05.April.2019 | MUSIC

WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA released their new digital EP YAKUSHIMA TREASURE on April 3.


In addition to the new record, the group also released an 8-part documentary series entitled “Re:SET” on YouTube Originals. It was shot at Yakushima which inspired the EP’s lead track Yaku no Jitsugetsubushi and shows the recording process of the track’s music video. It features appearances from WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA’s KOM_I and Oorutaichi and the music video’s director Sojiro Kamatani. The first two episodes are available to watch for free and include English subtitles.


EP 1 The Origin of KOM_I | Re:SET:

Episode one covers the origin of the group’s vocalist and sole performer KOM_I including her childhood and turning points in her life. It also shows the arrival to Yakushima. In 7 episodes, fan can gain an insight into KOM_I’s story with Yakushima which has been a pivotal influence in her life. The final episode is the music video for Yaku no Jitsugetsubushi.

Comment: KOM_I

“I played sumo with Yakushima while being watched over two aliens, Oorutaichi and Sojiro Kamatani. I originally wanted to simply name [the EP] ‘YAKUSHIMA,’ but right during production Oorutaichi’s child was born. The Kanji [in their name] is different but you read it ‘Takara’ [‘treasure’] which I thought was wonderful so I added ‘TREASURE’ into the title. It makes me thankful for being born, for being able to sing with celebratory feelings, for being able to experience life and death.”


Comment: Oorutaichi

“She let her voice out in the vast natural environment of Yakushima. We recorded lots of sounds: rivers, the ocean, wind and rain. We added hints of conversations we had with people we met on the island. We created something that imagines being saved by KOM_I’s singing and inspirational power where time is lost and you give yourself up to the island’s nature which never ceases to bud and rot. I would be overjoyed if people can feel this new relationship with humans, nature and music.”


Comment: Sojiro Kamatani

“You’ve come back with a real treasure, haven’t ya!”