Wednesday Campanella Releases ‘Kiiro no Uta’ Music Video Directed by TOKI

01.May.2019 | MUSIC

Wednesday Campanella has just released their new music video for Kiiro no Uta (“Yellow Song”).


The song is included on the group’s EP Galapagos which was released in June last year. It is also the same song that frontwoman KOM_I sang as Kiiro in the film Neko wa Daku Mono which was released around the same time last year.

The new music video was directed by photography unit TOKI who shot the above-pictured image for the Galapagos EP. It was produced by Takayuki Moriya of film production company NION.


This marked TOKI’s first time directing a video where they played with light and made it meld into the world of the song itself. See the video here.


TOKI released the following statement regarding the music video: “Moving towards a point. The space between the end and the beginning. The recollections of the person that you strongly recall as you’re made to stand in that abyss. Though it feels as if your very existence is about to vanish, it is those memories alone that remain. Your spirit then begins to absorb into those memories. You are sent to a new life as you’re wrapped in impervious tenderness. The colour you observe when you get there is yellow.”


KOM_I also commented: “This is an important song. It’s written based on the cats in the movie [Neko wa Dakumono] but I wanted it to be revived as a song for humans. The album it features on had already been released, and I was said that it had become a song of the past. So I had TOKI shoot a video for it. I feel yearning as well as safety and security in their work as a married couple.”


She continues: “A year has passed since the album was released, but with TOKI shooting a video for it now, it still feels like now. Unearth the flower of eternity. Let it be spring, let it be summer.”