Aimyon Releases ‘Yume Oi Bengal’ Music Video Compiled of Tour Footage

14.February.2019 | MUSIC / Uncategorized

Singer-songwriter Aimyon just dropped the music video for her song Yume Oi Bengal taken from her new album Shunkanteki Sixth Sense which hit shelves on February 13.


The music video was created from 85-hours of footage can taken from her nationwide Japan tour “AIMYON TOUR 2018 -HONEY LADY BABY.” Shot in the style of a documentary, it features live performance shots as well as clips from backstage and times on the road during the tour. On the tour the staff kept the camera on her to obtain as much footage as possible.


The video was directed by up-and-coming director Kodai Kobayashi of film team “The 16.” who also directed Aimyon’s music video Mangetsu no Yoru Nara.

Aimyon gave the following comment in regards to the video: “It feels like I’ve locked my young self away. Inside the video. Everyone else is in there with me too. Nobody can escape, nobody can age and no one will die. Eternity of course doesn’t really exist, but I’m happy that I’ve burned that once-in-a-lifetime moment of a tour on tape.”


Director Kodai Kobayashi also commented: “Because we filmed her and went to places I didn’t know, I saw a lot of young guys and girls experiencing a ‘live’ show. It was my first time. For both me and them it’s a rite of passage that Aimyon gives an energetic performance, so I would be happy if people can feel that with this video too.”