Music video for Matryoshka by Wednesday Campanella and French artist Moodoïd has now been released!

05.June.2018 | MUSIC

The music video for Wednesday Campanella’s new song “Matryoshka” has now been released.

“Matryoshka” will be included on the EP “Galapagos”, which will be released on 27th June. This is a collaboration with Pablo; the guitarist of French band “Melody’s Echo Chamber”. Pablo also leads the collaboration project “Moodoïd”. Moodoïd performed alongside Wednesday Campanella on 11th May at Space Odd, Daikanyama, Tokyo for “La Magnifique Society in TOKYO”, which was a festival kickoff party. Wednesday Campanella also collaborated with Moodoïd for the song “Langage”, which is from Moodoïd’s second album “Cité Champagne”.


This music video was managed by Kento Yamada, who also managed her live stream video “Wednesday Campanella LIVE RECORD (170831 Ishinomaki, Oginohama). This is the first of Wednesday Campanella’s music videos to be managed by Kento Yamada. In the new music video, the contrast between the shadows and light in the abandoned building was recorded entirely in one take. KOM_I and Moodoïd danced alongside each other  – the single take has a mysterious atmosphere as both performers seem to also be unable to anticipate what the other will do.

Advanced sales for the EP including Matryoshka will start today alongside advanced digital sales. In addition, you can hear more about the secret story behind this new song featuring a talk with Moodoïd and KOM_I that will be released on rockin’ They will also be on air from 11pm on 18th June on SPACE SHOWER TV (INTERNATIONAL FLASH). This is your chance to learn in detail just how they came to collaborate!

From next month, “La Magnifique Society” “Les Eurockeennes” music festivals will provide two months of continuous festival fun. Wednesday Campanella will be performing at the music festival with Moodoïd; the representer of French music. Wherever the origin, this is your chance to enjoy a new world of music videos and music!


■ A message from KOM_I
This will be the first ever time collaborating with a French friend to sing a fun song!
My body is in space. This is a song about regeneration.
Please also check out our music video.


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