Suchmos Announce New Album at Yokohama Arena Solo Concert

26.November.2018 | MUSIC

Suchmos performed two solo show entitled Suchmos THE LIVE YOKOHAMA on November 24 and 25. On the first day, the rock band unveiled that they are set to perform at Yokohama Stadium on September 8, 2019 for another solo concert they are naming Suchmos THE LIVE. The band, who are originally from Yokohama, have looked towards perform at the venue since their formation, and they are finally delivering that promise to fans.


They also announced they will release their third album next spring.


Regarding the forthcoming performance at Yokohama Stadium, the band commented: “We’re going to play this huge place [Yokohama Stadium] to our heart’s content. All of this [we have right now] is the greatest, but it might not be enough. We’re looking forward to seeing how we feel standing on that stage as the days continue to change. We want to make it a day to show our gratitude to everyone we have met.”


Suchmos will embark on a new arena tour in March next year.