Concert Review: Aimyon performs to a sold-out crowd at Zepp Tokyo on her biggest tour to date

19.December.2018 | MUSIC

Japanese singer-songwriter Aimyon wrapped up her tour AIMYON TOUR 2018 -HONEY LADY BABY- with a final performance at Zepp Tokyo on December 17. This tour marked the musician’s biggest to date which saw her perform 11 sold-out concerts across 10 cities in Japan.


This final show saw a behemoth set-list of 21 songs including an encore that captivated the packed venue.

Aimyon stepped onto stage along with her fellow band members and was welcomed by fans with riotous cheers. With an acoustic guitar in hand, the show kicked off with Mangetsu no Yoru Nara. “The finale at Tokyo! Let’s do this!” shouted Aimyon as she on to perform the popular Futari no Sekai with its light, country-like melody. Fans joined in with call-and-response during the song. This was followed by Jennifer for which Aimyon showcased her skill as a singer with her ringing vocals.

“Today is the last day. I want to end it giving my all to the very end.”  Saying this, Aimyon went on to play ..chan which is a song she wrote for her dear friend who gave her the nickname “Aimyon.”


She asked the crowd, “How’s everyone doing?” as the up-tempo track RING DING began to play, and went all the way to the front of the stage in front of the crowd. This was followed by Konya no Mama, a song that gained much popularity as the theme song for a Japanese drama series. Rounds of applause rang through the venue for this one.

The band stepped off the stage, leaving Aimyon solitary on stage with just her voice and her acoustic guitar to perform Kaze no Sasayaki, showing the crowd her talent as a singer and a songwriter.


Afterwards she stopped to talk to the crowd about having visited the Tower of the Sun monument created by Tarō Okamoto. She had spoke in the past about wanting to sing underneath it and said to the crowd, “If it happens, please [all] get together there once more like this today.” Aimyon pulled out a harmonica and began to talk-sing “tower of the sun” in a blues style.

She then kicked it into one of her folky tunes―Kimi ga Inai Yoru o Koerareyashinai―a love song written from the perspective of a male. Following Seishun to Seishun to Seishun, which struck up with the sound of an organ, her band members returned to the stage with whom she looked back over the tour before holding a quiz, something she has done at each location across the tour.


Aimyon followed up with the at-home vibe number Anata no Tame ni before switching things up with the minor-tuned melody MatryoshkaIkiteitan da yo na began with an impressive piano solo for which the mood was set by red lighting on stage coupled with Aimyon’s serious face.

Aimyon then announced she was going to show a music video for a new song. Titled Yumeoi Bengal, this fast-paced punk track cut through the noise in the crowd. Fans were heated more than ever, and Aimyon grabbed a band mic and sang with everything she had.


“We’re not taking any breaks, we’re going to keep going!” she announced and led the crowd to the dance floor with Ai o Tsutaetai dato ka. Fans made their mark with singing along for Kimi wa Rock o Kikanai and gave a huge round of applause when the intro to Anata Kaibou Jun’aika ~Shi ne~ came on. Their fire surged even higher with the band joining in for the song. This diverse range of melodies is typical Aimyon.

“If I go to see the Tower of the Sun and there are lots of familiar flowers blooming around there I think it would be fate. The marigold flower has carried a lot for me this year, so I’d like to close with that song.” Aimyon said this and sang Marigold at the top of her voice before bringing the main set to an end.

The crowd naturally began calling for an encore, and of course Aimyon came back for more. She performed a cover of Karada no Shin Kara Mada Moeteirunda which is the main theme song for the 2018 comedy movie LOUDER! Can’t Hear What You’re Singin’, Wimp! sung by the character and street musician Fuuka who is played by Riho Yoshioka.


Aimyon’s closing words, with a few tears, were, “I’ve had way too many things happen in 2018, so I want to show my gratitude to you all next year.” She continued, “I can’t sum up allthe things I want to say, but what I do want to say is that I love you all. I’ve realised that I cannot see despair in my music career. Thank you for meeting with me. This was a great night.”


Upon expressing her thanks to fans, she closed the night with GOOD NIGHT BABY.

Before leaving, Aimyon, on stage by herself, said that she had an announcement to make. It was the announcement of a brand new album set for release on February 13 as well as her first ever solo performance at the famous Nippon Budokan on February 18 where she will perform on stage on her own. Aimyon showed her true feelings as she cried loudly towards the crowd. “I wanted my first Budokan [show] to be me playing to my own accompaniment, so I’m happy.”


Text: 金子厚武

Photography: 永峰拓也