Kaori’s Easy Recipe – Learn how to make “Hello Kitty mille-feuille”

17.June.2018 | FEATURES / FOOD

With just a small bit of ingenuity, turn everyday food into something cute using Kaori’s recipe series! With a few simple ideas, an ordinary recipe magically transforms into a cute dish.

This time you’ll learn to make “Hello Kitty mille-feuille” using bar chocolate.


1: Ingredients

1 frozen pie sheet

some fresh cream


chocolate bar



①Take out a frozen pie sheet from the freezer and after thawing for about 3 minutes, cut into 3 parts.

②Bake ①in the over at 180℃ for 15~20 minutes.

③After ② has cooled, divide the baked pie sheet into 2 using a knife.

④Place fresh cream and strawberries on ③. (as much as you like)


3:Shape the chocolate bar

Flatten out the white chocolate and using the Hello Kitty cookie cutter cut out a Hello Kitty face. Cut out the ears, nose and eyes after you have colored the white chocolate.


4:After it is finished, cool it for a while in the fridge. (By cooling it the chocolate will become hard and this makes it easier to decorate.)


5:Place the Hello Kitty on top of the mille-feuille. Viola! Your “Hello Kitty mille-feuille” is now complete.

It’s easy to use chocolate-bar chocolate to form various shapes so it is very suitable to make “character-sweets.” A simple mille-feuille can be transformed into a cute and fancy sweets item just by decorating it with a Hello Kitty.


There’s plenty more character-themed dishes on the way from Kaori! In the mean time, please check out her Instagram page where she has uploaded many pictures of her character dishes.



Kaori Kubota(@kaopan27

I live in Hokkaido and enjoy making dinner, sweet treats and character food using bread♡

I want to see my family smile, so I enjoy transforming food into characters and making cute meals♡

You can see more of my character food and bentos on my Instagram page → @kaopan27