A recipe for photogenic food #11 「amber sugar」

26.January.2017 | FEATURES / FOOD

With just a sprinkle of inspiration, create gorgeous dishes worthy to upload on your SNS stream! Welcome to Arisa Shirai’s recipe series! With just a few ideas, turn ordinary food into a beautiful photogenic dish!

Today, we will be looking at a recipe for “Kohaku-tou”. Literally translating to “amber sugar”. These traditional Japanese sweets sparkle like jewels.



・Powdered agar — 3g

・ Sugar — 140g

・ Water — 150ml

・Your favourite fruit sauce, liqueur or syrup— 1tbsp

(I will be demonstrating today’s recipe using a teaspoon of the following: strawberry syrup, blueberry syrup and Blue Hawaii.)



■How to make

① Pour the water, sugar and powdered agar into a pan on medium heat. When the mixture starts to form strings, start to mix thoroughly.



② Add the syrups to your Tupperware container.



③ Pour the mixture in the pan into the Tupperware container from a spoon and mix well. Once mixed, smooth out the surface of the mixture and leave to set at room temperature for more than 2 hours.



④ Once the sweets are fully hardened, remove the block from the container and using a kitchen knife, cut the block at an angle to create uneven cuts, enhancing the jewel-like texture of the sweets.


⑤ Leave the sweets in a ventilated environment for more than two days to dry the sweets, enhancing the crunchy texture. You can also eat them before drying them.


A mild and sweet taste, crunchy on the outside, yet soft on the inside — a wonderful combination! Switch the syrups for juice or alcohol for new fun flavours!