Wednesday Campanella will create tracks for “Neko wa Dakumono.” KOM_I will appear in the movie, her fist movie debut

23.February.2018 | MUSIC

Wednesday Campanella will create tracks for her movie debut movie. The name of the movie is “Neko wa Dakumono (cat is an animal that you must hug)” and KOM_I, the lead singer of Wednesday Campanella will appear in this movie, a first movie debut for her.


The movie will be shown in movie theatres throughout Japan including SHINJUKU Piccadelly and Kadokawa Cinema from the 23rd of June (Sat.). The movie is gathering much attention because Shirisawa Erika who stared in “Helter Skelter” (2012) will play the main character in this movie. She appears in a movie for the first time in 6 years.


“Kiiro no Uta” used in the movie is a song for which the lyrics were written by KOM_I and the melody/composition was created by Kenmochi Hidefumi. KOM_I commented “I wrote these lyrics for those who cannot let go of their egos.” KOM_I also created the sound effects.


Don’t miss the lyrics written by KOM_I who wrote the lyrics for tunes such as “Marco Polo” and “Kraken.”


Can’t wait to see the movie created by the director Inudo Ishhin, with a very unique cast and Wednesday Campanella’s tracks.



“Neko wa Dakumono” (release date – 06/23 (Sat.))

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