Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Day Doughnuts Arriving at Krispy Kreme

21.December.2018 | FOOD

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Japan is gearing up for Valentine’s Day with a string of loving (and delicious) releases. The first of these in the run up to the season of love comes in the heart-shape of three doughnuts and two chocolate flavoured drinks which will arrive at all branches in Japan on January 9, 2019.

These doughnuts are a popular product making a return for the first time in two years. When warmed up for 12 seconds the microwave oven before being served the cream inside melts into a delicious fondant. The three flavours are chocolate and the new strawberry and banana caramel.

Fondant Chocolate: ¥230

The heart-shaped chocolate doughnut is filled with a velvety chocolate cream. The doughnut pastry is laced with cocoa and coated in dark chocolate. It is also decorated with a white chocolate pattern and topped with candied walnuts and pistachio for added texture.

Fondant Strawberry: ¥230

The strawberry doughnut is packed full of melty strawberry cream. The surface of the cocoa flavoured doughout is covered with strawberry chocolate and topped with bright-red freeze-dried strawberries and strawberry curls. It is finished with a dusting of strawberry sugar to create the perfect sweet and sour Valentine’s treat.

Fondant Banana Caramel: ¥230

Oozing with banana milk cream, this delectable heart is made with a banana puree that includes milk and cream. The dough is made with chocolate and the doughnut is topped with rich caramel chocolate. It’s decorated with dark chocolate lines and finished with crunchy almonds and bitter caramel candy.

Hot Orange Chocolate: Small ¥370 / Tall ¥410

The two beverages arriving are the “Hot Orange Chocolate” and the “Crispy Frozen Orange Chocolate” both of which can be ordered as a set that comes with a Krispy Kreme Original Glazed® doughnut. The drinks are made with sweet and juicy setoka oranges grown in Setouchi.


Warm your heart this Valentine’s season at Krispy Kreme.