Halloween is coming soon! Announcing, nine Halloween events throughout Japan

17.October.2017 | FOOD / SPOT

Halloween is becoming popular in recent years and everyone is excited to participate in some related event.

In this article we at (MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON) will introduce to you nine special Halloween events.


Shibuharo 2017 (Tokyo, Shibuya)


From the 27th of October 2017 (Fri.) to the 31st (Tue.), “Shibuharo 2017” is a city festival carried out in cooperation with three venues, some clubs and 20 DJ bars. The event offers many fun events and places such as a mascaraed party, photo booths and restaurants.

Detailed information: Let’s enjoy Halloween in Shibuya! A city festival “Shibuharo 2017.”



Shibuharo 2017

Date: 2017,10,27 (Fri.) to 31st (Tue.)




KYARY PAMYU PAMYU Pumpkin Live 2017 (Tokyo, Shibuya)


The first Halloween solo live of KYARY PAMYU PAMYU “KYARY PAMYU PAMYU THE SPOOKY OBAKEYASHIKI〜PUMPKINS STRIKE BACK〜”will be held in Shibuya, Tokyo Taiikukan. The special party room offers Halloween menus (foods and drinks) and a photo-taking session where you can take a photo with KYARY. Let’s enjoy this special night!


Detailed information: You can meet with KYARY! -live, after the Halloween party invitation campaign.



KYARY PAMYU PAMYU Pumpkin Live 2017


Venue: Tokyo Taiikukan

Date: 2017,10,28 (Sat.) 17:00 open / 18:00 start

2017,10,29 (Sun.) 16:00 open / 17:00 start





Universal Surprise Halloween (Osaka)


An autumn event, “Universal Surprise Halloween” will be held at Universal Studios Japan (USJ). After 18:30, 20 kinds of zombies will start wondering around the streets inside the park and chase the guests. “Trauma 3 ~Saiaku Kankin Jikkenshitsu,” the biggest maize ever made in the park and “Cult of Chackey ~Chackey no Kyoki Byoto” will be opened too. Let’s visit these attractions and enjoy the screaming.

Detailed information: The scariest experience! USJ’s “Halloween Horror Night”



Universal Studios Japan:http://www.usj.co.jp/



Kawasaki Halloween Parade (Tokyo, Kawasaki)

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The Halloween parade in Kawasaki is the biggest Halloween parade in Japan and sparked the boom of Halloween events in Japan. The parade will hold an “experience based event.” “Kawaharo Minion Daikoshin” which is a quiz style stamp rally will be held and a photo-taking session can be enjoyed while wearing MINION’s costumes which will be handed out to all participators. Also, a popular DJ who is actively working in big clubs at home and abroad, “ALISA UENO” will perform at the midnight after party, “Kawaharo Midnight Daiakutokai.”


Detailed information: MINION’s costumes will be handed out to all participators! Kawasaki Halloween Parade “MINIONS RUN KAWASAKI Halloween” 




Date: 2017,10,28 (Sat.)

Venue: Commercial areas around Kawasaki Station

(commercial avenues around Kawasaki Station / Lasona Kawasaki Plaza / Musa Kawasaki / Kawasaki Rufron / Marui Kawasaki / Kawasaki Azeria / Kawasaki DICE / each commercial avenue / LA CITTADELLA




Awa Halloween® (Tokyo, Shibuya)


The Halloween party, “Awa Halloween®” which is the combination of the music event, “Awapa®,” an event where the audience dance while being covered in bubbles and a mascaraed party, “Halloween” will be held at Shibuya clubasia on the 28th of October 2017 (Sat.) and the 31st (Tue.).

The theme of the event is “TRICK&TREAT.” “Awa Zonmbie” (zombies covered in bubbles) will appear on the venue. Also, they will offer tasty and photogenic Halloween foods on a first-come-first-served-basis under the theme of “Awa Halloween® TREAT” on the 31st.

