best part about this hotel is undoubtedly their large baths with a great view! The breathtaking panoramic view from their hot springs allows for you to enjoy gorgeous sights from season to season. Their open-air baths, which are perfect for the beautiful cherry blossom season, have separate impressive themes and designs for males and females. They also have rooms that come with their own open-air baths aimed at couples and families too.



Marumine Kanko Hotel

Address: 1128 Shimoyudaira, Otomachi Ashinomaki, Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture

TEL: 0242922121

Website: http://www.marumine.co.jp




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“Kinranso Hanayama” – Fukushima Prefecture

You can enjoy the taking a dip in an open-air bath designed like a houseboat while soaking up the view of lush nature surrounding you. Kinranso Hanayama’s unusual baths are truly a sight to see. The baths are one with nature and offer an extraordinary experience.




Kinranso Hanayama – Bandaitami Onsen

Address: 4-321 Atami Atamimachi, Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture

TEL: 024-984-2111

Website: http://www.kinranso.jp





“Fuga No Yado Chouseikan” – Niigata Prefecture

This hot spring has a lot of history and has been known in the area since long ago. It opened 700 years ago and is a hot spring where you can naturally feel both nature and history. When the flowers are in full bloom, large cherry blossom trees fill your vision and spellbind you without you even realising.





Fuga No Yado Chouseikan

Address: 4632-8 Murasugi, Agano, Niigata     Prefecture

TEL: 0250662111

Website: http://www.chouseikan.co.jp




“Yukemuri-no-Sato Kashiwaya” – Tochigi Prefecture

This hotel has 4 open-air baths, all of which are filled with healing water and all of which immerse you Tochigi’s lavish nature. There are separate designs for the male and female baths that are a lot of fun. Two of the open-air baths that can be reserved have giant windows with a panoramic view, allowing you to enjoy the outdoor sights to your heart’s content.




Yukemuri-no-Sato Kashiwaya

Address: 62 Kawajionsen, Takahara, Tochigi Prefecture

TEL: 0288-78-0002

Website: https://www.kashiwaya-kawaji.jp




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“Hotel Kaminoyu Hot Spring” – Yamanashi Prefecture

This large public bath house has a whopping 7 different baths, meaning you can find and pick which one you like the most. This site also has the second largest tarufuro, a type of wooden barrel bath. What’s more is that you can experience Mount Fuji, a starry sky and cherry blossoms at night – all at once! This one sure is luxurious.




Hotel Kaminoyu Hot Spring

Address: 17 Ryuji, Kai, Yamanashi Prefecture

TEL: 0551-28-5000

Website: https://www.kaminoyu-onsen.com




“Bosenkan” – Gifu Prefecture

The word “river” makes up part of the name of this hotel, referring to the existence of the nearby river that you can experience. The hotel offers a variety of plans, including one for couples as well as relaxation plan, both of which are popular. For meals, you can enjoy local beef from the city of Hida, koshihikari rice that is cultivated in Gifu’s Maze River which was selected as Japan’s best clear stream, and more. The international hit movie Your Name (Kimi no Na wa) was even the city of Takayama in Gifu Prefecture. Definitely take a trip here.





Address: 190-1 Yunoshima, Gero, Gifu Prefecture

TEL: 0576252048

Website: https://www.bosenkan.co.jp





“Asanoya” – Hyogo Prefecture

There are two open-air baths at this hotel: “Hikoboshi” (Altair) and “Orihime” (Vega). In the women’s bath, Orihime, large cherry trees bloom gracefully overhead. The hotel also has baths for couples and families that can be reserved. They even have footbaths, so it might be nice to stop by on your way back from sightseeing to heal up those weary feet.






Address: 1269 Yu, Shin’onsen, Mikata District, Hyogo Prefecture

TEL: 0796921000

Website: http://www.asanoya.co.jp




Did you enjoy this list? Be sure to treat yourself to some self-indulging time at one of Japan’s many hot spring locations.