Kaori’s Easy Recipe : Learn How to Make “Chocolate mousse of Pompompurin”

28.January.2019 | FEATURES / FOOD

With just a small bit of ingenuity, turn everyday food into something cute using Kaori’s Easy Recipe! With a few simple ideas, an ordinary recipe magically transforms into a cute dish.


In this recipe you’ll learn how to make “Pompompurin rich chocolate mousse”, which is perfect for valentine’s season♡


1: Ingredients

Chocolate        50g

Gelatin               5g

Fresh cream  180g

Sugar-free cocoa powder    1 table spoon

Sugar             2 table spoons



Put all the ingredients into a pot and stir while cold. Heat and melt the chocolate, being careful not to boil it.  Add 1 tablespoon of water to the gelatin until it becomes soft and then add to the mixture and stir until dissolved.

☆Mix well while still cold, otherwise the powder will go lumpy.




From step 2, filter the mix after the gelatin has dissolved.



Pour the mixture from step 3 to a vat, let it cool down a bit and then refrigerate until firm.


Slice a yellow peach to make Purin, by drawing the eyes, nose, and hat with chocolate.

☆Wipe any syrup off from the surface of the yellow peach with kitchen paper, and then draw the parts.

Ears are connected to the face when the syrup dries, however you can also use some pasta to make it stronger.



Put some cereal, whip cream, yellow peach and chocolate mousse of your choice in a cup, then place Purin on the top and you are done!


Just a little bit of chocolate mousse makes the parfait simply scrumptious! The taste of yellow peach and crunchy cereal makes for a good combination♡

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