Detailed information: Shibuya’s “Awapa” Halloween ! “Awa Halloween® TRICK&TREAT”



Awa Halloween®

Date: 2017,10,28 (Sat) 22:00~

Venue: Shibuya clubasia: http://www.clubasia.co.jp

Address: 1-8, Tsuburayamacho, Shibuyaku, Tokyo

Performers: DJ FUMI★YEAH!, Junya Shimizu (InfinitySense) 、Akito、DJ Shunsuke 、

Allen Mock, Afromans, SHISO、MC WoW Kitsunezaru and more…

Detailed information / ticket: http://awapa.jp/event171028






An event with the theme of Halloween “TOKYO TOWER HALLOWEEN NIGHT FANTASIA” will be held from the 26th of September (Tue.) to the 31st of October (Tue.) at the second floor of Tokyo Tower’s observation deck!

Lots of fun using lighting including “Obake no photo spot” where ghosts are screened on the window of the observation deck, “Halloween Aurora World” where a “curtain of light” is created with colorful lasers and smoke rendition and “Trick Halloween Road” where ghosts appear from the floor at nighttime will be offered!

Detailed information: Light ghosts will appear!? “Halloween Night Fantasy” is being held since the 26th of September! 




Date: 2017,9,26 (Tue.) to 31st of October (Tue.)

Date (projection): 9,26 (Tue.) to 10,12 (Thurs.) 18:00 to 22:50

10,13 (Fri.) to 10,31 (Tue.) 17:30 to 22:50

※The projection will be held subsequently during the times noted above.


Venue: Tokyo Tower Observation Deck 2F Floor

Fee: The event can be enjoyed by paying the entrance fee/

Adult: (from high school student): 900 yen

Child: (elementary school and junior high school): 500 yen

Small child: (older than four years old): 400 yen

※Fees noted above include tax

HP: http://naked-inc.com






An outside kids theme park “LEGOLAND Japan” is holding a Halloween event titled, “BRICK-OR-TREAT” from the 14th of September (Thurs.) to the 6th of Novemeber (Mon.).

A giant pumpkin made of 62,000 Lego blocks (1.4m-hight, 2.3m-width, 1.8-depth) has been set up on the main stage. Also, they are holding an event titled, “Halloween Costume Event” every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday and are selling Halloween food and goods inside the restaurants and shops.


Detailed information: Nagoya’s theme park “LEGOLAND Japan” is holding their first Halloween event!



Address: 〒455-8605, 2-1, 2nd avenue, Kinjo Futo, Minatoku, Nagoyashi, Aichi

Business hours: 10:00 to 20:00

Date: 9,14 (Thurs.) to 11,6 (Mon.)




2017 AMAZING HALLOWEEN (Tokyo, Marunouchi)


Each branch of Daimaru Matsuzakaya is holding a Halloween event “2017 AMAZING HALLOWEEN” from the 11th of October.

Many people wear costumes of Wally from “Where’s Wally?” every year. This year, a new Halloween version art will be displayed. Other than the installation of the illustration panels, they are holding many kinds of events such as stamp rally and they have a present-giving event.





(C) DreamWorks Distribution Limited.



Roppongi Halloween Yokocho wo Hashigozake (Tokyo, Roppongi)


The Hashigozake Roppongi Halloween Yokocho Planning Committee will hold “Roppongi Halloween Yokocho wo Hashigozake” where visitors can enjoy food and drinks while wearing Halloween costumes as the third official event of “Zenkoku Hashigozake” from the 29th of October 2017 (Sun.)

It is a good opportunity to enjoy everybody’s costumes. Some restaurants are standing restaurants but you can enjoy your food and drinks comfortably while most of the restaurants offer seats.

Detailed information: You cannot enter the restaurant if you are not wearing a costume! “Roppongi Halloween Yokocho Hashigozake”



Roppongi Halloween Yokocho wo Hashigozake

Date: 2017, 10,29 (Sun.)

Time: 16:00 to 19:00

Venue: Roppongi Yokocho (Loa Roppongi 1F, 5-5-1, Roppongi, Minatoku, Tokyo)

Entrance fee: 3,500 yen (tax included)

Ticket page: http://hashigozake.jp/roppongi/

URL: http://hashigozake.jp/roppongi/